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  • 6/10

    Wizz Air945 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Only my second time to fly with Wizz air. I got a ticket for £25 return. Then you pay for various extras. I paid for 10KG luggage I didn’t actually need. I thought I was signing… Read more
  • 5/10

    Air France1048 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Today as I boarded the flight, i am greeted by two gentlemen wearing on their shirt a badge with “safety/security” written on. One of them had the mask only on the chin, uncovering the nose. This… Read more
  • 7/10

    Transavia178 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Transavia has very reasonable prices for a direct flight without luggage, and does no rip you off for the “extra services”. The Seats are perfectly acceptable, the cabin is neat and clean, and that i could… Read more