Website Support & FAQs

This support page answers the most frequently asked user questions. If you are unable to find a response to your query here, you can submit it to us through the » Contact Page.

Do you edit or moderate reviews?

Yes. We have a review checking system that goes through several stages. All reviews submitted are read by our Editorial team to ensure the content meets our Editorial Policy. If a review is accepted on those terms it will be posted. Some reviews may require some abbreviation, and this is applied on the basis it will not materially change the style or sentiment of review content.

If a review requires moderation (eg. inappropriate language or content), this is handled by our Moderators. Where the review content is considered inappropriate for posting online, it will be rejected. In some situations, some minor moderation to the review content will enable it to be posted online. Moderation of reviews can take an extra 1-2 days if the review is to be successfully posted.

How soon are reviews posted?

Reviews are normally posted within 24 hours of receipt. The post time may be longer during public holidays, and if a review requires further authentication or moderation, this process can extend to 2-3 days.

What constitutes unrelated content?

Our Editorial team strive to ensure that all user reviews offer comments and opinions that will be of benefit to other site users and travellers. Reviews that contain comments or opinions that are considered to be unrelated to the user’s trip experience will not be posted.

Why hasn’t my review been posted yet?

Reviews do not appear online immediately after you submit them, because they are all manually checked by our Editorial team. Where a review is passed and accepted, this can take about 24 hours, and this period will be longer if authentication or moderation is needed. In the event that you review cannot be posted and will be rejected, you should be notified by email within the first 24 hour period.

I haven’t received any review rejection message?

Where a review is deemed unsuitable and does not meet the Editorial policy, the user normally receives an email from us to confirm this. We send this message to the email address a user provides at time of review submission, and we cannot be held responsible if the user has inadvertently submitted using an inaccurate email address.

Are reviews used or posted in other web sites or publications?

We reserve the right to publish user reviews at other web sites operated by us. We apply Copyright protection to this website and user reviews, but we cannot be held responsible for any unauthorised copying or use of customer reviews by third parties that seek to breach these copyright rules.

How can I remove my review?

If you have a review posted online that you would like removed from our website, please write to us through the » Contact Page. Review removal normally takes about 2-3 days to appear.

What types of review photograph can be posted?

Users can upload a maximum of 5 photos with each review submission. These photos must be less than 5mb each and submitted .jpg or .png format. Any images you upload must be your personal trip photos, and have direct relevance to the written review content. You guarantee they have no restrictions or license agreements and are free of any copyright protection. Photos are subject to our Editorial and Moderation policy, and we cannot guarantee that all photos will be posted.

Are site users offered any incentive to write reviews?

No. All reviews are submitted voluntarily by our site users, and there is no form of incentive or any financial recompense available for any submissions.

How do you detect fake or fraudulent reviews?

All reviews are subject to a robust set of checks before they are posted. This includes email authentication with the user and IP checks are conducted to verify user location. Where there are discrepancies in user-stated location and IP submission location, our Editorial team normally contact the user to clarify reasons behind such variation. Where the review content is known to be factually inaccurate or fake, our Moderators will contact the user to advise that it cannot be posted online. Despite applying these robust system of checks to user reviews, we can never provide a failsafe guarantee that every review is authentic.

How can I report a review considered to be inappropriate?

If a site user considers a review to be inappropriate, you can submit your complaint or comments to us through the » Contact Page. These comments are investigated by our Editorial team and will normally be answered in a 2-3 day period.

If I write an airline/airport review, can they contact me?

We do not provide the email or contact details for our site users to any third party, excepting cases of fraud or other criminal activity where we are subpoenaed to do so by competent legal authorities. User’s email addresses are used for review and comment verification purposes, and your email address is never shared with any 3rd party.