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  • 4/10

    La Guardia Airport111 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | I realize the renovation is not complete - but I am so disappointed that the layout doesn't seem to consider people who are not 20-30 somethings or athletes. The corridors going to the gates are excessively… Read more
  • 1/10

    Lisbon Airport239 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Most terrible airport in the world I have traveled to 142 countries and never experienced such chaos and rudeness as in Lisbon Airport. The security is incredibly unfriendly, outrageous. They treat you very badly. Because of… Read more
  • 2/10

    Brisbane Airport145 Reviews

    Not Verified | I don't have a ticket, I was picking up someone. The go around avenue is closed. There is a roadblock there. It wasn't very busy, but we didn't see our pickup, so we went to go around.… Read more