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TRIP VERIFIED highlights reviews where users supplied proof of travel with their ticket, booking or boarding pass.

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Latest Airline Reviews

  • 1/10

    WestJet Airlines673 Reviews

    Not Verified | How and why I was on hold today 28/Nov for over 8 hours and still not able to speak to an agent, don't send me lies, send me the solution? I already called all phone numbers that… Read more
  • 1/10

    Emirates2075 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | We booked a trip from London to Muscat and then Muscat to Dubai for a week before returning to the UK. Emirates left us stranded in Muscat Airport. They had cancelled the flight and not even… Read more
  • 2/10

    Volaris288 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Why are Volaris employees so rude? They lack basic respect for their customers! This lady returning from cabin with a wheelchair had an argument with a customer waiting in line to seat and called him dumb… Read more

Latest Seat Reviews

  • 2/10

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines104 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | I booked seats 10J & 10K which are the front row in Economy Premium as I am 1.95m tall and I need the extra legroom. A few days before the flight I received a notice on… Read more
  • 5/10

    Iberia32 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | The seat is a lie-flat. But it is extremely narrow compared to competition and very worn out. Seat cushions also worn out, so no help for comfort. The possibility to store your personal items is very… Read more
  • 9/10

    Copa Airlines4 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Copa Airlines is very helpful, especially with seat assignments. I bought a last minute trip due to the fact that I had a very painful lumbago and I need to go back to the doctor ASAP.… Read more

Latest Lounge Reviews

  • 8/10

    Iberia49 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Very nice and spacious. At the bar a great choice of wines, jerez etc. which is a very good idea. Nice seats and not overcrowded. Food (cold only) could be improved but good overall impression. Read more
  • 1/10

    American Airlines120 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | First Class ticket in hand and over one Million Miles flown, I proceeded to the Admirals Lounge and was denied entry and told only if you pay the $450 fee and get their credit card would… Read more
  • 1/10

    Qatar Airways164 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | The Coral Lounge in Phuket operated by AOT must be the worst and most depressing business lounge ever. Super small with furniture from the 1980s. No champagne, ice cold red wine and seating like a school… Read more

Latest Airport Reviews

  • 10/10

    Baltimore Washington Airport64 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Parking-each spot marked with assigned numbers. Each elevator marked. Kiosk was convenient to get tag for luggage. Personnel at the desk was very polite and helpful. We then proceeded to security and a couple of employees… Read more
  • 5/10

    Sharjah Airport22 Reviews

    Not Verified | I would like to bring to notice the poor information network the airport transfer desk holds. I had arrived at Sharjah from Milan via Pegasus airlines. From Sharjah I had another flight with Air Arabia to final… Read more
  • 1/10

    Salt Lake City Airport187 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | This is the worst airport design ever - they talk about a linear design (just a straight line) the car rental area is at the end of the terminal - I was in and out of… Read more


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