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TRIP VERIFIED highlights reviews where users supplied proof of travel with their ticket, booking or boarding pass.

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Latest Airline Reviews

  • 1/10

    Turkish Airlines1426 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | In 9/30/2018 my wife, our 11 months old son, and myself took Turkish Airlines to fly from San Francisco to Addis Ababa via Istanbul. Half way in the first leg of the flight (from San Francisco… Read more
  • 1/10

    Swoop156 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Don’t book this airline and save yourself a disappointing experience and money. Drove to airport to find out the flight was canceled because the pilot is sick (maybe a standard excuse, but where is the backup… Read more
  • 6/10

    Qantas Airways1313 Reviews

    Not Verified | Los Angeles to Sydney. Was looking forward to trying out Qantas International again after 15+ years of choosing other airlines due to poor quality and service on my last flight. This time it was a mixed experience.… Read more

Latest Seat Reviews

  • 1/10

    Wizz Air9 Reviews

    Not Verified | I fly several times a year and this A320 had the worst leg room experienced. I am 6ft but can always get my legs in, even if tightly. On this plane I had to sit in an… Read more
  • 1/10

    Etihad Airways76 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Paid more to fly what I thought was a premium carrier, with better flight times/connections. 1st mistake. LHR-AUH-BNE & return. Checked in online & allocated seats at opposite end of aircraft for all 4 flights to… Read more
  • 2/10

    Qantas Airways90 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | It was a long time we did not have a bad experience. Boeing 737-800 seat with extra leg room (30 dollars extra) was hard as wood, most probably totally worn out. An 8 cm sandwich was… Read more

Latest Lounge Reviews

  • 9/10

    Cathay Pacific Airways111 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | At the self checkin machine I received both a boarding pass and a card inviting me to the lounge, being an elite member of One World alliance. The lounge is spacious, overlooking the aerobridges and taxiways.… Read more
  • 7/10

    Jet Airways13 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | This is an exclusive lounge which is smart with good views of airside. The bar had limited choice of drinks,choice of food was OK with both hot and cold dishes. Staff friendly and helpful. The departure… Read more
  • 3/10

    Jet Airways13 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | What a disappointment! This lounge is difficult to find, eventually on asking in the 'Shopping Mall' we managed to find it, depressing access and location, communal toilets in corridor which you pass before entering the lounge,… Read more

Latest Airport Reviews

  • 2/10

    Cancun Airport55 Reviews

    Not Verified | Arrival at Cancun Airport is poor. Customs line takes forever and you are not allowed to look at your phone while in line. It’s so bad and takes so long that it is a deterrent for us… Read more
  • 3/10

    Delhi Airport263 Reviews

    Not Verified | DEL might have seen better days, it’s hallmark is akin to wildebeest migration in Africa. Hence DEL cannot handle the passenger volume. Filthy and odorous washrooms, soiled dirty carpets, excessive loud noise from rubbish music, and disorderly… Read more
  • 5/10

    Kanpur Airport1 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | The conveyer belt was not working, ground staff are limited and quite unsupportive, no canteen to eat food. But the airport is very clean. Newspaper stand and water filter is well in sight. Read more

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