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  • 5/10

    Cologne/bonn Airport37 Reviews

    ✅ Verified Review | The staff in this airport were rude and the security queue was unreasonably long. I arrived early at the airport because it was my first time flying from Cologne, only to have to wait for one… Read more
  • 5/10

    Zurich Airport146 Reviews

    ✅ Verified Review | The airport itself is fine. I'm familiar with it, and actually prefer making connecting flights through Zurich. But my last experience with security here was completely ridiculous. My boarding pass included the SSSS coding, which meant… Read more
  • 7/10

    Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport429 Reviews

    ✅ Verified Review | Large organised airport with a huge number of passengers. Upon pulling up to the terminal entrance by taxi, there were many trolleys available nearby and check in areas were divided into zones for groups of airlines.… Read more