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  • 3/10

    Beijing Capital Airport119 Reviews

    Beijing Capital Airport is a complete and utter joke. Transiting through this place is a nightmare. They 'check' your boarding ticket no less than 2 times before getting to security. For a transit! Not only that, the lines were insane… Read more
  • 8/10

    Atlanta Hartsfield Airport125 Reviews

    A relatively good experience at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport over the Thanksgiving travel crush. Most of the Delta gates now have charging stations. Good restaurant selections from low cost, to moderately expensive, waiter service. Clean restrooms. Friendly employees everywhere (how different… Read more
  • 10/10

    Kota Kinabalu Airport8 Reviews

    A modern medium size airport, with ample space airside, got plenty of outlets at the departure area and efficient check-in counter. The airport is near to the city centre, and it is easy to reach by taxi and private transportation.… Read more