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  • 1/10

    Atlanta Hartsfield Airport119 Reviews

    Hell on earth. Took over 1 hour for passport control. So many people. I thought it could not be worse than Houston (Bush) airport but they did. Unfriendly staff. Why this extreme control just for transit. Why a esta visa… Read more
  • 5/10

    Edinburgh Airport146 Reviews

    Departure experience ok with no major problems and quickly through security. Arrival straightforward through passport control. Main issue was with baggage. Landed from New York just before 7.30am. Baggage didn't start coming through until 8.20am. Nothing to explain delay and… Read more
  • 1/10

    Venice Marco Polo Airport57 Reviews

    The check-in area for Brussels airlines on 31/07/2015 was total confusion and staff incompetence. No organization, no communication, and total chaos. Coming back from Brussels on 30/08/2015 late at night and our luggage was lost. Stuff on the lost luggage… Read more