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Latest Airline Reviews

  • 6/10

    Aeromexico215 Reviews

    In my business class flights, FAs were attentive and friendly, but they follow Aeromexico procedures and it’s limitations. The equipment was confortable and IFE offered a reasonable number of options. For my perception of food quality, quantity, presentation and timing,… Read more
  • 1/10

    Freebird Airlines33 Reviews

    Antalya to Gatwick via Birmingham. The flight from Antalya to Birmingham was fine. However on landing at Birmingham we were told by the cabin crew that we had to disembark because it was the first airport we landed in EU,… Read more
  • 9/10

    British Airways1524 Reviews

    Our first flight in an A380 and not disappointed. The aircraft still seemed new and a bit if a culture shock after so many years travelling in rather well used BA 777s and 747s. The first class cabin was spacious… Read more

Latest Seat Reviews

  • 9/10

    Air Busan13 Reviews

    The legroom given was unexpected. Lots of space given despite it being a budget airline. Legroom was as good as SIA. However, I do have to point out that the plane may be a little noisy. In this case the… Read more
  • 3/10

    Delta Air Lines688 Reviews

    Not a fan of Delta Airlines. Over the years whenever I've flown with them, they've been consistent showing me why I should not fly with them from mud in a salad to the non-ergonomic too high seating on their larger… Read more
  • 9/10

    Qantas Airways855 Reviews

    I had a flight to Melbourne from Dubai this July. The flight attendants were nice, kind and very professional. The plane was not full I sat next to the window and there was no one next to me. The leg… Read more

Latest Lounge Reviews

  • 10/10

    British Airways1524 Reviews

    Used this lounge for the first time before a flight to Singapore. This lounge is very comfortable with subdued decoration. It was not crowded and with excellent service. We used the Restaurant and had an very good light meal. We… Read more
  • 6/10

    Delta Air Lines688 Reviews

    A 12 Day, 8 City trip from coasts to coast. The Sky Club in the main terminal A in Boston is smaller with somewhat limited seating, a very small bar (Come on the is Boston, Right.) A decent, but somewhat… Read more
  • 7/10

    Priority Pass29 Reviews

    Used the lounge while I had a technical stop over in Bangkok. The lounge was spacious, easy to find. Good selection of beverage, food and fruit. It has been consistent over the years. What is lacking in the lounge was… Read more

Latest Airport Reviews

  • 5/10

    Houston IAH149 Reviews

    On a par with any other US airport handling international arrivals. In other words expect queues, long ones, everywhere. Automatic entry gate queue took 30 minutes, Friend who didn't had to go through normal immigration, 45 minutes and he was… Read more
  • 8/10

    Basel Mulhouse Airport21 Reviews

    I chose Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport many times because of it's convenient size: no long walks to gates, no long queues. Except the security staff, who often only speaks French. They don't seem to be interested in the security. Read more
  • 4/10

    Melbourne Airport191 Reviews

    Have just spent 90 minutes in queue to board and queue is getting bigger, only seems to be 8 staff on duty and room for 16 no doubt due to cost cutting. They apologise over speaker, sorry for delay but… Read more

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