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TRIP VERIFIED highlights reviews where users supplied proof of travel with their ticket, booking or boarding pass.

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Latest Airline Reviews

  • 7/10

    WOW air489 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Tel-Aviv to Chicago via Keflavik. You can expect that you'll come to the destination. Expect the flights to be late. At least 30 mins late, but my last plane was 2 hours late. The flights are… Read more
  • 9/10

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines861 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Toronto. KLM's long-haul business class service in their new aircraft models offers a good product and a comfy way to travel overall. At the airport boarding was smooth and biz class passengers used their… Read more
  • 10/10

    Singapore Airlines931 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore. I flew Singapore Airlines with my spouse from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur via Singapore. We had booked the tickets around 3 months ahead which allowed us to get them at… Read more

Latest Seat Reviews

  • 4/10

    Virgin Atlantic115 Reviews

    Not Verified | Out bound journey to Cancun was perfect 4 seats together as a family should travel. The flight home on the other hand was upsetting to say the least. Checked in on line as soon as check in… Read more
  • 1/10

    Air Transat10 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | The seats in Air Transat Club Class were supposed to be wide spacious leather 2x2 seats as pictured on their web site. Instead they were cramped non-leather economy seats with the middle seat vacant. Not what… Read more
  • 1/10

    Air France99 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | I used to like flying with Air France but after this flight I will try to avoid them. They changed their seats to similar ones they have on short haul flights. They are bearable when you… Read more

Latest Lounge Reviews

  • 9/10

    Lufthansa152 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Very good lounge. High-speed wifi and great service. Lufthansa is a great airline, it has 5 Skytrax stars and the lounge is very good. I will recommend it! Read more
  • 3/10

    No.1 Traveller8 Reviews

    Not Verified | Not so good, the portions are tiny, with one tiny dish off a menu per person then a selection of nuts and a bit of salad plus some cakes and coffee, tea and cold drinks. Very hot… Read more
  • 1/10

    Air China32 Reviews

    Not Verified | The worst lounge I have ever visited. There was no coffee and breakfast selection was simply awful. It is clearly not up to standards one would expect as a member of Star Alliance Read more

Latest Airport Reviews

  • 8/10

    Hanoi Airport98 Reviews

    Not Verified | I continue to be impressed by Hanoi’s stand-alone international terminal. The building is relatively simple, but well designed and maintained, with spotlessly clean toilets and a reasonable choice of facilities, both air and landslide. However the arrival… Read more
  • 1/10

    Split Airport47 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Split has to be one of the worst airports in Europe, if not the airport. Check in complete chaos with no direction, security a complete shambles and a packed departure area with not even close to… Read more
  • 3/10

    Antananarivo Airport6 Reviews

    ✅ Trip Verified | Their new terminal looks far from finished, and the existing buildings are probably what you'd expect in one of the worlds poorest countries. At immigration people from back in the queue kept being prioritised through, and… Read more

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