Latest Seat Reviews

  • 9/10

    Cathay Pacific Airways627 Reviews

    Sydney – Hong Kong. Their service was excellent. The economy cabin on the plane was a comfortable 2x4x2. The seats were very comfy and reclined far enough to sleep. The legroom was very good as I am quite short. The… Read more
  • 7/10

    Qantas Airways757 Reviews

    Pretty good, the entertainment was nice and updated when we were on our flight back from LAX to Melbourne. The recline, seat space and legroom were way better than economy. Though the seat recline was good, when people in front… Read more
  • 2/10

    Air Transat333 Reviews

    We have flown quite a few airlines over the last few years and Air Transat is not bad, but its not good either. Firstly the seats, flying this airline you are going to get well acquainted with the person at… Read more