A-Z Airline Seat Reviews

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Latest Seat Reviews

  • 1/10

    United Airlines1173 Reviews

    The United Airlines Boeing 737-800 seat comfort is tragic for anyone larger than a small child. At first they seem like modern standard sseats: pitch 31, width 17.3 and a 3" recline. But when that passenger in front of you… Read more
  • 1/10

    Kuwait Airways270 Reviews

    Kuwait Airways Boeing 777 economy class seats were terrible. They didn't recline and were very hard. TV monitors were no bigger than hand held gaming console and even they didn't turn on. Read more
  • 9/10

    Asiana Airlines357 Reviews

    Asiana Airlines economy class seat on the A330-300 is just excellent. There's plenty of legroom and the seats recline nicely. It is also very nice that the seat area moves forward as you recline, which gives you extra comfort during… Read more