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KLM UK reviews
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KLM UK review by D Bingham
7 December 2006  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

LBA-AMS return. Old planes but clean, nice sandwiches and pricing comparable to Jet2 both legs. On time, web check efficient and crews friendly. Quieter aircraft than Jet2 and Schipol a great transfer when compared to LHR - will definitely use again.

KLM UK review by Brian Murphy
28 August 2006

Amsterdam to Cardiff in Wales in economy class. The planes themselves though small were ultra-clean and full-service is available on this sector which is a nice change from other carriers. Both complementary wine and beer were available. The only negative comment I would make about an otherwise excellent service is that on returning to Amsterdam from Cardiff on the 05.55 HRS KL 1058 early morning service, the breakfast service consisted of a cheese sandwich and coffee, which might be more suitable to lunch-time! Croissants, yoghurt and coffee might be more appropriate. Perhaps KLM UK could address this aspect of an otherwise excellent service with very professional and caring FA's.

KLM UK review by Leo Enticknap
12 June 2006

MME-AMS-TXL on 8 June and then back again on 10 June. This trip was a big improvement on the experience described in my posting of 13 May (below). This time, KLM had allowed a sensible two hours to get through the Schengen passport check queue at AMS on the outward journey, and the return trip price of 180 was about the same as I'd have had to pay to go on Easyjet from NCL after factoring in incidental expenses (i.e. train/metro and overnight hotel costs). All four flights ran on time; and while the Fokkers are getting a bit tatty on the outside, on the inside they're clean and the economy class legroom is perfectly OK for a 60-90 minute flight (I'm 202cm tall). My only gripe this time were the buses that you had to take to get to and from the aircraft at AMS - the whole process took far too long, and anyone who is elderly and/or with arthritis would surely have trouble standing on a very crowded bus, which is what an AMS transfer on a European trip with KLM always seems to involve. If Easyjet reverts to running their NCL-SXF flights at a time which enables me to get to and from them by public transport without having to spend a night in an airport hotel I'll go back to using them again (the public transport in Berlin is so good and cheap that it really doesn't matter which airport you use at that end), but now the Easyjet return flight gets to Newcastle too late to get home to York by train, I'll probably stick to KLM from MME for the time being.

KLM UK review by David Preston
29 May 2006

Despite the many critical comments from travellers on this forum I have always found KLM to be a very reliable airline. I have been a Frequent Flier with them for 13 years. I travel regularily out of Glasgow and prefer to transfer at Schipol rather than that hellhole Heathrow. I agree that the catering on the short haul flights is pretty dire and it is a complete waste of money upgrading to 'Europe Select' as the legroom and seats are identical to Economy and the sandwiches are the same, but served on a tray with a fancy wrapper! I find the catering on longhaul to be good in Economy and excellent in business class. I would like to see the rather tired and tatty Cityhopper Fokker F100s phased out and pleased to note that note that KLM are now using 737s on 2 of the 5 daily flights. On a recent journey to Berlin I arrived at Glasgow to find a 6 hour delay posted due to a technical fault with the aircraft. There was only 1 harassed looking employee manning the ticket desk trying to rebook passengers. There was a huge queue so I quicky purchased a British Airways Ticket which got me to Berlin on time. On return I phoned KLM Customer Care to request that they recompense me for the BA Ticket. My complaint was handled quickly and efficiently and after sending in the receipts I received a full refund and a letter of apology. I even received a phone call asking me if I had any further expenses to claim as well as a courtesy call from KLM in Amsterdam to make sure I was satisfied with the way my complaint had been handled! They were clearly trying to make sure I remained a good customer, but I was very pleased with the way I was treated. I agree with the criticisms levelled at the new Frequent Flyer Scheme. It is nowhere near as generous as it was since Air France meddled with it and it is absolutely disgraceful that you only get 25% of your mileage points if you happen to be flying on an offer ticket. Very mean - almost (but not quite) as bad as British Airways!

KLM UK review by Paul Williams
18 May 2006

I've travelled KLM regularly for 5 years - GLA to AMS. Over the last 12 months, the service has definitely got worse. Planes cancelled (technical problems) twice recently. And if you ask for the compensation per their leaflet, apparently technical problems are not covered. It makes you wonder what they do cover. I'm digging my heels in, as their leaflet says nothing about technical problems not applying. The charge for changing flights has gone up from 50 to 75. But worst of all is the overbooking. They seem to regularly overbook flights and leave you to take your chances at the gate. I've not been stranded yet, but it does nothing for the blood pressure! So I have taken to checking in the day before on the internet. And the worst part of it all - I have no choice. The cynic might say the lack of choice might be connected with the poor service - I couldn't possibly comment.

KLM UK review by Leo Enticknap
13 May 2006

Durham/Tees to Berlin via Amsterdam. First leg delayed by 20 minutes, then thanks to a horrendous queue to get through Passport Control to the Schengen gates at Amsterdam, I missed the connection. There then followed a TWO AND A HALF HOUR wait at the transfer desk until my ticket number came up, followed by an approach to customer service that would have done Basil Fawlty proud. No, they can't get me to Berlin that day (quote from the KLM rep: 'Tough - these things happen - get over it!'), so it was back to Durham/Tees later that afternoon. Despite my having completely wasted the trip and a day, KLM refused to refund the who ticket price; only the Amsterdam-Berlin sector. KLM refused to accept any responsibility for the queue (despite allowing only a 50-minute connection time, and they must know that the passport queue is long at 8am on a Monday morning, with all the inbound US flights having just arrived) I eventually rescheduled the meeting and went on Easyjet from Newcastle for 48. Unlike KLM at 440, Easyjet was bang on time and hassle-free. I thought that the point of paying 440 to use a full service airline was that they took care of you if things go wrong. Now I know that they won't. I'll still use KLM/NW for transatlantic trips, as I've always had good experiences for NW. But for European trips, I'm sticking with the low cost airlines from now on.

KLM UK review by Alexander Lindley
6 May 2006

AMS-EDI-AMS. My afternoon flight to Edinburgh was delayed by an hour because the crew for that flight had apparently been stranded in Copenhagen due to a broken down aircraft, so we had to wait for stand-by crew to turn up. The first thing that struck me about the Fokker aircraft once we finally boarded was how old and battered it looked. Service was average. My return flight, due to have left at 14.25, was cancelled; no explanation provided. I was booked onto a later flight at 16:25, and given a food voucher and the usual 50€ discount as compensation. The whole journey panned out alright though. I wasn't too bothered about having to wait an extra 2 hours in Edinburgh. Overall I'm not too impressed by KLM.

KLM UK review by Marie-Paule Sheard
18 April 2006

I travel for business regularly and tend to take KLM flights as I can depart from my local airport in the UK. However I am seriously thinking of switching to another operator, and I am not the only one in my company. Luggage regularly gets left behind at Schipol airport. But the worse thing is the attitude of the ground staff. They are so rude, they show no interest in helping you, even if you are a Frequent Flyer. They behave as if they are doing you a favour by being there at all, whereas they should realise that their jobs depend on your custom. When you complain to the company they never do anything. I find the flight crew pleasant and helpful but the ground staff definitely needs a serious customer care retraining programme. However if it is the company policy that they should be so unhelpful that is another reason to switch to other providers.

KLM UK review by L Allan
5 January 2006

I have travelled with KLM on a number of occasions over the last two- three years mainly on business, and I have yet to catch a flight that has taken off on time. The information received from ground staff and air crew is practically non-existent, and the don't give a damn attitude seams to be surfacing more and more frequently. I now avoid using KLM altogether.

KLM UK review by Dan Ross
22 November 2005

LCY-AMS-LCY in Y. The outbound flight was operated by Denim Air. The FAs looked very smart in their uniforms, but lacked warmth or hospitality. The plane was a bit shabby and the guy in the seat infront of me had problems with his seat back. Inbound was a proper KLM plane and crew. There was one FA who was very good and had a smile for every customer. Food onboard was the usual roll with something and mayonaise. A small chocolate or biscuit would be nice. Very bumpy landing at LCY. The pilot apologised for it!! Don't know what my miles were as I can't log into the website to find out!! If I didn't live near to LCY I wouldn't use KLM for Amsterdam flights. Maybe VLM next time! Hopefully BA will fly out Amsterdam from LCY one day.

KLM UK review by B Wupperman
16 September 2005

Having used KLM for nine years regularly I can only support the critical voices that I find here. Of course I also had good experiences with KLM and KLM staff, but I find this airline more and more unreliable and far too expensive. I am normally flying from Tees Side (Durham Tees Valley) or Newcastle (both UK) to Bremen (Germany) and back. Delays are regular and short time cancellations as well. The bus driver to Teesside Airport told me once (when my Friday 10:40 flight was cancelled), that they cancelled that flight already on two other days of that week. So I asked myself, why they offer it at all. I have started not to make any appointments close to KLM flight times - like the next day - because my experience is, that I cannot guarantee to actually attend them for sure. I think that is a shame for an airline with scheduled flights. Charter flights seem to be more reliable than KLM flights. Also I have already spent some nights in Amsterdam (fortunately paid by KLM) because of delays and short time cancellations. In addition to all this, Flying Dutchman which is now called Flying Blue has hardened its conditions, so the business lounge in Schiphol is now out of reach for me and free flights hard to achieve. Both services were regularly used by me before. I hardly see the point of gathering airmiles with KLM any more. KLM obviously takes passengers for granted but I am more and more flying with Hapag-Lloyd Express from Hannover to NCL and back, paying less, being in time and not having to hang around in Schiphol (without even getting into the lounge). And I am hoping that other airlines will take up the route to the North East of England so that the market dominating position of KLM will be broken between Bremen and NCL or MME (Tees Side).

KLM UK review by Keith Brown

10 July 2005

I think that KLM's service has become much worse since the merger with Air France. The frequent flyer programme Flying Dutchman was well administered and queries were responded to quickly. Since Flying Blue has been introduced, all emails go into a black hole and not even acknowledged. Retrospective credits ignored etc. They take passengers for granted, particularly those from regional airports (eg Newcastle) as we do not have much choice.

KLM UK review by Colin Bradshaw

29 June 2005

Flying from Newcastle to anchorage, I gave myself a 5 hr turnaround in Schipol as KLM recommended time rarely gets your bags on board the connecting flight. Despite this we still didn't make it [although the flight 4 hrs later did but they refused to put us on that. The re-roted us the JFK NY but the connecting flight wouldn't take us. Overnight in NY, can to Newark, weather stopped us getting to detroit in time. Missed connecting flight so sent via Seattle where NW screwed up the ticketing so we couldn't get on the flight to Anchorage. Night in Seattle. Should have arrived Anchorage 8pm Sunday, got there 9am Tuesday. With one or two exceptions staff were uncooperative, unfriendly and surly. Is this delay a record?

KLM UK review by Eric Bateman

26 June 2005

Amsterdam to Edinburgh 16th June. Comical service. Plane delayed by 90 minutes (the guy told me that it's always late as the connecting flight is usually late out of Dusseldorf). Usual lack of information on the ground, not much better on the aircraft. 20 minutes after our original delayed departure time we were told that they had an extra bag on the plane so delayed another 10 minutes. Service on board dreadful, definitely had the impression that the crew wanted to get off the plane even more than I did. Sandwich was a nondescript "meat". Asked for a diet coke - "we don't offer that in economy". All this for the bargain price of four hundred quid. KLM, you're joking aren't you ?

KLM UK review by James Kidd

12 May 2005

I have just made a return flight with KLM uk from Newcastle to Amsterdam and I must say I was very impressed with this airline. Polite and friendly cabin crew, on time both ways and very clean aircrafts although the Fokker 100 we flew out on had probably seen better days the Boeing 737-400 for the return leg was perfect. The food was reasonable (chicken or cheese baguette) with fresh orange juice and tea or coffee (not outbound as there was a problem with the hot water) but overall a very pleasurable experience.

KLM UK review by G Fenu

11 May 2005

Scheduled to go from BHX to Memphis through Amsterdam. Flight to Amsterdam was delayed more than two hours (late incoming flight). The KLM crew in the UK refused to change my itinerary even though it was obvious that I would miss my connection in Amsterdam. The same happened to all other passengers. When we finally arrived in Amsterdam, the airport was a zoo, with hundreds of delayed passengers mobbing the transfer desk to arrange for new connections. It took more than two hours to actually speak to a KLM representative and by that time the last flight for the US had left. There was no organization, no sense of urgency, the overall attitude was "tough, it's not our problem". I gave up getting to the US, was rescheduled on an evening flight to Birmingham, only to have that flight subsequently be cancelled without explanation only one hour after I had been rebooked. I ended up getting back to the UK at midnight after having spent my entire day in Amsterdam trying to get some service from KLM.

KLM UK review by J Welsh

1 March 2005

Reliably late, reliably rude, reliably uninformative. I commuted weekly on KLM from BHX to AMS for 6 months. Although I can see that some of you have been lucky enough not to have been delayed, trouble free trips (where the flight was on time) were the exception. There were some helpful hostesses, but most were surly and disinterested. Wearing a suit and flashing a frequent flyer tag did improve the response, but I am not impressed when staff are selectively "nice" in this way. Although once you got on the plane most of the pilots were charming and delays were explained, staff at the gate (when they actually bothered to turn up) were usually unhelpful, even though information was available if you were prepared to track down the main information desk, and it happened to be open. Best excuse for a delay had to be that there wasn't any toilet paper in the loo - whereupon a passenger volunteered to donate the hankies from her handbag. KLM UK provides a budget service at non-budget prices - basically NOT good enough, but sadly for many of us the only option available at the moment.

KLM UK review by Gareth Davies

5 January 2005

Delayed at Bristol for 3.5 hours; missed connection in Amsterdam. No apology given. KLM staff at Amsterdam were appallingly unhelpful, saying we'd have to pay for hotel accommodation and it wasn't their fault. They said the same to all the passengers thus affected. Being experienced arguers, we were OK, but many other passengers were left with having to fork out for a hotel or sleeping in the airport. We demanded refreshment vouchers, but no-one else was offered these. I thought UK customer service was bad, but KLM is much worse! First time on KLM - and last.

KLM UK review by Adrian Burton

28 November 2004

KLM definitely going down hill. Most recent experience delayed by 4 1/2 on the outward journey BHX to AMS due to a technical problem identified while we were taxing down the runway. Plane could not be repaired, and we left on the plane from the morning flight which had had the same problem and was now fixed. On the return leg on a Friday evening scheduled to leave at 18.10 again delayed. Having boarded the plane finally, this developed a technical problem with hydraulics. Plane could not be repaired, and also at the home of KLM no spare plane could be found. As there were not sufficient seats on the later flight we were eventually offered after many hours of waiting a hotel room for the night. Arrived at the hotel at 23.45. Next day Saturday given a boarding pass for the 9.50 again having boarded the plane they realised they had an extra passenger. He was asked to get off the plane this then caused a security alert as they had to identify all baggage on the plane, again we were asked to get off the plane. The reason for the extra passenger was due to an in transit passenger not having his boarding pass checked properly, he should have been on the next flight, what do the computers do in the departure area?.Arrived home 13.30 Saturday slightly shaken by the experience but not stirred. What is happening with KLM?

KLM UK review by Nigel Jones

30 August 2004

Flew NCL-AMS-JFK and have no complaints. Just the food could improve but it was only a 55 minute flight from NCL -AMS.

KLM UK review by Gareth Peace

8 June 2004

You learn the quality of an airline when things go wrong, which in my experience is all too often and frequently of their own making, but then they effectively shrug their shoulders and expect the passenger to do the work needed to keep things moving. (The experiences related by L Hirst 28 Jan 2004 and N McGill 8 Nov 2003 strike a very familiar chord) Space /time does not permit a detailed summary but KLM must have their heads in the sand or an ironic sense of humour with their slogan 'KLM, the RELIABLE airline' - now that's a good one!

KLM UK review by Gareth Treharne

25 May 2004

Last week flew KLM from Aberdeen via Amsterdam then on to Prague. Found the connections and service excellent! I hope KLM keep their fares lower than British Airways as would rather fly with them.

KLM UK review by Gordon Palmer

24 May 2004

Travelled London-AMS on the 8th May, returning the 10th. Flew out from LCY in a prop plane that had a really tight cabin. Short flight, but underwhelmed by inflight service offered. A drink and a filled roll does not a inflight experience make. Flight back into LHR on a 737 - more pleasant cabin, same level of offering but the roll was bone-dry. If airlines like KLM have to scale back to save, at least they should also look at getting the best quality possible for their food&beverage spend - as it is, KLM's catering company seems to be delivering substandard food to the airline to serve up to less-than-impressed customers.



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