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3 star Skytrax Rating
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Icelandair customer review


SEA-KEF-LHR. Check-in & boarding at SEA was good. Very impressed with onboard service and found it interesting that very few pax actually opted to take advantage of the on-board meal purchase which enforces my belief that most pax only eat airline meals because they feel they have paid for it so they should eat whatever is offered. Found the customs / immigration at KEF to be friendly and welcoming which was not the case with the security people at KEF who were anything but friendly and welcoming and quite aggressive with pax. Departure of flight from KEF was on-time as was arrival at LHR with luggage waiting on the carousel. LHR-KEF-SEA check-in and boarding and well organized with friendly staff who went out of their way to solve problems with my seating assignment. Overall impression of Icelandair was very good - they will get more of my business if they continue to offer great fares. Highly recommend Icelandair for anyone looking for good value and those who like me who find the nonstop flights from the west coast of Canada/USA too long and like the thought of having a break after seven hours of flying.
Seat TypeEconomy Class
Value For Money 12345