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New brand smell brings a sense of relaxation and happiness
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Turkish Airlines new brand smell brings a sense of relaxation and happiness

September 2013
Turkish Airlines has introduced the fragrance “TK 1933” to use as a tool to take the airline’s brand to another level. The fragrance is intended to provide a sensory recognition of the global branding of Turkish Airlines and to bring a sense of relaxation and happiness.

“TK 1933”, a fragrance created by the international perfume company, MG Gulcicek, has been introduced as the designated branded fragrance that will be used in Turkish Airlines VIP/CIP Lounges, ticket sales offices, inside the aircraft, and for other corporate purposes. The name “TK 1933” was chosen as a tribute to the year that Turkish Airlines was founded.

Extensive quantitative research was carried out on two scents that were selected as the finalists. The scent “TK 1933” was chosen from two different fragrances that survived a 15-month process encompassing research, development and production processes as well as fragrance testing with customers carried out on Turkish Airlines corporate premises. That research was striking because of the discovery that the scent produced feelings of trust, peace, happiness, serenity and pleasure.


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