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4 star Skytrax Rating
Lounge Comfort 12345
Catering 12345
Washrooms/Showers 12345
Internet/Wifi 12345
Staff Service 12345
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4 star Skytrax Rating
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"seems that nobody works there"

(United Kingdom)

Yet again after visiting the Iberia Sala VIP lounge at Barcelona airport it seems that nobody works there. After arriving in the lounge tables were overflowing with all sorts of rubbish glasses were not cleared for couple of hours lounge was full of smoke. One of the fridges which was not working 6 months ago when I was last in this lounge was still not working this time.
AirportBarcelona Airport
Type Of LoungeBusiness Class
Type Of TravellerBusiness
Comfort 12345
Cleanliness 12345
Bar & Beverages 12345
Catering 12345
Washrooms 12345
Wifi Connectivity 12345
Staff Service 12345
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