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Penang Airport customer review

When the aircraft touched down on the airport my first impression was that the airport was very OLD. There is only one runway and one small terminal to cater to international and domestic flights. Once the aircraft is docked at the terminal the passengers used the aerobridge (all flights regardless of international and domestic) to enter the terminal. The terminal is split into two sections which are the international and domestic sections. The state of the restrooms are very appalling. There are some small cafeteria and duty-free shops when one moves along the terminal but most of the items sold there are not too appealing. If you wish to purchase some items found in Penang only the airport is a good place to buy as they are stocked up with many authentic Malaysian goodies. The third level is where the airline lounges are. As I flew SIA and MAS in first and business class before I got the chance to use the lounges. The MAS lounge is beautiful and one should try it. It is situated looking towards the runway so you can see the different aircrafts when landing or take- off. The SIA lounge is a little dark and quiet but is still a good place to rest. On my return flight check-in was average. The staff were not grumpy but also not outstanding. There is only a small area to check-in. Regardless of the state of the terminal I still liked the airport a lot. It has the same magical feeling as when in the city of Penang.
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