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TUIfly customer review

Recently travelled to LPA - booked and paid 46Euro for emergency exit seats for the leg room got the seats ok but they have no extra leg room - standard seats. On the way back they decided to land in Tenerife and pick up more passengers so 4 hours became 6! Watch out when booking - you pay for anything and everything - so much so that the only people who get coffee are those that have paid for breakfast. When I asked if I could buy a coffee was told No!

TUIfly customer review

I booked two Tuifly flights in late August for November: DUS-KLU and CGN-INN. The departure times were changed for both flights in advance (3 hours earlier/ 6 hours later). Web check-in didn't work properly for one of the flights so that had to contact the desk at the airport. The staff was very unfriendly and not willed to print a real boarding pass. When I entered the security area a delay for an unknown reason was announced. In the end we were allowed to board the plane 3 hours later (no vouchers or anything else were handed out to the passengers). The seat pitch was miserable and the cabin was dirty - crew was unfriendly. All in all I can only say that I had a horrible feeling when I was on board a Tuifly plane.
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