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3 star Skytrax Rating
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Aerolineas Argentinas customer review

(New Zealand)

Auckland to Buenos Aires. Plane was delayed by five hours after we'd checked in with pretty much no explanation (except that the incoming plane from Sydney was delayed but again no explanation why). We were travelling with two young children so the delays were a bit difficult. Legroom was pretty much as I remember other airlines in economy class. The lack of decent entertainment was a pain (only the old monitors up in the aisles where you had to crane your neck to see) but the kids ended up falling asleep anyway. And the movie they played was in Spanish. Dinner was acceptable. Kids had a kids meal as requested. It was disappointing there was no beverage service during the night for those who were awake. I went hunting for a drink of water hoping they'd give me a bottle to tide me over but no just a cup. Having said all that the staff were reasonably friendly and the fare was much cheaper. It saved us around $1200 as a family. So if you don't mind no-frills it's not a bad choice. The domestic leg from Buenos Aires to Lima was on time and efficient.
Seat TypeEconomy Class
Value For Money 12345