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Cairo Airport customer review

Cairo Terminal 1. BA requested our presence three hours before the 8:35 AM departure and I duly showed up. The security people however did not start screening until 2.5 hours before so a long single form line for all classes was the result. In fact apart from the check-in counter nowhere in the entire process of boarding are there dedicated First Business or Elite Customer lines. The BA check in staff were unaware of the arrival terminal change in Heathrow (not T5 thank goodness but T4). I found out as I was trying to understand where my connecting Heathrow Delta flight to Atlanta was departing from (turned out to be T4 as well). The Cairo International terminal BA uses is old.A new terminal is in the process of being built which surely will bring a better quality pre-flight experience. As it is BA offers the use of a generic lounge which is small with very old and not entirely clean looking furniture and a TV tuned to Al Jazeera. There are two old nondescript standard and not entirely clean fridges carrying somewhat cold water and soft drinks. There was nobody manning the bar and there was no food apart from nuts despite this being an early AM departure. There was free wireless internet. I went out to find some breakfast and ended up in a coffee shop which served fresh croissants. The terminal offers some shopping but many were closed at this early hour. The lighting in the terminal is harsh and the use of tiles everywhere creates a sterile and impersonal cold atmosphere. Boarding was the worst chaos of all. All passengers were hoarded into a pre-boarding area. The two BA representatives scanned all boarding passes but did not offer any assistance to people in wheel chairs (there were about 5 on this flight) or people with small children. A lone police man started checking passports when the door for boarding opened and it was each man woman and disabled person for themselves… A shambles. All in all the fact that a new terminal is being built is absolutely necessary. But for the time being you might be better off traveling on one of the Sky Team airlines as they depart from the already opened new Terminal 2.
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