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Thai Sky Airlines - by Stephen Beidler

19 January 2006

Never fly this airline, unsafe and poor service. I just flew back from Thailand to Istanbul and the service was terrible. First problem I noticed was that the speakers did not work in the area I was sitting, so could not hear anything the pilot would say or any of the saftey information at beginning of flight. During the flight I notice cold air coming in near my seat - part of the panel was coming off below the window and they could not fix. Later water starting leaking in from above and the passenger in front of me got wet. They did not have enough food, and from what I hear it was cold. The choice was between beef and rice or chicken and rice. When the food was serve in my area everyone around me wanted beef, but they were out so they tried to give us chicken. We all said no to the chicken, as it could be dangerous to eat from Asia. Also they were serving red wine, but did not have any when they got to my area. During the flight the seatbelt light came on a number of times due to bumpy ride, but a few of the times I did not know, since the speakers did not work and we could not hear the captain announce it. A few times I ask for some water, but they never brought it, so I had to go into the food area and get my own. The airline does not care about the passengers and I will never fly this airline again.

Thai Sky Airlines - by Jane Masha

14 January 2006

Cheap and nasty - an airline to definitely avoid. Inflight safety briefings below normal standards expected. Service poor onboard - not what I would expect from Thailand. We were delayed because of the Captain arriving late for the flight ! I know this as he was sitting in the coffee shop near us prior to boarding - then the aircraft had several engine problems before take-off. Tristar aircraft, wonderful in their day, but too long in the tooth now. Cabin noisy and cold. Seats dirty. Floor not so good either. As for the toilets, I felt sure I would need a tetanus shot just from looking in there - fortunately the flight wasn't too long, so myself and my daughter could wait. If you are after a cheap thrill then this airline is for you, not for me.

Thai Sky Airlines- by Pete Tong

21 October 2005

Used twice. Cheap - call themselves low fare instead of complete no frill so you get a meal but not worth eating, at least not what we had. Old TriStar planes, but like rust buckets with a bad paint job on outside, and loads (loads!) of nasty rattles inside. Many seats around us all recline right back on takeoff and stayed that way as springs seemed broken. Now they seem to be facing some problems as lots of flights getting cancelled - remember Phuket Airlines poisition early this year and probably demise for ThaiSky.



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