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LAN Peru Passenger Reviews and LAN Peru Customer Trip Reports

  a World 3-Star Airline

a World 3-Star Airline


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LAN PERU review :  29 September 2009 by Clive Drake

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Lima-Cusco and three other internal flights within Peru. All flights on time and quality of aircraft, pilots (as in landing and take offs) - was exceptional. Aircraft were almost new A319s - all were clean - including the toilets which cannot always be taken for granted on an aircraft that is subjected to multiple take offs and landings during the day. FAs very professional. A very good experience.

LAN PERU review :  8 August 2009 by Jean Louis Vergaert

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Lima-Cusco-Lima, Lima La Paz and Juliaca-Lima: modern planes, punctual and well organized, good web check-in. Although the seat pitch on the Peru domestic flights was acceptable, the pitch on the international Lima to La Paz flight was so narrow that I couldn't even open my laptop (and it was a very expensive flight!). Also long queues are to be expected for the morning flights in Lima and Cusco (Lan used the web check-in as a way to reduce their staff, not as a way to increase the speed of the check-in), however they will call the passengers for the flights which take-off shortly. Snacks for the domestic flights are also of the cheapest sort, and they only serve orange juice (no apple, no tomato, nothing...). As a conclusion, LAN Peru is well organized and provides punctual and efficient service, but they definitively are on a profit spree, enjoying their monopoly to cut some corners without fear or shame while charging quite high prices.

LAN PERU review :  22 April 2009 : by M Rapp

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Arequipa-Juliaca (30 min) and Cusco-Lima (60 min) in Economy. Everything worked well organized, professional and on-time. Service on first leg was not existent due to short flight time. Second leg offered snack and drinks. Clean and modern A 319 aircraft, but seat pitch was tight like on a low-cost carrier.

LAN PERU review :  15 December 2008 : by Frank Sherwin

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

LAN Peru LIM-LAX economy, flight filled to capacity, FAs friendly and competent, 767 new, with the standard LAN seatback VOD. Uusually for a Boeing, standard size carry-on luggage now actually fits in the overhead compartments. 767 noisy as usual, but reasonably comfortable flight (apart from the 767 seats which have no footrest and don't recline very much), good food and drinks service. Booked as part of a flight from SJC to SCL, the LAN booking system seems to work better now, and was cheaper than booking through AAs system.

LAN PERU review :  23 October 2008 : by Gordon Kelly

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Santiago - Lima in economy ended up being on a LAN 767-300. Comfortable seating, good food and great AVOD system. LIM-CUZ-LIM A319 both ways. Flights on time, seating comfortable, small snack served on each journey with a drink. Crew friendly enough.

LAN PERU review :  1 October 2008 : by Boris Chavez-Bravo

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

LIM-PIU/TBP-LIM Economy. Good service ground and on board. Small snack served, and drinks offered on all flights. Entertainment also offered on all the short flights. Seats are comfortable. Good experience overall.

LAN PERU review :  21 September 2008 : by Ray Miles

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

MEX-LIM-MEX in business class. The outward flight left at midnight with an arrival time of 5.30am approx. This was too short a flight to catch up on much sleep, although the plane was new or refurbished, almost flat beds and a large screen with AVOD. A full meal service was offered but I decided to get some shut-eye instead, and slept through until just before landing. No breakfast or snack, which would have been a nice alternative to the late night meal. Basic amenity kit (no toothbrush) and no hot towels prior to landing. Return flight on a shabby 767, with reclining seats but no AVOD. Plane in need of refurbishment with chipped paintwork and frayed carpets. FAs came round with a drink prior to takeoff and started taking orders for lunch soon after reaching cruising altitude - lunch was adequate with an OK choice of Chilean wines, beers, spirits etc. The orange juice and coffee (instant) were undrinkable. FAs attentive and attempted to get my name right! Both flights were on time, although there was a longish delay for baggage at MEX on return, caused by thorough checks by sniffer dogs, probably to be expected on this route.

LAN PERU review : 6 September 2008 : by T Freitas

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

LIM-CUZ-PEM-CUZ-JUL-AQP-LIM Y class. Great price. Check-in online worked fine, although the baggage drop-off counter at PEM and JUL is too crowded and understaffed. Planes were clean and new, with leather seats and LCD monitors. Acceptable legroom. Snack box served on LIM-CUZ and AQP-LIM. FA's very professional (except for JUL-AQP-LIM, when they refused to help me find a seat next to my fiancee, as we were sat 15 rows apart).

LAN PERU review : 15 August 2008 : by H Knight

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

SCL-EZE-LIM-MIA in economy as part of a Oneworld ticket. Lan Peru from SCL-EZE was the only flight available that day for our ticket and was an OK experience. Flight on an older 767-300ER with no personal TVs, but the flight is barely 2 hours. The crew were polite and food was good. EZE-LIM was 2 hours 45 minutes late with no explanation, meaning we didn't arrive into Lima until 2 am. However we were given a free meal at the airport. We discovered that we had not been sat together so asked the gate agent to move us and were moved right to the front which was great. The plane was a very outdated 767-300ER with no personal TVs and no movable headrests on the seats ,which was annoying for a 4.5 hour flight. However we massive legroom at the front in the middle so we were able to get some sleep. The cabin crew were good, actually making sure people watched the safety video, and food was fine. LIM-MIA however was great. It left roughly on time which was good as we had a connection at MIA to LHR (our bags did make it the whole way). The plane was a refurbished / new 767-300ER so it had the excellent new seats and AVOD "IN" entertainment system. The crew were polite but didn't give us the right immigration forms for the USA, but this didn't turn out to be a problem in the end as we picked them up at the airport. An inconsistent but mostly decent experience with LAN Peru and would fly them again.

Lan Peru - by H Heron

14 November 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

Return to flights from Lima to Arequipa in the last few months, and one return flight from Lima to Cusco. Aircraft are clean and staff helpful. When leaving from Lima, it is recommended to check in on line and print your boarding pass because the queue for baggage drop off is very short, while queue to check in always seems very long. Only comment is that the same snack is served on every flight regardless of the time of day - tiny muffins, mini bread sticks and a chocolate. However, prices are cheap if you book ahead of time.

Lan Peru - by B Crowley

5 October 2007  Customer Trip Rating : n/a

La Paz - Lima - Caracas. The aircraft were immaculate, flights on time and food reasonable. However, the inflight entertainment suffered a lack of planning - loads of shorts and then starting a 92 minute movie with only 60 minutes until landing is not very smart. But the biggest problem with this airline is that they tend to cancel flights without telling you. I met three people besides myself who experienced this - one had to drop a country from her holiday plans, another had to buy tickets on another airline. When I heard this I checked and saw my flight was no longer showing on Amadeus or on the LAN website, but it was not until my 3rd inquiry over 5 days at various LAN offices that LAN admitted they had cancelled my flight - on the second occasion they even gave me a printout which included my cancelled flight! If you are flying this airline, I suggest you check your flight status often.

Lan Peru - by Ron Kuhlmann

5 October 2006

LAX-LIM-GRU Economy Certainly up to standard and in some ways much better. I had an exit row and the space was incredible. Even the regular pitch looked acceptable. The seat was a bit hard and lacked the "wings" for a headrest but was ok. The meal was adequate and the service was average. The flight attendants were attentive but seemed very young and, as observed in the galley, a bit immature (dancing in the galley with Ipod tunes). The forced exit in Lima is no fun at midnight but overall I would give them good marks for the flight.

Lan Peru - by Marg Lightfoot

22 September 2006

Two flights on Lan Peru as part of One World Alliance RTW Business trip. Quito to Lima, one class plane but as we are sapphire members of One World, could access Quito Executive Club and was escorted to plane, at the other end our luggage was taken off and waiting for us as it was priority- this also happened on our long haul flight Lima to LAX, we were most impressed with this service. The other good thing was at Lima airport, we had to book in 7 hours ahead of flight(1am) and was allowed to book in and go to the lounge. The long haul with beds was really good, except for the fact a couple of passengers decided to leave their luggage out of the overhead lockers, this was allowed by the staff, who seemed too intent on socialising to check on this. The seats belts were not checked in our cabin on take off or landing, which is most surprising. But all in all still very good flights.

Lan Peru - by Steve Vesty

29 May 2006

Very mixed experiences on three flights intra-Peru during May 2006. First leg LIM-Arequipa (AQP) was a mess. Lima airport is invariably fog bound in the early hours during May (no-one's fault) but the airline always seems totally unprepared. As soon as the fog cleared at about 1000 hrs, other airlines were flying. Not so LAN Peru. Our 1110 hrs 06 May flight was cancelled and we were subsequently issued with boarding cards & promises of later flights (which never appeared on any departures board) and it has to be said vouchers for a midday transfer to a LIma hotel for lunch. Back at the airport, it got to 1800 hrs with a vague promise of flights at 2130 / 2330 hours or later (!) that we cut our losses and paid cash for a Wayraperu (qv) flight that was departing that evening. We were not the only LAN Peru flight badly affected that day - stories abounded of a second DAY of cancellations and empty promises, with folk being continually bussed into the city to clear the concourse. No-one at the LAN Peru offices to offer any concrete explanations (they shut their offices to the public) and the counter staff were overwhelmed. Our second flight AQP-Juliaca (JUL) on the 11 May 2006 subjected to a 3 hour delay - given reason of fog at Lima, even though the aircraft we used had been on the tarmac at AQP for the previous night and throughout the period of the delay, never having touched Lima! - never got to understand that one. Airline staff less overwhelmed although a shade disinterested in events. The last flight Cusco (CUS) - LIM on the 23 May 2006 on time and with good service. Modern Airbus A320 equipment (Chilean registered) - clean and serviceable with standard airline catering and legroom. Overall summary - good when things are going well, but be prepared for pot luck and indefinite delays if there's a glitch.

Lan Peru - by Peter Catterick

11 April 2005

Lan Peru from Lima to Cusco, and Lima Quito this past week. What a great experience after horrific service from AA getting down to S. America. Lan Peru staff were polite, helpful, and bent over backwards to help us. I suggest all AA staff are made to fly LAN, and experience customer service - its obvious they have forgotten what the word service means.

Lan Peru - by Peter Stanbridge

8 January 2005

My daughter and I flew Lan Peru from Lima/Cuzco/Lima in December 2004. Both great flights. Lots of leg room (a lot more than on the Delta flights from Toronto to Lima). It's a 1-hour flight and they served a hot breakfast! Toronto to Atlanta is a 2-1/2 hour flight and we got pretzels on Delta. FAs were pleasant and helpful. Plenty of overhead baggage space and did I mention the leg room? The only snag we had on the return flight was no vegetarian meals (the meal for the 1-hour flight was a ham&cheese sandwich and a fruit cup. The FA apologized and explained that on domestic flights they don't have vegetarian meals (the tour operator we booked with should have known that). The FA offered us the crew's meal (a salad), we declined, but I thought it was a very generous offer. (I had brought granola bars for problems like that.) Would I fly with them again – most definitely, unfortunately they don't fly to Toronto.

Lan Peru - by Alberto Gaitan

14 September 2004

I flew Buenos Aires - Caracas making connection in Lima and the service was very good. Lan Peru is the extension of LanChile Airline and they have the same concept about service. Good Food. Departures and Arrives on time and nice cabin crew.

Lan Peru - by Krish Murti

27 August 2004

Three flights scheduled with LAN Peru, all problematic. First, Lima to Puerto Maldonado on August 13. Left Lima 1 hour late. Explanation - tire burst. Next, Puerto Maldonado to Cuzco on August 15. A couple of hours after check in, flight was cancelled due to "mal tiempo en Cusco." At least, LP took me to a hotel by bus, paid for the room and gave me vouchers for dinner and breakfast. Next morning, they took me to the airport and put me on a Tans Peru flight to Cuzco, where the hotel and the travel agent both assured me there had been no bad weather the previous day. Finally, Juliaca to Lima on August 20. An hour after check in, flight was cancelled. LP refused to pay for hotel because "we don't have the money." Never mind that most of the passengers were foreign tourists who had just come over from Puno and were unfamiliar with Juliaca. Next morning LP scheduled a special flight to Lima that left an hour late.

Lan Peru - by Dwayne Headrick

24 January 2004

My wife and I flew in Dec '03 and returned Jan '04 for our first time to Lima, Peru. I flew Delta to Atlanta, and Atlanta to Miami where the good and bad started. Anyways, I arrived in Miami at 10:30 pm. No one, even at Lan Peru when I called the day before told me that the check in closed at 11pm. Needless to say, by the time I got off the plane and arrived at the other end of the airport to check in, it was 11:10 and no one was there. About 25 minutes later I found someone that told me I had to go to where the plane was boarding, which I eventually found since the gate had moved from what security had told me. I met there the baggage screeners and the most insincere, rudest 20 something year old employee I have ever witnessed. I should have noted her name, but she informed me she had already closed the counter and was who I would have saw If I would have got to to check in on time. She told me she could not help me because she might miss her flight and told me to just sit and wait until tomorrow. I asked what time to which she replied sometime after 8am. I asked when she thought the next flight to Lima might leave and she said she didn't know that I would "have to figure that out myself since she didn't have a computer" to which she promptly grabbed her purse and walked off!!! This to the complete amazement of the 4 baggage screeners there who all siad they could not believe her, that she could have at least called someone. Now all of this was at 11:30pm. 35 minutes before the plane was supposed to leave. I walked off and about 10 minutes later I heard a baggage screener yelling and running at me. He had with him another young girl that had worked at the check in counter also, and she said she would do everything she could to help me. I was so relieved since the same thing happened to my wife and she was stuck there for 14 hours two weeks before. The young girl called on her radio to someone (I had no bags to check) and a few minutes later I was scrambling to get through the baggage screeners. We ran and we ran and we ran for at least 10 minutes. When we got to the gate, they reopened the concourse and the airplane door and I ran in. She even called ahead and had them make sure my bags were on the plane while we ran!! I wished so much I could express just how much she had and was willing to help me. After my experience with the other girl and her completely not caring, I don't think I would have flown this airline again. I will remember next time to take down names, especially of those who are so motivated, cordial, and caring of those they provide services for. Aside from this the flight was exceptional. All the TVs on the headrests, not having to pay for headphones, and the little pillows and blankets. Thanks for the superb help by the young lady and the wonderful in flight time I had.

Lan Peru - by Michael Fuquay

15 December 2003

My wife and I just got back from a 13-day trip to South America. We went to Santiago, Chile for the first week, then hopped over to Lima and Cuzco, Peru the next week. We flew out of BWI to MIA on Delta and I was not impressed. They wanted to charge $2.00 for the headphones! Once we got on Lan Peru in Miami, we got on one of their new 767's. It had TV screens in the headrests, with games and the latest movies! And you didn't have to pay for the headphones! All of our flights were great and very comfortable. I will definitely fly Lan Peru the next time we go to South America. Only one warning: Beware of the scrambled eggs!

Lan Peru - by Justin Edmonds

22 November 2003

Used Lan Peru twice (Lima - Arequipa and Arequipa - Juliaca) during our holiday to Peru. Both occasions the plane was an Airbus A320 very clean, comfortable & new looking. We had inflight videos to watch plus a magazine to read & an edible breakfast to enjoy. Staff were very friendly & pleasant. The only bad thing I can say about these two excellent flights are cabin crew should be more strict on passenger rules. I saw a tour rep use a mobile phone before take off at Arequipa and other passengers had seat backs reclined during take off/landing.

Lan Peru - by Elizabeth Busch
21 March 2002

I have flown LanPeru into and out of Cuzco many times. My latest flight, in December 2001, was memorable for what I consider to be a scam pulled on me by a LanPeru employee. The man (thin, around 40, about 5'5', dark hair to his shoulders) came up to me in line & checked my ticket. I arrived about 75 minutes before my flight but the line was very long. I knew I could possibly not make my flight given the number of people in front of me. The employee told me not to worry, he would talk with a supervisor & they would make sure I got on my flight. He proceeded to return to me several times, each time with a lie that was bad news for me. He said that my ticket was cancelled because it had not been confirmed (tho I did that myself the day before), that a competing airline's flight had been cancelled so there were few seats available (I later watched that flight boarding), and that LanPeru Flight 36 was checking in ahead of me so I might not get on another flight out that day (there is no such flight number) and therefore would miss my connecting flight to the US. He told me again not to worry, that his friend (standing nearby in civilian clothes) was a friend of the supervisor & could pull strings for me. Bottom line, he set up a situation that didn't exist then asked for 50 soles for doing his job (ie, producing a boarding pass for me). 

Lan Peru - by Craig Martinez

06 January 2002

I flew Lan Peru on a domestic flight from Lima to Cusco in August, 2001. I selected Lan Peru because if its affiliation with Lan Chile and subsequent affiliation with the OneWorld frequent flyer alliance. Check in at Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport was a bit chaotic and rushed. This was the first Lan Peru (flt. 93) flight of the day, and surprisingly the check in counters opened a mere 45 minutes before the flight was to depart. We departed on time for the 1 hour flight and inflight service was hospitable and efficient. The bilingual cabin crew came through with a continental breakfast and drinks. Lan Peru does not have an inflight magazine though, so if you want to read something inflight, bring your own materials. The morning return flight one week later (flt. 93) was much the same. Both flights arrived about 5 minutes early. On the outbound flight between Lima and Cuzco it is suggested that one sit on the left side of the plane, and on the return on the right side. This gives one the opportunity to see spectacular views of the snow capped Andes. Overall, Lan Peru's service was efficient, friendly and recommended.




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