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CORENDON AIRLINES Customer review :  5 September 2013 by A Dixon    (Netherlands)

Rating : 2/10

Score 2 out of 10

Cabin Flown


Value for Money

Seat Comfort

Staff Service




AMS-ERCAN-AMS. Flights to ECN do not fly direct but via Antalya (ATY) due to international flying regulations to N. Cyprus. Old B738. Cabin full of young holiday makers, chaotic boarding and dismemberment. No clear instructions to passengers on landing at ATY. Half-hour after landing crew announces passengers to disembark and change to a sister plane. On return, at around 1am captain announces problems with wheel during landing at ATY. Passengers ferried to transit lounge waiting for plane to be repaired. Resume journey 90 min later. No announcements made in English except some Dutch and local language, not even at ATY airport. FA totally unprofessional and rude, especially on the return flight. Aircraft's old, cramped soiled seating, cabin lights blinking, badly maintained aircraft's. No IFE. Food expensive and of low quality. Not recommended, will never fly Corendon.

CORENDON AIRLINES customer review :  16 February 2012 by Ake Sjostedt (Sweden)


Trip Rating : 8/10

Score 8 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


Being disabled, check-in was quick and easy with help from staff. I got a whole row A-C for myself. I was allowed to keep my walker to the aircraft entrance. In earlier reviews there were complaints about the cleanliness of toilets. On this flight a stewardess went in to clean after each use of passengers. Good 737-800 and on time both ways Stockholm-Antalaya.

CORENDON AIRLINES customer review :  6 October 2011 by M Jonkman (Netherlands)


Trip Rating : 7/10

Score 7 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


Amsterdam-Antalya-Amsterdam. Reasonable flight, capable and pleasant FA's. Legroom sufficient for me. Refreshments pricey and low quality. Passengers should be aware that this is a non-EU company and that as such the protection of rights in the event of delay, cancellations and such is not applicable.

CORENDON AIRLINES customer review : 26 January 2010 by M Repko

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

A'dam-Antalya and return. One negative comment; the very narrow seats, specially with a 1,5 year old child on your lap, no knee space at all and I'm just 180 cm. My husband had to put his legs behind his neck in order to sit. We fly regularly, but never in such narrow seats. The 4 hour flight time becomes very long, because of this. Extra leg space at the emergency exits costs € 15,- p.p. extra, but not available when you travel with children. Check-in was quick, both times. Service is excellent, very friendly staff. No snacks/drinks included. The plane wasn't the youngest, but except the dirty toilets, it was acceptable. If you're not that tall and don't intent to use the toilets or on board services, I can recommend this airline.

CORENDON AIRLINES customer review : 3 September 2009 by V Rogojan

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Cluj to Antalya return, and service was excellent. We were offered free meals, drinks, crew was very nice. Even though it's a low-cost airline, I would recommend them to anyone who would like to go to Turkey.

CORENDON AIRLINES review : 8 May 2008 : by A Voorsluijs

Customer Rating : n/a


Amsterdam - Istanbul. Corendon only has charter flights. In spite its bad reputation our flight took off in time from Amsterdam-airport (Schiphol) to Istanbul-airport (Sabiha Gokcen). Check-in was pretty quick and smooth. The plane was packed - hardly any legspace available. During this 3 hr flight no free drinks available. Snacks and drinks are for sale only in Euros. Very difficult to understand the messages of t



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