Yogyakarta Airport

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Yogyakarta Airport customer review

Nearest airport to Borobudor (one of the most beautiful World Heritage site in Indonesia). Takes half an hour to reach the city from the airport via Taxi (30000 Rupiah). A train track runs besides the airport which is a surprise. Small but very buzzing with activity. The airport looked rather grim and rundown and in need of either a fresh coat of paint or renovation to catch up with the time. There are no land-bridges so folks disembark and embark via tarmac. I made used of the domestic terminal so there was no custom clearance required upon reaching destination. There were only 2 conveyer belts serving Baggage Claim and it was close to pandemonium as people grabbed bags and luggage off them. The airport however employed vigilant staff to demand checks on luggage claimed against their receipts to ensure no one runs off with additional luggage.
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