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Catania Airport customer review

If you want a nice building with service in the dark ages Catania is for you. Went to get a coffee - closed for 10 minutes while they mopped the floor you could have been served over the counter in the area not being mopped but clearly that option didn't occur to the staff. Decided to use the toilet - closed for 10 minutes while they cleaned the floor - so walked to the other end of the airport. Went to go through passport control - closed for 10 minutes (make that 30 but 10 minutes is Sicilian for a delay of indeterminate length) the reason being the departure lounge is only big enough for the passengers of one aircraft so they only let that many through passport control at once. Still not much point in getting to the departure lounge too early as there are minimal facilities that side anyway (toilet small duty free shop only good for non eec flights and a vending machine)
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