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(United States)

Run don't walk away from this airline! Their prices are usually less than Hawaiian - believe me it's not worth it. My family was set to take a simple flight from Oahu to the Big Island. Our flight was at 3:15pm. First it got pushed to 4:30 and then without warning they cancelled it. They didn't even offer another flight until the following day. Options? They would give me tickets for a flight the following day and put us up in a hotel. Meaning: some bedbug-ridden flophouse near an airport runway. In order to get to the Big Island the same day in the hope of still being able to utilize the condo we rented I quickly ran over to the Hawaiian Airlines terminal. At that time they only had one flight left that evening: a flight to Hilo - on the other side of the island. So I grabbed that flight changed my rental car from the Kona airport to Hilo and then had to retrieve my bags from Go and get them onto that flight. Hawaiian Airlines was great and everything went very smoothly. But then I had to retrieve a rental car in Hilo and drive over two hours to get to my condo. Like I said - what a mess. All for a simple 45 minute flight. So besides the pain and stress of rushing around it also cost me a lot of money.
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