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3 star Skytrax Rating
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Caribbean Airlines customer review

BGI to KIN. Flight had started in POS and arrived in BGI 10 mins late. There was some confusion as to seat assignments on boarding as people from POS had moved. But the two very pleasant crew members at the rear of the cabin that met us at the door were on hand to make sure everyone was in the seats that had been assigned. Because of the routing of the aircraft you do get the feel that it is a glorified bus service with nothing being served between BGI and SXM. However although the crew passed through with no service as such they were happy to get you canned drinks tea coffee and other such items. We landed in SXM (stunning views and landing) and had about 50 mins on the ground to pick up passengers before we continued on to KIN. We took off on the 2 hour 15 min flight and a full meal service was conducted with a choice of 2 entrees. Alcohol is available for a charge of $5 but all other drinks are free. The only down side is the very frustrating drop down screens that play the company promo video over the loud speaker. You really cant get away from it unless you have your head sets ready to play some music to drown it out. But be aware they only let you check in one item of baggage for the hold. even if you have a really big bag they let you take it in the cabin as there is as charge of around $25 US to check in a second bag.

Caribbean Airlines customer review

My wife and I have just returned from our trip POS-MIA-POS It was a most enjoyable and pleasant one. The flight attendants were courteous and caring. They went the extra mile to make everyone comfortable. Thank you for making us want to travel again with Caribbean Airlines.