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Trip Verified | Kelowna to Edmonton. On January 11th I had the unfortunate experience of flying from Kelowna to Edmonton with flair airlines. While the staff were kind, the communication was extremely poor. While waiting in the Kelowna airport we were advised that there was a delay with our flight and that we would perhaps be rerouted and might be home in Edmonton around 1930hrs. They announced they would be updating the awaiting passengers but failed to do so. Any announcements that were made were very quiet (as opposed to all other airlines who announced very loudly and clear), and the information was very unsure and did not provide very important information to the passengers. In order to obtain any important information, passengers were forced to approach the desk to ask the staff. I found staff to be unprofessional in their communication with passengers. Some passengers boarded our plane in Kelowna, which got rerouted to Edmonton via Abbotsford, and didn't even know it was going to be making the additional stop. Passengers behind me thought they boarded the incorrect plane because it was not explained clearly what was happening. In addition to that, seating turned into a "free for all" as it was open seating. Something that was again not announced to passengers and so an unnecessary amount of confusion ensued. Again proper communication could have alleviated a lot of these frustrations. Ultimately the goal is to get to your destination on time, and not to get any "free flight" or "travel voucher", but I do have to say that I was very surprised and unimpressed that nothing was offered to passengers to apologize for the supreme confusion and significant delay in flight (we got into Edmonton almost 7 hours later than we were supposed to). When we landed in Abbotsford, flight crews switched out and all seemed confused as to what was happening. Passengers boarded in Abbotsford and were told to look for their assigned seats, while passengers from Kelowna were still sitting in the "open seating" seats from the previous flight. The flight attendants changed their minds multiple times as to if it was going to remain open seating or Kelowna passengers were to move to their original boarding pass seats. Mass confusion ensued and oncoming passengers began getting angry with Kelowna passengers that were told to remain in their open seating seats. It was terrible. Flight attendants stood by watching passengers getting yelled at by other passengers and failing to explain clearly to people what was going on. I have been flying regularly since I was 5 years old (and am now 33) and this is hands down the absolute worst flying experience of my life. It was disorganized, miscommunicated and not even and apology was said. Customer service did not exist in this airline today and it was such a shame.
Type Of TravellerSolo Leisure
Cabin FlownEconomy Class
RouteKelowna to Edmonton
Date FlownJanuary 2018
Seat Comfort 12345
Cabin Staff Service 12345
Food & Beverages 12345
Ground Service 12345
Value For Money 12345