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Pacific Airlines - by Damien Tran

4 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

HCMC to Cam Ranh Airport (replacing Nha Trang Airport) the service was fair, staff friendly. The seats were torn and sticky. Overall the airline is a good airline. The airline is going to be rebranded as 'JetStar' in mid 2008.

Pacific Airlines - by Pete Turner

1 April 2008  Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Flew Saigon-Hanoi and Hue-Saigon with Pacific and found them surprisingly reliable. Booked flights 1 and 5 days in advance through their website - easy and cheap (US$75 and $40), considerably cheaper than Vietnam Airlines. Check-in was a breeze and both flights departed on time. In contrast, at both airports Vietnam Airlines announced a string of delayed or cancelled flights. Planes were A320s - one branded Balkan Airlines. Onboard service was good but basic food, eg noodles in a cup, at cheap prices. Cleanliness wasn't great but not a major issue - no problems with toilets but plane hadn't been cleaned on one flight, with food rubbish still in the seat pocket and chewing gum on the window.

Pacific Airlines - by R van Kessel

3 August 2007  Customer Trip Rating : 3 Star Rating

Saigon-Danang return. Outbound flight scary, pilot flying manually, making turns to the left and right all time during the flight. Two times shouting into the speakers "all passengers and cabin crew get seated immediately". No turbulence at all. Catering stopped at row 6. The aircraft was probably leased from Indonesia as signs in the bathroom were in Indonesian language. No branding on the outside of the aircraft. Seats were good but dirty. Return flight delayed for hours due to aircraft late arrival. Aircraft dirty again, food menu in the seat pocket was outdated. Both flights departure times have been changed when arriving to the airport, up to 1h after the time booked on the tickets, no information by Pacific Airlines was given, although electronic booking with email address being available to them. Overall I would rate the service as fair, given the country of operation and probably better than VN Airlines.

Pacific Airlines - by Sam Wang

10 April 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Taipei to HCMC and back over the Easter long weekend. The A320 would have to be the most disgusting airplane I have ever flown in and the toilet was beyond disgusting. The aircraft had crew instructions in French, Russian and English and I saw an Air Canada logo in the bulkhead. The load factor was around 15% both ways so how this airline makes money is beyond me. If you are not fussed with hygiene and are value conscious then I would recommend this airline - it may not be pretty but gets the job done. 2 out of 5.

Pacific Airlines - by Hung Nguyen

9 January 2007

Like Yuen said, the fare is lower than VN airlines, but the service is bad. They would not turn on air conditioner until the plane is in motion. The magazine seat pockets were worn out and torn. I bought a discounted round trip ticket from HCMC, but when I reserve the return trip to HCMC from Ha Noi, I had to pay the regular fare in order to board the plane, due to some operator error. I would not recommend it anyone who want comfort and service.

Pacific Airlines- by Harry Yuen

26 January 2006

A cheaper alternative to Vietnam Airlines if you're traveling domestically. Saved 100,000VND on each ticket which goes pretty far in Vietnam. Planes used are probably from a now defunct Soviet airline. I saw instructions in a Slavic language. Cabin has a funny smell and FA's are adequate. Food is not as great as Vietnam Airlines.



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