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Seville Airport
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SEVILLE AIRPORT customer review :  28 October 2014 by Eye Gee    (USA)

Rating : 9/10





This is a fine smaller airport with many flights departing and arriving daily from all over Spain and Europe. Check in is easy and there is a modest selection of eating establishments. Post-security there is another place to get food, and the duty-free and souvenir shops (including gourmet stock) are not bad. Transit to/from center city is easy and frequent, the bus runs every 20 minutes (first stop is Santa Justa train station) and costs just 4 euros.

SEVILLE AIRPORT review : 3 June 2009 : by T Alexander

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Sevilla is a great airport to travel to and from. Its basic, functional and efficient, which is all I want from an airport. Food is expensive though, so maybe take your own. It is easy to get to the city centre by bus or taxi - there is a fixed fare of 21 euros.

Seville Airport by G Roberts

16 November 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Compared to my other experiences of provincial Spanish airports Seville is indeed a breeze in many ways. Rebuilt for the 1992 Expo (along with much of Seville) the airport is spacious and well- functioning with a huge and airy departures hall. Arrivals is pretty spartan but baggage was delivered swiftly (even though several suitcases fell off the conveyor belt at the first ‘bend’). Taxis are plentiful and cost a fixed rate to the city centre (currently €24). Airport buses also run regularly to/from the city centre, picking up in Nervion and Santa Justa station and cost a mere €2 – allow plenty of time on the return journey as traffic can be a nightmare. Beware also that the bus drops off at ground level and you will need to carry your luggage up two flights of stairs or wait ages for one of two lifts. Swift check-in with Ryanair more through luck than organisation. Security ng goods at usual inflated prices and plenty of (very hard!) seating to wait for your flight. Once through into the departure lounges there is soft seating but the only facilities here are toilets and vending machines. There is a quiet café seating area behind the non-functioning departures board (don’t worry, there are also monitors that do work) which has good views of the runways to while away the hours.

Seville Airport by Christopher Davies

13 May 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

This airport is basic but have been to worse. If you arrive on a night the Taxi Fare is around 23 euros and on a daytime 18.60. It is a set fair which is good. Iberia Check in was awful taking nearly an hour as only 3 desks open when there were about 5 flights checking in. Facilities to eat and drink are very basic and there is no information desk in the departure area and staff are very hard to find. If you need help its best to pop into one of the VIP lounges as I did. Had a four hour delay and after an hour or so the seating gets very hard to stay comfortable one. Had only one announcement as well during delay and that was only to tell us to wait an hour for another one. Not a bad airport but lack of information during our delay meant i will be hesitant to use it again.

Seville Airport by Chris Seal

13 December 2005

Arrivals at Seville is pretty basic but airport shuttle bus is easy to find and cheap (Dec 2005: €2.30 one way). The shuttle gets you to the train station quite quickly but then it hits the usual Spanish city centre traffic and crawls to the main stop in the centre. On the way back the shuttle was 20 minutes late which didn’t help. Check-in at the airport was slow due to system failure but finally got through to security. Airport facilities are basic and the lounge used by BA is not massive and quickly filled up (it is run by Iberia).

Seville Airport by Lawrie Hall

11 April 2005

Seville airport is in all ways but one, quite excellent. On Saturdays and Sundays the cheap, efficient bus service to the RENFE station and city centre has a 2-hour gap just as the Iberia flight from London arrives. This is plain daft, and makes otherwise satisfied customers take the surly taxi - which, given the fixed fare, puts a tourist off using the otherwise fairly inexpensive taxis to go around the city later in their stay.

Seville Airport by C W Kwok

21 June 2004

I flew from Amsterdam to Seville via Madrid. Best way to get to the airport from city centre is just to take a taxi. It will be around 15-20 euro. It's just a basic, clean airport with not much activities for passengers. Luggage reclaim went very well and after customs you will be in front of the airport exit.

Seville Airport by W Jackson

26 May 2004

Seville airport is modern and spacious, but it is not easy to get to from the city centre without a car. That means either a long bus journey, or a taxi. Last time there the taxi was far too expensive, and I wish I had taken the bus. Problem is that the bus isn't hugely convenient from the city centre.

Seville Airport by Jane Fletcher

30 January 2004

In October 2003 I flew to Seville and back from Manchester- I thought the airport - though quite modern and bright did not have many amenities and the eating areas were very basic and not cheap.




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