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"staff was very nice"


Trip Verified | Recently I've visited Ramon Airport for my vacation, The airport is new (opened in January) and modern, The duty-free shops were nice, there are a few before Check-In and the safety checks and after it near the gates. The airport has 8 gates and has a lounge. Airport staff was very nice and the process of Check-In and security checks didn't take longer than 30 minutes. To be honest, the airport is a bit boring, after the Check-in and security checks beside of a few duty-free shops, there is nothing really to do, That's why I don't recommend coming to the airport more than one hour before departure.
Experience At AirportDeparture Only
Date VisitJune 2019
Type Of TravellerCouple Leisure
Queuing Times 12345
Terminal Cleanliness 12345
Terminal Seating 12345
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Eilat Airport customer review

As the previous reviewer noted Eilat airport terminal is in the centre of the city and surrounded by hotels: I didn't believe the taxi driver for a few seconds when he dropped us there! Once inside we got a thorough grilling by security and our bags swabbed throughout for explosives. I think we got extra attention as foreigners but the female security official was very friendly and jovial - much nicer that the humourless officials who you normally meet. Checkin and hand baggage checks were quick and easy as the only flight was our 72-seater Arkia departure. There is a shop/cafe on both landside and airside parts but we didn't get a chance to try either. Overall it does the job well - just be prepared for the security.