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"had no solutions for me"

(United States)

Trip Verified | On 01/25/24 I was notified that my flight from KOA to OGG was cancelled. I called to see what could be done and the representative had no solutions for me other than to cancel my entire trip a week and a half before when I already had accommodations paid for. When I asked if they could book me on a Hawaiian Airlines flight to connect to my OGG to LNY flight they said they don’t do that. After searching on my own, I found a flight out of MUE and called to book that instead. This was an option that was never presented to me from the original agent for reasons in which I am unsure. On 02/03/24 I received notification that my LNY to OGG flight was being pushed back and I would miss my connecting flight from OGG to MUE. I called and spoke with a representative who told me this was an “operational issue” and could not get me back to Waimea on 02/04/23. She instead offered to fly me to HNL then booked me on a Hawaiian Airlines flight (something I had previously been told was impossible) to KOA and then Uber me from KOA to MUE to get my vehicle. I agreed to this even though it was going to cause me to get home several hours later than my original flight schedule. I awoke to several missed calls and texts the morning of 02/04/24 as whoever scheduled the Uber for us apparently scheduled it for pick up at midnight on 02/04/24 instead of giving us a flex link the tell the Uber when we had arrived. As I am arriving to the airport on 02/04/24 I received a notification that my LNY to HNL flight was delayed. I spoke with the gate agent and she deferred me to the customer service line. After an extended period of time on the phone with the representative the solution was to continue with my LNY to HNL flight but that I would miss any and all connecting flights back to Big Island by the time my flight arrived in HNL. At this point I had to contact my manager and tell her both myself and my husband would be missing work. This agent told me that she had approval to book me a hotel in HNL but that I needed to wait until I was sure my flight was going to arrive in LNY and to call shortly before boarding… as if I am more privy to this information than your organization. Regardless, I called back after the gate agent stated the plane would be arriving in 20 min after we were delayed an additional hour with no communication from Southern via the gate agent, email, or text and was told that I now needed to wait until my plane landed for them to book our hotel room. We then arrived at nearly 9 PM to have to sit outside at the terminal while yet another representative booked us a hotel room and scheduled an Uber to transport us there. This took nearly an hour of just sitting at the airport waiting when this could have been arranged prior to our landing. Once in the Uber, the driver took us to the pre arranged location… which was a shipyard. This was the location that was set for him by your employee. I had to again call and put the representative on the phone with the Uber driver who was adamant that the address was correct and it was not until my husband piped in saying when he typed the address in it also showed the shipyard that the representative realized whoever made the reservation mistyped a number on the street address. Now we are exhausted and that much later getting to a bed that is not even our own. We should’ve been home by now, sleeping in our own bed. The hotel ended up charging a resort fee to my card that was put on file for damages/inc
Type Of TravellerCouple Leisure
Seat TypeEconomy Class
RouteWaimea-Kohala to Lanai
Date FlownFebruary 2024
Ground Service 12345
Value For Money 12345