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Lao Skyway customer review


Vientiane to Hanoi route is a code share with Vietnam Airlines but if you book with Lao Airlines the price is significantly lower (though still a fair sum considering the distance). Equipment on this route was a new Chinese made Xian MA 60 aircraft. This turbo prop aircraft offers adequate comfort for its size in a 2-2 configuration throughout. Though there is apparently a business option on this route it is very difficult to see the benefit and indeed as the usual entry to the cabin is at the rear a seat at the back is preferable for many. Though the flight is just over an hour a reasonable box meal is served comprising a fresh sandwich (tuna on this flight) fruit a biscuit and a drink. In addition tea and coffee are served by the friendly crew. Coupled to this the check in process whilst entirely manual is reasonably swift Vientiane airport is small but pleasant and bags were delivered quite swiftly on arrival in Hanoi. My wife is not keen on small aircraft and said she would rather not fly this type of aircraft again; I on the other hand certainly would and can recommend Lao Airlines (who also have some jet ATR 72s in a fleet and no Russian antiques) to anyone.
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Lao Skyway customer review

Vientiane-Luang Prabang-Bangkok In November Both flights were on time and the aircraft were clean. Cabin crew were courteous and a small snack was provided on both flights. I would be happy to fly with this airline again.
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