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"shocked at the unprofessional attitude"


Trip Verified | Being an Indian, the only way to travel to Saudi Arabia during the COVID times is to spend 14 days in some other country and than travel to Saudi Arabia after Quarantine i had selected Nepal as my Quarantine destination. My company had booked the flight in Himalaya Airways , on the 6th May i reached the airport after the quarantine, while i was waiting in the queue to collect my boarding pass, i was informed i cannot board the flight as this flight is only for Nepal and Saudi Citizens during the Covid times. I was shocked, why was this information not told while my company booked the Flight as during the booking it would have asked for Passport details. I spoke to the Ground staff but they just said u cannot board the plane, I asked them to show where exactly is it mentioned about Nationality they had no idea, they did not respond at all. I am still shocked at the unprofessional attitude of the ground staff. I lost the ticket and my company lost the money.
Type Of TravellerSolo Leisure
Seat TypeEconomy Class
RouteKathmandu to Riyadh
Date FlownMay 2021
Value For Money 12345