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Ushuaia Airport

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Ushuaia Airport customer review

Flew in and out of here on our way to a ship. Arrival was straight forward and baggage arrived quite quickly. There was a customs check on arrival for plant material even though this was a domestic flight. Departure check-in was fast the departure gates are upstairs although we did not find any signs to tell us. At the time of writing the airport tax is 13 pesos. There is free wifi internet available at the airport a cafe with not too high prices but little public seating. Although a modernish building users will notice that the roof leaks in numerous places quite badly.

Ushuaia Airport customer review

Small modern wood-paneled regional airport. Helpful tourist info desk located just before you exit the building. Airport is located close to the town on what was apparently a bird nesting area so taxi rides are cheap. I arrived in Ushuaia by plane and departed by ship so cannot comment on check-in procedures and facilities.