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"several shops and bars"


I use the airport of Brindisi quite often and among the years several improvements have been made to the terminal area. It is now clean, with several shops and bars. Toilets are available in the departure and arrival areas. The security check may be a little bit complicated because the area is a bit small. Once passed the gate area offers enough space and a bar to wait your boarding time. The only issue which needs to be resolved soon is related to the car parkings. There are now several flights and in fact Brindisi airport carried 2.200 Mln pax in 2015. It is mandatory to build up a multi story car park close to the terminal. Overall judgement of the airport is widely positive.
Experience At AirportArrival and Departure
Date VisitFebruary 2016
Type Of TravellerBusiness
Queuing Times 12345
Terminal Cleanliness 12345
Terminal Seating 12345
Terminal Signs 12345
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Airport Shopping 12345
Wifi Connectivity 12345
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Brindisi Airport customer review

Brindisi (Salento) is a pleasant fairly new airport spacious enough for the level of fights. The lurid yellow/green fluorescent plastic seats are a bit much and I wouldn't want to encounter them with a hangover. Transit from city centre by bus 'A' costs 80cents (buy tickets in airport or in town from the bar on the way from the railway station to the bus stop in Via C Colombo) and runs half hourly. The snack bar prices are silly. Coffee 60% more than in town bottled beer 150% more (draught beer only 25% more but wasn't available). If your flight is from gate 1 (which the Ryanair flight to STN was) be aware that it is straight in front of passport control meaning that a lot of people can't get through passport control until boarding begins.