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TAME Línea Aérea del Ecuador Passenger Reviews and TAME Customer Trip Reports


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TAME Línea Aérea del Ecuador
6.8 out of 10  6.8 out of 10
27 reviews


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TAME Línea Aérea del Ecuador customer review :  7 June 2014 by M Patrick    (Spain)

Rating : 1/10

Score 1 out of 10

Cabin Flown


Value for Money

Seat Comfort

Staff Service




Guayaquil - Galapagos - Quito. Plane cabin was in bad condition, dirty and lots of things were broken. Through the cabin you could smell urine coming from the lavatory. No individual inflight entertainment, just one drink served despite the fact that on the tickets it clearly says "snack" and "lunch". A very disappointing service for that high ticket price you pay for flying to the Galapagos. There are two other competitor airlines which fly to Galapagos: LAN and Aerogal. Both are much better then TAME, I have flown with them. My advice: avoid TAME if you can.

TAME Línea Aérea del Ecuador customer review :  14 March 2014 by Alfredo Acosta    (Ecuador)

Rating : 7/10

Score 7 out of 10

Cabin Flown


Value for Money

Seat Comfort

Staff Service




6 hours flight from UIO-GRU and back, A319 plane a kind of old without onboard entertainment such as personal video system of something like. Food was really good and some generous drinks too. Cabin crew members in both flights were not as much friendly as they should. They should improve personal attention and cordiality. Meanwhile, the cost of 430 USD for a flight that usually cost 700 is worth investment.

TAME Línea Aérea del Ecuador customer review :  8 January 2014 by G Geier    (USA)

Rating : 3/10

Score 3 out of 10

Cabin Flown


Value for Money

Seat Comfort

Staff Service




JFK to GYE flight in business class: the plane was pretty old, in-seat video/audio quality was poor, food was horrible. Plane broke down and there was no flight back from GYE to New York for 5 days. They don't give a refund at the airport and they are quite unfriendly and do not speak English at the ticket counter. There was no announcement / explanations and nobody apologised. I can't recommend this airline for an international flight! I Did a national flight (Quito to Coca) with them which was ok but the airport personnel did not speak any English and again they were not very friendly at all.

TAME Línea Aérea del Ecuador customer review :  17 January 2011 by R Marsh   (Switzerland)


Trip Rating : 8/10

Score 8 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


Cuenca-Guayaquil, Guayaquil-Baltra-Quito. Brand new fleet so very clean and comfortable planes (especially E170). Drink and snack provided on 30 minute CUE-GYE flight and placed in business cabin for Guayaquil to Baltra (no difference except seat pitch) nice lunch on board. Return to Quite uneventful.

TAME Línea Aérea del Ecuador customer review : 25 October 2010 :by Mick Toller

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

San Cristobal - Guayaquil - Quito. Worst cabin safety I have ever known. No check on whether seat belts were fastened. The girl next to me kept her large hand luggage on her lap throughout the flight. No check on whether seat backs were upright for landing and the meals not all collected on landing. One to avoid in my book.

TAME Línea Aérea del Ecuador customer review : 10 March 2009 :by Davide Greco

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Quito to Guayaquil and back. The price was $280 for two persons: not that cheap, considering that you are in a developing country. Plane was a B727 very well kept and with nice legroom and cabin space. The trip is around 35 minutes, and you get something to drink and to eat. My only complaint us that some of the FA (especially the ladies) were wearing a face like they lost all relatives, friends and the family dog as well in the same day - not very smiling I would say! Apart from this, an average normal flight without any delay or problem to be remarked.

TAME Línea Aérea del Ecuador customer review : 13 January 2009  by Leif Dilling

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Living in Ecuador now after 2 years in Costa Rica. That is important, because I can use my Distancia Miles, collected with TACA on TAME and never before, using FF-Miles was so easy and well handled. Flying TAME various times between Guayaquil and Quito. The planes are mostly new and modern, E190 and A320 used on this Route, occasionly their remaining 727, but those are in very good condition. It is a 30 minute hop and you receive a beverage as well a little cake, muffin or similar, which I find quiet impressive. Flights had been always on time, service on the ground and air leaves nothing to complain. Announcements in onboard in English and Spanish, ground staff speaking both as well. Changing flights to earlier or later is professionally and quickly handled without extra costs and a smile. I would recommend TAME travelling in Ecuador.

TAME - by T Johnson

19 March 2008   Customer Trip Rating : 5 Star Rating

I flew some days ago Quito to Guayaquil. Embraer looked pretty new, service was great, a good coffee and some good cookies. On Guayaquil on my way back, we flew a bigger Embraer, the service the same. If you go to Ecuador, you should fly TAME.

TAME - by B Rochard

15 January 2008   Customer Trip Rating : 4 Star Rating

Quito to Baltra (Galapagos) via Guayaquil on almost new Embraer 190 in all economy layout. Inflight service good (managed better service on Quito to Guayaquil leg than Iberia Business Plus). FAs efficient and helpful. Return on fairly new A320 in all economy layout. Similar good service. Would recommend TAME for internal flights in Ecuador - have most modern fleet of any internal operator and good crews, felt safe and well looked after. Service to obtain reservations, etc., from Britain was exemplary.

TAME - by Joerg Lehnert

9 October 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Quito to Porto Viejo. The plane was a new Embraer 170. TAME provides an excellent service on a level you could expect in Europe may be 10 years ago (and completely unknown in the US). There were beverages offered free of charge in the waiting area. The plane was very clean. Seating was a bit tight but perfectly enough for such a flight. The best thing was that there was an board service consisting of a sandwich and free drinks. The plane was on time and the flight attendants were friendly. Well done TAME.

TAME - by Stephanie Jungholt

31 May 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Quito-Guayaquil-Baltra return. The aircraft on the way to Galapagos was new (A 320), staff polite and helpful. They served complimentary sandwiches and drinks. On the way back to Quito the plane was an old Boeing 727 (?), but again, flight and service were okay. I expected the worst from an Ecuadorian domestic airline, but after all, I would definitely fly them again.

TAME - by Roberto Merino

13 February 2007   Customer Trip Rating : n/a

Cali to Quito with a stop in Tulcan and connecting flight to Guayaquil. All flights were on time. The Cali-Quito leg was in a Embraer 170 quite confortable and in a 45 min flight form Cali to Tulcan, free drinks, full lunch and duty free service was performed by nice flight crew. The Quito - Guayaquil leg was an A320, quite comfortable as well. Once again snack and drinks were served on a 30 min flight. Tame is quite a good option for flying within Ecuador and to Colombia, new planes, great staff.

TAME - by Derek Garner

15 November 2006

After reading some of the comments about TAME I was a little apprehensive about our flights from Quito to the Galapagos. Flew on what appeared a fairly new A320 aircraft, the flight attendants were cheerful and helpful. Nice salad on the way out with beer/or wine, return a hot lunch. Flights on time. Captain said goodbye to passengers on dis- embarking in Galapagos, at the exit door, which I thought was a nice touch. All in all a very pleasant experience, unlike our flight into Quito from Miami with American Airlines which must be the worst airline ever to fly with.

TAME - by Philip Cokkinos

30 July 2006

Quito-Guayaquil-Baltra (Galapagos) return (Y class available only) in an old Turkish 727-200 (Turkish signs over the emergency exits). I hadn't flown in a 727 since a domestic Aerocontinente flight in Peru in 2002. Pleasantly surprised. The interior was refitted (apart from the Turkish signs) and comfortable. My friend and I asked for emergency exit seats with 2-window legroom and got them. All flights on time, planes full with Galapagos cruise groups but service quite good with a coffee/drinks service on the 35-min Quito-Guayaquil leg (they managed to serve every single passenger) and a decent brunch plus free drinks, wine or beer on the longer Galapagos leg. FAs pleasant and bilingual.

TAME - by Ian Ford

5 July 2006

Cuenca to Quito June 2006. The plane was a new A320, clean and shiny but the seats were not too comfortable. A short, 40 minutes flight, but we were given a danish pastry and soft drink which was appreciated. There was, surprisingly, inflight entertainment consisting 10 minutes of TAME destination reviews, 10 minutes of adverts and a rather strange 10 minutes of a Bon Jovi concert. $49 single so it was definitely good value (and better than 11 hours on a bus as the only alternative!)

TAME - by Kerry Kenton-Clarke

2 October 2005

Flew with TAME in September 2005 (Quito to San Cristobal, round trip). I'd have to agree with the majority of comments on here - whilst the cabin crew weren't rude, they certainly came across as fairly miserable. The food - disgusting. Probably the worst I've ever experienced on a 'plane. Outbound was a Ham & Cheese Roll (I had to remove the 'ham' from the equation as it looked so disgusting) - along with a pack of butter and some jam but nothing upon which to spread them! On the return leg lunch included chunks of turkey that must have died from dehydration before being 'nuked' in an airline kitchen - it was inedible. Amazingly, this time there was a dry roll but no butter or spread!

TAME - by Steve Tait

6 April 2005

Flew on TAME from UIO to Galapagos roundtrip in MAR 05. Flight going over was on A320. Very nice plane, pretty bad food. Seat assignments given at check in and then told open seating once on plane. On return, fortunately reconfirmed two days prior as TAME had switched us to a new flight they added due to heavy passenger loads which departed two hours earlier than our original flight. It was operated on an ancient 727-100 but had better food than outbound flight.

TAME - by Hubert de Palm

7 March 2005

Flew Tame to Galapagos in the Month of February 2005. Relatively new air bus A320 planes. Planes were clean and service on board was OK. Nothing special but functional. You expect them to be more friendly since in general I found the people of Ecuador friendly. Food on board was basic, nothing special, but more than you would normally get on most other carriers.

TAME - by Jose Kirchner

10 October 2004

TAME has decent Boeing 727-200s from Lufthansa, and a couple of new Airbus A320s as well. Service appears to be much safer (better maintenance, and, in comparison to flights a few years ago, one life jacket per passenger,) though food and service can be very basic - no major surprise, this airline is operated by the Ecuadorian Air Force (Transportes Aereos Militares Ecuatorians.)

TAME - by Bryan Miles

4 April 2004

Having recently flown TAME I found check in courteous and helpful, suitcases are opened for flights to Baltra (Galapagos) in case of food or plants being in them, I flew UIO/GYE/GPS and return, the A320 aircraft was clean, crew very obliging, snack and meal up to airline standard (good). aircraft left early on first leg and all other sectors on time. Hand luggage opened in Baltra to check for food/plants etc. Return trip, courteous check in and friendly flight crew. I would fly TAME again and look forward to the experience.

TAME - by J Ariztizabal

12 February 2004

I agree 100% with Mr D'Adatto Tame´s staff's attitude contrast with the natural friendliness of Ecuadorian people. I have flown twice in the GYE GPS route and many others in the UIO-GYE-UIO, and altough the new A320 is quiete a nice airplane, the flight attendants on board all my flights are the worst crew I have flown with and believe me I fly a lot. What is the matter with the airline's staff please get someone who enjoy their jobs. Tame's staff have got really a bad attitude towards their customers. I hope and I really do that anyone from TAME would read these comments and take some action about the way they treat their passengers. There is a kind of new airline in Ecuador ICARO which you should try flying at least in the UIO-GYE route.

TAME - by Jacques Molitor

4 February 2004

I made two flights onboard a new A320 between GYE to GPS and the new A320 was really nice - seats were very comfortable. The crew members were kind and polite - food was good ( standard airlines food not a "grande cuisine") . The aircraft, coming from Quito and Guayaquil, was very clean for the return flight (after a short stop over at Baltra airport ) The crew's attitude was very friendly .

TAME - by G Saa

28 January 2004

I usually use this airline only while traveling within Ecuador. Even though the flights are short (50min to 1.5hrs), the staff (check- in and flight crew) do their best to show their rudeness, un-professionalism and non-caring attitude. It seems working in the airline service is a punishment for most of them. Where do they get this people!? I cannot recommend this airline but unfortunately it is the only airline flying to some destinations within that country. It is indeed a telling contrast when compared to the natural friendliness and courtesy usually displayed by most Ecuadorians.

TAME - by J D' Adatto

8 January 2004

TAME now operates with two brand new A320. My flight was from GYE to GPS only 1h30 min. The new A320 was really nice but seats were very uncomfortable. The crew members were rude and impolite - the food wasn't good. The return flight was quite the same thing - crew's attitude does not reflect at all the way Ecuadorian people have towards tourists.



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