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MARTINAIR customer review by H Brown

24 October 2005

Schiphol to Orlando in economy. Flight on time, service was excellent. The seats are no worse than BA, and the food quality is very good. Return flight we upgraded to Star Class for $218, again could not fault it. The seats were large and comfortable, service was 1st class, and flight was pleasant. The only problem we encountered was a short delay which meant missing our connecting flight from Schiphol to Aberdeen. However, staff were helpful, and got us a later flight with no problems.

MARTINAIR customer review by P Lubinski

24 October 2005

Orlando - Amsterdam return. Third time on Martinair in 2 years and I don't understand the negative comments. I paid $490 round trip and the service was great, food was good. I was able to upgrade to star class in Orlando for $100 on my last trip. Try getting those fares with any other airline. I have been on much worse (Northwest) at 3 times the price to Amsterdam.

MARTINAIR customer review by Les Roth

10 October 2005

Miami - Amsterdam - Miami. October 3, 2005 and October 8, 2005. Stay away from Martinair. Our flight was 4.5 hours late going over and two hours late coming back. Seats are worse than coach on most carriers. Both ground staff and flight crews need training in customer service. Spend any extra money necessary and time required and fly on anybody else.

MARTINAIR customer review by Melvin Waggoner

2 October 2005

My husband and I flew Martinair from Orlando to Amsterdam and back in September. He had no qualms about reserving with Martinair, but after I read online reviews, I was afraid of what we would encounter. I ended up being pleasantly surprised with Star Class. Overall, we had a good enough experience that we would fly Star Class again. Although our outbound and return flights were both delayed, it wasn't much of a bother because being Star Class allowed us access to the airport lounge, which made passing the time quite comfortable. The outbound flight was full of screaming children, but mercifully, there was a curtain blocking off each aisle's division of Star Class and the Economy cabin. The return flight didn't have curtains, however. Odd. Thankfully, though, there were no screaming babies onboard on the way back. But the curtain would have been nice because when one is sitting in row 4 of Star Class (there are only four rows) and there is no curtain, the people in the first few rows of economy are staring at whatever food and extras the passengers up front are getting. Meals were above average and actually quite nice. However, the tray tables on the return flight didn't open up all the way, as the middle console where the drinks are placed, seemed just a tad wide for the tray tables to fit perfectly. Still, the food trays balanced just fine and there was no problem. But this little tray situation prompted me to inspect the seating, and I discovered that although the seats had brand new upholstery and carpeting (the cabin was quite attractive), the seats themselves were older. The configuration of our Star Class cabin was two/two/two (on both legs) and there was a place to plug in the headseat in the middle console between each set of seats, as well as on the outside edge of each seat. Also, there were some control buttons that were not "hooked up" at all, such as the button with the picture of the leg rest popping out, which wasn't activated at all because there was no such thing. This means the consoles and the seats were not meant to be together but ended up that way after some "remodeling." Perhaps buying one thing from one company and another thing from another was a good value from Martinair, but it was almost like to pieces of a puzzle that don't quite fit and are crammed in the space to make do. In the end we figured everything out, but it was a bit awkward. The foot rests on both legs were the same in that you pulled out a bar, which one would assume would go up a few inches, but which only ends up about an inch off the floor. It doesn't elevate the feet at all, so one wonders what the point is of having them. The film projector quality is average and even a bit grainy, but good enough to enjoy the movies. On the outbound flight we had a really nice pillow with cotton case and a wrapped blanket on each seat. On the return flight, there was a pillow on each seat, but each person had to ask for a blanket in order to get one. Again, this wasn't a huge deal, but sometimes it's the little service details that leave an impression, and not having to ask for a blanket would have been nice. In the end everybody in the Star Class cabin asked for one within the first few hours and I wondered how much more work it would have been for the attendant to just hand them out at once ... ?? There was a really nice detail that was even nicer than other premium econmy carriers, and that was that each seat in Star Class had a nice tin (nice enough that I took ours home) with a Martinair destination painted on the lid. Each tin contained socks, eye mask for sleep, ear plugs, toothpaste/toothbrush, and lip balm. It was a nice touch. I am 5'6" (probably average height for a woman) and when seating upright, I could stretch my arms out in front of me and only the tips of my fingers would touch the seat in front of me. In other words the room was quite a lot better than standard economy. There's no doubt about that. You take the bad (delayed flights both ways) with the good (good value for the little bit extra in airfare) and from somebody who travels a lot (two overseas trips a year and multiple domestic trips a year), I would recommend Martinair's Star Class to others. It isn't quite as nice as Virgin Atlantic's Premium Economy, but it's still quite nice for what you pay. I will not hesitate to fly Star Class in the future. I'll just know that the flight may be delayed (so I'll take a book), I'll have to ask for a blanket (but I'll get one), and I'll put a sturdy carry on on the floor under my feet for elevation. I hope this review helps you.



MARTINAIR customer review by Kevin Lewis

13 September 2005

Travelled to/from Orlando from Amsterdam in August - whilst flight to Orlando was okay, the return flight was appalling ! We occupied the middle row - and the electrics were down therefore meaning we could not switch on the overhead lights, or listening to the headphones. When my wife told the hostess she said - " I am not a technician!" - very rude. In addition, the seats had virtually no recline so you could not get comfortable to sleep and the food was very basic. I would have expected more from an airline for a long haul flight - all those out there - think twice when deciding to save some money and fly with Martinnair on a long haul flight.


MARTINAIR customer review by John Pitchers

15 June 2005

We travelled on Martinair in January/February 2005 from Amsterdam to Orlando. We chose Martinair only because we could fly from Norwich, where we live to Amsterdam. The total was certainly not cheap as Norwich/Amsterdam is reputedly the most expensive route per mile in Europe. I only looked at this website after I had made the booking. As a result I tried to change the airline but couldn't, so feared the worst. Boarding was a scramble as there were no row numbers called. Why is it beyond the wit of airlines to do this - or is it the staff? (Having said that, we recently flew from Heathrow to Los Angeles on a BA 7478 and they didn't board by row numbers either) Anyway, the aircraft was old with the tele. screens suspended over the isles with only half the width viewable from the window seat. Headphones were only provided at a cost. The seat padding was a bit on the thin side, but the seat pitch was no worse than on BA. The food was at least as good as on BA and the staff friendly and kept up a constant supply drinks. All round, the experience was better than I had expected and I would fly with Martinair again, particulalry with the Norwich/ Amsterdam connection. Pity they no longer give KLM Frequent Flyer points!


MARTINAIR customer review by Dirk Visser

6 May 2005

AMS-MIA-AMS ; mid-April 2005. After years of avoiding Martinair, I arranged a trip to the US with them due to a restricted budget (plus a bargain airfare in Germany). Having flown with them extensively in the past, I knew what to expect and was prepared for a very cramped flight. Luckily Martinair have revamped their schedules and their flights to MIA are on a more acceptable level (no more leaving in the middle of the night, etc). Even the change in airline livery gave me some hope as it was due time for an overall facelift for the company. Check-in at AMS was good - self-check-in counters available and I was able to select a good seat. It was a full flight, as always, and boarding started on time. Upon entering the aircraft I noticed that nothing had been done to the aircraft interior. As some others have already mentioned, it is a very out-dated and somewhat dingy interior with the off-yellow panelling and ratty blue seats. I had a peak and saw that the aircraft was 2nd hand, former owner was SAS, who I'm sure kept it in better state. It's depressing that their inflight entertainment is still limited to monitors in the passage-ways, which are not top-quality. Choices are dull and it's horrendous to have to pay for the headphones. Flight left on time and the service was actually good. It was also nice to see that Dutch was the major language spoken by the crew and not German, as was in the past, which was always a huge turn-off and an insult to the Dutch passengers. The crew do work hard and the catering was good coming out of AMS, abysmal out of MIA (surprise surprise). During the entire flight they kept coming up and down the aisles with drinks and even with Dutch saucijsebroodjes (sausage rolls) as a snack, which is something they did in the past and was missed! Good to see it's back. The seats are horrendous. For an airline based in a country where the people are giants, the seats are a tight fit (not as narrow as Swiss, though) and the space between rows is a disgrace. Coming back from MIA I sat so cramped that I had problems with the circulation in one of my legs for days afterwards - no joke. And let's not start on the boarding procedures at MIA - it's lead by Latin Americans who don't care and just want to cram everybody in as fast as possible. Really shocking to witness that after watching how the (German) LTU flight to Düsseldorf next to us was boarded ever so neatly and orderly. Martinair are introducing a 3-class system this fall, with a class between their StarClass and Economy, and I am hoping that the aircraft will get a lease of life at the same time. I don't mind paying for the extra room, but if it is going to cost about the same as other carriers, then I would reconsider going elsewhere. Shame really, such potential, but they just don't bother to work on that. Their Star Class remains a bit of a joke. I know to take it with a pinch of salt when they say they offer a real business class, but the seats are old, not so spacious and there are no extra perks that justify the price difference. So in a way I have mixed reviews. Until Martinair decide to revamp their planes and think about comfort, then I would say choose another airline. The extra stop and or change-of-plane may just be worth that extra bit of money.


MARTINAIR customer review by Andy Nilssen

24 April 2005

MCO-AMS-MCO late April 2005. Boeing 767 economy class was packed both ways. The flights were adequate, on time, and the price was right. Only issue is my bag did not make the connection in AMS on the way home (the gates were on the opposite ends of AMS and the connection time was 1:15). Staff was attentive and food service was no better nor worse than other airlines. I will fly again if plans require.


MARTINAIR customer review by Steven McGuire

21 April 2005

I flew with my family of 5 to Orlando from Amsterdam on 31st March 2005 in a Boeing 767 where the legroom was absolutely abysmal, one of the most uncomfortable flights we've ever had and the flight was 4 hours delayed. On the way back ditto same legroom problems and 4 hours late on 14th April. Service was pretty good and the food fine as well but unless you want your knees up at your chin for 8 hours go elsewhere. There was no information available as we hung around Amsterdam for 8 hours on the way out. In summary - plane totally unsuited to transatlantic flights, service good, food good, inflight services OK - I wouldnt' use them again but if you can put up with the discomfort then try them by all means.


MARTINAIR customer review by Patrick Minoughan

28 March 2005

I flew "Star Class" Martinair January 20, 2005 MIA-AMS and returned AMS-MIA on February 1,2005. Granted Star Class is not the same as the big guys business class but it sure is nice for the price. It probably should be called "Premium Economy" and by the way it would still be cheaper that premium economy on the big guys. I guess I'm among the fortunate few as Martinair has never been late( by Federal guidelines ) and never lost my bag. I know that's rare but that's Martinair in my book. I paid $1140.00 R/T including US taxes and fees, European taxes and fees and the new fuel surcharge. I checked with Delta and Air France and quite frankly I just couldn't see paying $6,200.00 for a flight to AMS and back when I could get a comfortable seat, good food and plenty of room for my 9 hour flight with Martinair. Personally I thought the price was right and I have thought so at least 6 other times. All is not perfect though, the only drawback I see is that you can request a seat in business class at the time of booking but I have never been able to get the seat I request. The way to get your seat is be there at the ticket counter when it opens and beg. I think Martinair is great and will continue to fly them to AMS. The reason, for the past 20 years the US big six have raided my pockets with outlandish prices for lousy service. Martinair doesn't do that. In reality though think of Martinairs business class as premium economy and then you won't be upset at their "Star Class."


MARTINAIR customer review by Pete Anderson

27 February 2005

I flew Martinair from Orlando to Amsterdam and back again on February 14-24, 2005. After reading the comments here, I expected the worst and informed my traveling companions of my finds. We expected the worse and Martinair delivered! The plane had no individual air nozzles and the plane was quite hot leaving Orlando. Water was coming out of the ceiling and hit one of those traveling with me; but was hitting other travelers more. The sinks in the bathrooms did not work. To be fair, the food wasn't that bad, but the flight attendents did what they could. The plane was an older model with the old style Martinair tail symbol. We were glad to get to Amsterdam! Trip home was much better. After a delay of just over 2 hours, they replaced our plane with another one and we returned home. Again, no individual air controls and everyone must watch the same movie (after paying USD$6 for the earphones). Food was ok and flight attendents were helpful and friendly. To be honest, the only reason we flew Martinair was because a travel agent booked it. Based on my experience, I won't fly it again unless I must. It's not bad considering the price, but I guess at my "old age" of 48, I want some individual comfort. If you are looking for a cheap flight, this is it. If you like being warm inflight, this is your airline! If you want more legroom, individual air control, your choice of movies, then keep looking. You'll pay more; but in my opinion, you'll get more. I've flown KLM, Malev, Delta, Northwestern, Olympic, Sabena Belgian (remember it?) and other airlines. The flight going to AMS was the worst flight I ever had. The return flight home wasn't so bad. I wouldn't recommend it unless you have no other option.


Martinair - by Bradut Florescu

25 February 2005

Martinair from Amsterdam to Cancun. The tickets were pretty cheap and so was the flight. I did not go for Star Class and as soon as I entered their plane, I congratulated myself - as I did not see much of a difference between Economy and Star Class. The food was acceptable and the pilots did a good job, despite the weather. The flight attendants acted like beginners for a couple of times. Behind me, there were two passengers who were drunk and started to fight. At a certain moment, one of them threw a bottle towards the window and broke the plastic glass! The attendants finally arrived and acted like they didn't know what to do! Never mind. In a nutshell, it's cheap flying and I would not repeat the experience unless I have no other option.


Martinair - by Drew McManus

4 January 2005

MIA-AMS-MIA. Was taking a last minute trip to AMS and found incredibly reasonable fares for "Star Class" supposedly a business class product. Had never heard of Martin Air before this flight but as the "Star Class" fare was far cheaper than economy on any other airline and it was the only carrier with non-stop service on this route, decided to give it a go. After a relatively smooth check in, proceeded to a very spacious and comfortable lounge where free booze and not much else was available. After the flight was called, we moved to the gate area, where it was delayed and delayed and delayed for two hours or more. All I can say is I assume they wanted to close the lounge. When boarding finally commenced, we boarded first. The plane, a 767-300ER, looked to be one of the first made. The seats were a joke. 6 abreast with less room than domestic first class MD-80. No recline, legroom suitable for the Roaming Gnome and an absurd footrest. Food was appalling, drink service was available if you went and asked for it. The return trip was no better. If you are looking for a cheap way to get to Europe then I would actually recommend Martinair. However, I think it is misleading to advertise "Star Class" as a business class product, which it is most definitely not. If you are a dwarf who is fasting and this was your first plane trip, you might consider this a premium product. The old adage applies to Star Class "If it sounds too good to be true"


Martinair - by Judy Fonville

26 October 2004

Star Class - October 2004. My husband and I flew from Orlando to Amsterdam in Star Class on row 1. Check in at Orlando was good - we were given prior boarding. Even with row 1, our seats were not what I would consider large or equivalent to business class. When we both put our arm on the arm rest between us, our arms touched - so the arm rest was cramped at best. Food, I must say was good. Service was ok but the cabin crew seemed to be obsessed with making sure the curtain was always snapped (we had to go through that curtain to the lavatory). Very cramped space and it was very hard to sleep even on the first row. Seat didn't recline any more than a regular coach type seat. The foot rest is a "joke". I'm 5' tall and it didn't accommodate me. The return flight from Amsterdam to Orlando was more chaotic. There was no pre- boarding for Star Class so there was only one seating call which was like a giant cattle call. Everyone rushed to the gate. Again, we were on the first row and the seating again was cramped and NOT the equivalent of a business class seat. Again, the food was good but to be honest, it was no better than the food we ALWAYS used to get on the regular coach airlines. To be honest, I felt ripped off because I paid $1233 per person for those seats and I could have flown coach for a lot less and felt very little difference in comfort had I chosen an aisle seat. I wouldn't fly Martinair again - I'll pay the extra and get what I pay for.

Martinair - by Mark Bisbing

22 October 2004

Martinair Star Class - Amsterdam to Miami - October 20, 2004. All things considered, this service is a bargain at about E900 / USD1150 one-way with no advance booking. Check-in was quick in a dedicated Star Class line. I wasn't told I was entitled to use the KLM business class lounge but fortunately I asked and was directed to it. The multi-airline lounge left much to be desired -- it was crowded and messy in the early morning, with a paltry array of snacks amounting mostly to packs of crackers, potato chips, tiny muffins and, somewhat improbably, huge bowls of olives, also no boarding calls and no easily visible monitors -- but the seating was more comfortable than what's available in the terminals. Boarding was complete choas as there is neither a Star Class preboarding nor a row or group boarding for economy, hence a mob formed at the gate and traffic inside the plane quickly came to a standstill. This was simply ridiculous and there is no reason for Martinair not to implement the cost-free fix of staggered boarding. Onboard seating was reasonably comfortable, rather like a first class seat on short-haul US domestic flight. This aircraft was clean and looked quite new. A manually operated footrest offered somewhat cramped comfort. The pillows were clean and covered in good quality cotton cases, but the blankets were small and thin. In-flight entertainment was a bit bland and was presented cabin-wide on ceiling-mounted monitors except for three wall-mounted monitors in row one. Row 1 is probably the best choice on this flight for legroom and ease of viewing monitors. Champagne and juice were served upon boarding with cocktails and nuts to follow. Martinair offered three meal choices described on a large menu. The entire meal arrived on one tray with the dessert served later on a separate tray. Quality was good and the foods were served at the appropriate temperatures. A small hot snack appeared about 3 hours after lunch followed by a cold luncheon tray about 90 minutes before arrival in Miami. In-flight service could have been better. There seemed to be only one FA principally responsible for the 24 Star Class seats, meaning long lags between drink orders and drink service, virtually no wine refills, etc. She and most of the other FA's seemed rather young and inexperienced, almost as if they were in training for better things with Martinair's parent, KLM. What they lacked in experience, however, they more than possessed in charm and enthusiasm, a welcome change from the surly staff on so many long-haul flights. At one-third the cost of business class on major airlines, Martinair's Star Class is an excellent value. Give it a try.

Martinair - by Martin Brown

12 October 2004

I flew with MartinAir Economy from AMS to MIA (Amsterdam to Miami). The aircrew were courteous and friendly and the service was good. Check in via KLM at LBA (Leeds Bradford) was painless allowing me to check in for both flights, however the representative from Martinair tore my ticket up and moved me from an emergency exit row seat to a normal seat without asking, even though I had checked in hours before. Interior looked dated with old CRT screens in the aisle instead of little LCD screens in the seat backs, but I slept okay on return flight and even though lights were off, the cabin crew still served water and juice to those who were still awake (I noticed when I woke briefly). Return flight was late leaving, but the captain used his extra cruising speed which made up almost all of the time, allowing me to catch the connecting flight back to the UK without major problems. I even had enough time to purchase tax free goods at AMS.


Martinair - by Iain Mottram

9 July 2004

AMS-MIA. I wasn't expecting a lot from Martinair having never heard of them. The uniforms worn by the crew look uncomfortable because of their retro styling which I must say I really liked. The crew were very professional, always smiling, very attentive and helpful, you couldn't ask for more, other airlines could take a lesson from these guys. The plane was an reasonably old 767 but was clean and seemed well maintained. The food was very good, far better than most airline food I've eaten in economy, equal to British Airways and better than any of the US transatlantic airlines. The cutlery was metal too, not something you see often these days. In all a very good experience with one only gripe: the seats are lousy, there isn't enough height to support your head so trying to sleep is tougher than in a usual economy seat.




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