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Georgian Airways Passenger Reviews and Georgian Airways Customer Trip Reports

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GEORGIAN AIRWAYS Customer review :  22 April 2014 by Kai Ove Hatlestad    (Norway)

Rating : 5/10

Score 5 out of 10

Cabin Flown


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Staff Service




Amsterdam - Tbilisi - Amsterdam. 737-700 one way, and 737-500 return. Aircraft clean enough, and all on time. Ok. Low price airline. As good as most of the European low cost airlines.

GEORGIAN AIRWAYS customer review :  28 December 2009 by V Reavis   (USA)


Trip Rating :  0/10

Score 0 out of 10



Value for Money:


Cabin Flown:


We flew from Amsterdam to Tbilisi and it was a nightmare. Service for food and drink was way below average. The selections of drinks and the food were horrible. Flight attendants are nowhere to be seen unless they are serving the one drink and meal. I got sick on the airplane and almost passed out, my husband could not find an attendant. Then when he did, they couldn't understand or help me. When we landed we were surrounded by emergency crews, ambulance and fire, and again flight attendants were nowhere to be found. Pilot did not communicate at all, and we were left in runway for about 35 minutes. When we saw a flight attendant, I asked an English speaker to ask what was going on. The attendant just kept repeating, "everything is fine," and disappeared again! I never found out what had happened but I will never fly this airline for lack of professionalism and service.

GEORGIAN AIRWAYS customer review by Martin Miller

9 November 2006

A failed connection in Vienna meant a FIM from GVA to TBS via CDG with the CDG-TBG on Georgian Airways (AirZena). Transfers at CDG are best avoided and the new security checks on the numerous items of hand baggage meant a delay to what could have been an on time departure. Despite the delay and a 2 1/2 hour scheduled transfer my hold bag did not make the connection. An efficient GA person at TBS handled the matter well and the bag arrived the following day on Lufthansa's flight via Munich. Onboard, the best that can be said about the flight attendants is that they are charming. Unfortunately the charm was mostly spent on a couple of travelling friends who hung around the forward galley and chatted for much of the flight. IFE has been abandoned - along with the Chariots of Fire theme tune to the safety briefing, thankfully, which is now presented in a rather amateur fashion by the crew. The lack of professionalism extended to the safety checks and the service - a full glass of red wine splashing down the aisle due to a lack of attention for example. Food (sourced in Paris) was adequate when it came, but there were no hot towels and all drinks required a call rather than a regular service. All flights to western Europe are on 1 of 2 B737-500s or the B737-400. Seats in business class are 2x2 with a reasonable pitch and the cabin was clean. My recommendation is bring your own IFE, an apple and your choice of drink, shut out the sights and sounds for the 4.5 hour journey, and enjoy.

GEORGIAN AIRWAYS customer review by Raul Nelson

13 July 2005

CDG-TBS and TBS-AMS. Brezhnev era service and operations with old 737-500's. With simple changes in mind set they could improve a lot. I have heard that they are selling this airline. In the meanwhile, when travelling to Georgia I recommend flying BMED, Lufthansa, Austrian , KLM or Turkish.

GEORGIAN AIRWAYS customer review by G Santulli

23 May 2005

I just flew Georgian Airways (Air Zena) between Vienna and Tbilisi and return to Vienna and was impressed with the service and equipment. I was in a rather new 737 that looked like it was maintained and clean. Even the food was decent, a chicken dish that was quite tasty. One thing did concern me and that was during the 3.5 hour flight back to Vienna from Tbilisi, the pilot on more than one occasion was milling around on the passenger side of the cockpit and on a number of these occasions, the door to the cockpit was open, and all of this was within feet of the forward lavatory. The pilot seemed more interested in chatting with the flight attendants then he did with flying the plane. But all in all it was a good experience. My bags arrived in Tbilisi from Vienna, which I am told is a feat sometimes.

GEORGIAN AIRWAYS customer review by C Mikaberidze

8 May 2005

I have used them on six occasions - new and improved! I flew with them some 5 years ago. My, what a scare! The plane was very old, old enough to have condensation running down the inside of the window. The passengers were smoking and a little too active for being several thousand feet in the air. Now it is 100% better. No, they are not like our typical airlines in the states (besides maybe southwest - which I love due to their low prices). But for a very small country who is trying to build their independence I think they are making great strides.

GEORGIAN AIRWAYS customer review by Marina Rennau

20 October 2004

I am often flying with Airzena from Vienna, and I find the flights quite comfortable and the crew friendly. The food is below average but eatable. But considering 3 hours of flight and price of a ticket (USD 500 to 700 for return ticket) it would have been nice to have a better service, more internaitonal choice of newspapers, larger variety of drinks offered to passengers (wine is no longer offered to economy class passengers), and better selection of movies during the flight. Looking back at the last five years I was using this airline to fly to Georgia, their service has become visibly worse.

GEORGIAN AIRWAYS customer review by Mark Guthrie

22 June 2004

Flew Air Zena economy class PRG-TBS on 08.06.04 and on 11.06.04 TBS-CDG, on both occasions in B737-500. Seating pitch fine and both planes well maintained. Departures on time on both occasions. The IFE consisted of a video and sound system, but neither worked on the outbound flight. The hot meals on both flights were nothing special but a hot meal is becoming increasingly rare these days. As the only alcoholic drink available on the drinks trolley was one - yes one - bottle of beer, it had long gone by the warm and friendly if quiet cabin crew reached me. The flight crew were silent throughout on both flights; for my part I appreciate announcements from the cockpit once in a while just so that you know someone is there. The cabin crew could take stronger measures to ensure that passengers remain in their seats as soon as the plane touches down. Some passengers retrieved their outsized cabin baggage from the overhead bins very shortly after arrival at TBS and blocked the aisle with the same. Evacuation in an emergency would not have been easy. Overall by no means the worst, but by no means the best.

GEORGIAN AIRWAYS customer review by Timo Ranta

12 June 2004

I have flown several times with Airzena from Amsterdam to Tbilisi, Georgia. This is a funny airline - the only one where one gets a stewardess sleeping besides you in business class on a early morning flight from Tbilisi back to Amsterdam. This has happened already twice. Since the crew is sleeping one can or has to serve him/herself - you can go to the kitchen and pour yourself a drink. Don't trust stewardesses doing it for you!



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