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WINDHOEK AIRPORT customer review :  10 May 2013 by Carol Tait    (South Africa)

Rating : 6/10





On arrival we had a long wait in the queue at 3pm. It appeared as though most of the staff were on lunch. We had a few elderly people in the queue who had difficulty standing for so long. On departure a female staff member had an earpiece for a cell phone in her ear, was enjoying her conversation and laughing. Barely greeted me and almost threw passport at me. Very hostile attitude. Officials generally were unfriendly. Two toilet seats were missing in the ladies toilets in the general area.

WINDHOEK AIRPORT customer review :  6 August 2012 by Joaquín Quinto    (Spain)

Rating : 8/10





Windhoek Airport is nearly 50km away from the city. Most people will arrange for private transport, although there is supposed to be shuttle bus operators. It is not very big, and there is a decent selection of shops air-side. The waiting hall is spacious enough most of the time. The problem is during peak periods (notably in the early morning when a bunch of flights leave around the same time, or when the Windhoek-Frankfurt flight leaves) that it falls short. The immigration counters and the single x-ray machine (the second machine appears to be for show only) backs up considerably.

WINDHOEK AIRPORT review : 15 August 2009 : by F Zanon

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Again in WDH July 2009, no changes at the airport. Lost and Found queue very slow, go there as soon as possible when you realize that your luggage is lost. Immigration very slow too. Note that you have to fill up a form after security control when departing (it takes some more minute and you need a pen!).

Windhoek Airport by F Zanon

14 November 2008   Customer Rating : n/a

The main lounge is quite large, and it is clean and bright. There are some shops, vat refund (enter the "Custom Office"), tables outside the airport to enjoy last minutes of Namibia. Not many flights, but in the evening there are departures to Germany and South Africa at the same time and the departure lounge is really too small for all passengers leaving! Expect to sit on the floor, so wait in the main lounge until is possible. Duty free is expensive, a poor bar and a very small gift and diamonds(!) shop. There are only 5 or 6 gates, but often the screens show the wrong flights! There is a smoking area, often crowded too!

Windhoek Airport by D Beck

28 April 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Certainly is small, but if you are waiting to fly and have some time on your hands consider using the Business Class lounge @ N$13, which includes all drinks, nibbles, biscuits, cakes and SHOWER! But you do have to bring your own towel. The seats are certainly more comfortable and you get away from the mob. We certainly thought it well worth the money as we had to wait 3 hours.

Windhoek Airport by Richard Heaps

3 December 2005

This is quite a small airport. In the main lobby there is a small restaurant whose staff spend their time texting their mates unless to disturb them because you (shock) want to order some food. There is also bureau de change, a couple of expensive gift shops, a poor tourist information bureau and a post office counter. Once through check in there are a couple more gift shops, a large pricey duty-free shop and a bar. Also bureau to change and tax-reclaim. But no food available so make sure you've eaten first. The waiting lounge look out over the runway and is very pleasant.




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