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TRIESTE AIRPORT customer review :  20 September 2011 by R Skopac   (Italy)

Customer Rating :  2/5

2 Star Rating   






Two years after my last comment, still no improvements and I use this airport on regular basis. If catching first morning flight, no way one could have an easy cup of coffee. Bars open at 6am - queue too long to get your coffee on time. Toilets were worn out 2 years ago, so one can only imagine how they look now after traffic increase. At 5h30am toilets were impossibly dirty, which means they weren't cleaned the night before. People were sleeping all over airport in corners. It all remembered to some 3rd class railway station, rather than an airport. Personnel not bursting with kindness.

TRIESTE AIRPORT customer review : 5 December 2009 by R Skopac

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Nice, pleasant airport. Check-in usually fast, security queue depends on the number of flights departing at the same time. Airport gives you everything you need for a quick departure and arrival. Before security check: one cafe on 1st floor that opens too late in the morning and closes too early in the evening. After security check: one cafe, no shops. Toilet cleanliness depend on the time of the day, but worn out.

Trieste Airport customer review by Giuseppe Galasso

10 June 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Very small airport although recently refurbished. The departure area has just one tiny bar before the security check. Once you go through the security check there is no chance to get a bottle of water. Few metal detectors. When I left I didn't wait on line more than 10 minutes but the area wasn't crowded at all. I guess the waiting time would increase dramatically when more flights depart simultaneously.

Trieste Airport customer review by Chris Thomas

1 November 2004

For being a small, fairly provincial airport, traditionally muscled out by its big brother Venice Marco Polo, Trieste is actually a very decent airport. Don't expect masses of shops (as you wouldn't in one this size), but really this place has everything you need, and provides a nice, comfortable, modern and welcoming environment in which to travel. Good cafes and bars are around, as are enough souvenir/newsagent shops to keep me happy. Upstairs you get good views of planes leaving/arriving too. The running of the airport itself seems very efficient, probably due in large part to its manageable size. Baggage reclaim is extremely quick, in fact your baggage will often be on the carousel before you are (what a comparison with the good half hour or so you generally have as a minimum waiting time in any London airport baggage reclaim area!)

Trieste Airport customer review by Lewis Miskell

21 August 2004

I have been in the old Trieste airport and the new one. I must say the new one is a huge improvement over the old one. The upstairs bar & restaurant is reasonable and of good quality. You don't have to ride the airport bus, local buses (a little slower) call into the airport for Trieste and other locals. Bus service on Sundays is poor.




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