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TURIN AIRPORT customer review :  8 March 2013 by Simon Riddler    (UK)

Rating : 1/10





A word of warning about this airport! The baggage collection is one of the worst I have ever encountered! I was there last week and waited almost as long as my flight from Glasgow to collect my baggage! They also like to 'mix n match' the baggage on each carousel with different flights just to make it really interesting!

TURIN AIRPORT customer review :  7 June 2012 by K Lum    (UK)

Rating : 5/10





Use this airport about 4 times a year, it is very small with very limited facilities, more a region airport than an international. Everything works as it should but nothing excels.

Turin Airport customer review :  12 August 2011 by Gallina Gaetano (Italy)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






Very good and functional airport, not too far from the town centre, easy to find. The personnel of ground services is in general very good.

Turin Airport customer review :  1 February 2011 by Guy Senior (UK)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






I have previously had very bad experiences here - very slow check in and chaotic security. However, in early January, it was excellent - bags arrived quickly, very quick BA check in, smooth security and staff tracked me down to return a lost wallet. The only problem was the very inadequate CIP lounge.

Turin Airport by Silvio Sandrone

5 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

The new airport terminal is less functional than the old one. The way from the plane to the luggage reclaim area does not allow rolling all the way (bad for disabled people, children and cabin luggage with wheels). You need to pay for a luggage trolley (this is commonplace in the US but I've never seen in any other EU airport). The arrival hall outside the secure area is too small for the incoming number of passengers, especially in winter. There is a train link to Turin, but it doesn't take you to the city centre - or anywhere useful for that matter. When departing, there is no food and refreshment possibility after security checks. Before security you have a small food court, but only the coffee bar seems open all day. The restaurants and the other joints are closed most of the day, just in case you wanted more than a croissant for breakfast. There is a huge Alitalia/Skyteam lounge, despite the fact Alitalia only flies to a handful of destinations from Turin. And if you have a Skyteam Gold or Platinum card, you have to request lounge access when checking in. Presenting your card and boarding pass at the lounge won't get you anywhere: you have to go back to the check-in counter, queue again and get the "invitation". Last but not least, all signs of local identity have been erased, as they want to present the airport only as "Italian" rather than Turin's and Piedmont's. The Piedmontese flag has been removed from the check- in/departure hall, and the English/French/German/Piedmontese word "Turin" is almost everywhere replaced by the Italian one "Torino". Way to go!

Turin Airport by David Bielli

2 April 2006

TRN is getting better. The luggage services that were impossible even few months ago have improved. The airport is more friendly, but if your luggage does get lost (like on my LH flight) - GOOD LUCK TO YOU. The lost counter is quite unhelpful. The storage for the lost bags is opposite the counter and has OPEN doors without security. That potentially allows just about anyone to walk in and take one of the "lost" luggages. I love Italy, but there is a reason why Alitalia is where it financially and why TRN is not such a great airport. Both could be excellent, but are not. Don't forget Torino is one of the richest cities in Europe, it deserves better connections/airports!

Turin Airport by Luigi Vallero

25 March 2006

The recent heavy remodeling of the terminal to cope with the Olympic Games traffic and future growth has resulted in Turin airport now being more than twice its previous size. Although works are not yet finished, the new terminal is quite impressive, with ample windows granting a nice view of the aprons and runway. Facilities too have been bettered, both airside and landside, with many more high quality retail outlets, bars and restaurants, while Alitalia has inaugurated the first of its new generation lounges there, directly connected with the car parking. I believe it is now one of Italy's best airports, along with Venice.

Turin Airport by Lewis Miskell

22 November 2005

A nice little airport, though there is construction going on, due to winter Olympics next year. Connections are easy by train from city centre, however, train to airport does not leave from main station. You have to go to a small station on the fringe of the city. There are buses/trams that can take you to the centre, but if you don't know this, then you can get confused. There is an airport bus that runs from the airport to the main Turin railway station.

Turin Airport by Rob Weeks

5 March 2004

One of the better smaller airports in Northern Italy - at least when departing. The self-service restaurant upstairs always seems quiet, although maybe that's because it's not very well signposted. However they really do need to improve there luggage handling for arrivals: usually takes at least an hour for the luggage to even start to appear.

Turin Airport by Steve Fenton

10 October 2002

Must agree as I use this airport many times. Bit chaotic when flights get cancelled as they only have a small information desk in the main terminal and its tough for a couple of people to sort out 150 passengers. Good thing as well is the business lounge is outside security and you can take a guest in there before you depart.

Turin Airport by Luigi Vallero

3 October 2002

Even though it only ranks among second tier airports, TRN is very efficient and pleasant to pass through. It offers a very modern terminal with all the facilities you'd expect from much larger airports, a number of good quality shops and specialty stores, top end high quality northern Italian restaurant, self service, pizza corner and snack bar. Connecting there is also very simple and I believe a number of savy travellers should take it seriously into consideration as a transfer hub when travelling between southern Italy and european destinations, due to its reduced and hassle free connections: much easier here than in Rome or Milan.




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