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Stuttgart Airport
8.2 out of 10  8.2 out of 10
18 reviews




STUTTGART AIRPORT customer review :  21 December 2014 by Tony Quinn    (UK)

Rating : 8/10





Used this airport in early December and was impressed with almost everything about it. On arrival we were bussed to the terminal (probably because Germanwings wont pay for an airbridge). Passport control wasn't the quickest but acceptable and our bags were delivered promptly. We then used the rail service to get into Stuttgart which was excellent. On our return the check-in staff at the Germanwings desk were most pleasant and efficient. No long queues at security and the place was spotlessly clean. The only gripe would be the fantastically high prices at the bars and cafes. I thought Heathrow was expensive but Stuttgart prices are an order of magnitude higher, how can they justify Euro 4-50 for a cup of coffee in a paper cup, after all it's not exactly a five star hotel is it. We would however have no qualms about using this airport again.

STUTTGART AIRPORT customer review :  4 September 2012 by V Ladhani    (Germany)

Rating : 4/10





Few days back I flew from STR - HAM and must say that airport is in need of complete overhaul including the staff. The airport looks same like Hamburg airport from inside but it lacks decent staff and clear signs. It was an absolute quiz to find lounges and accessing the password. The staff do not seem to have enough knowledge and has no will of serving passengers but people employed at security check are decent enough. Once at lounge, I was welcomed decently but staff do not have manners when picking up used plates without banging, makes unnecessary noise. AC was broken and was uncomfortable to relax. There also no clear signs on train station of which side would be departure and arrival terminal. Such small things can make journey smooth enough for which STR airport is not ready. Even though alike structures, HAM airport is better than STR.

Stuttgart Airport customer review :  7 June 2010 by M Weil   (Germany)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Very nice Midsize Airport, need a few more connections to the world, but overall a nice Airport.

Stuttgart Airport customer review :  1 December 2010 by Paul Van Alsten   (France)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






Modern architecture and pleasant airport. Arrived at terminal 3 and luggage delivery was quick. Tourist information booth located just outside the baggage claim area - helpful and friendly staff, loads of brochures. S-Bahn lines S2 and S3 connect the airport to Stuttgart central station every 10 mins - reliable service at EUR3.30 one-way, travel time 27 mins. Upon departure check-in at the self-service machines hassle-free. In the public area large terrace with nice views on the apron - unfortunately there is an admission fee of EUR2.50. No queue at security, staff was friendly. On the downside boarding areas a bit cramped with limited seating facilities. Lounges are airside - but well-hidden in a corridor on the 3rd floor!

STUTTGART AIRPORT review : 11 June 2010 : by Dennis Warden

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

This is what a mid-size airport should look like. Only thing to debate are overall pricey bars and restaurants. Very good connection to downtown by s-train.

STUTTGART AIRPORT review : 12 August 2009 : by Kurt Müller

Customer Rating : 4/5

1 Star Rating

Most positives have been covered by other contributors. On the negative side, we have planes that arrive at airbridges but their passengers have to descend via comparatively narrow stairwells to ground level (where are the escalators?). Then the already-mentioned trolley that require coins - a problem for most pax arriving from outside of the € zone. Then car parks with sometimes illogical numbering of spaces. Departing, there is no large information board directly opposite from where pax come through security.

STUTTGART AIRPORT review : 16 January 2009 : by G Calafiore

Customer Rating : 4/5

1 Star Rating

For its size and traffic it handles, STR Echterdingen does its job with laudable efficiency. The terminal building is impressive, and always clean with abundant natural light. This is due to the fact that it is split into 5 levels, but the bulk of the main terminal area is under one roof. Check-in is uniformly speedy and the staff are polite and efficient. Queues at security are manageable, and the move from landside to airside is always smooth. The facility itself is compact and easy to navigate. The Red Baron Cafe landside is the best option for dining as it offers the best choice, airside slightly limited but adequate for an airport of its size. A bus ride to your aircraft on stand-off bay is almost guaranteed, but STR does this day in-day out, so they do it well and everything is efficiently co-ordinated. Connections to the city are readily available via the S-Bahn on the underground level. The black and yellow checked Expresso bus is a good option to get to nearby Reutlingen and surrounds and Expresso tickets are also valid for the Reutligen bus network. Luggage delivery is swift, but beware trolleys are not free. If you need change for one, there is a change machine just near the baggage services counter, on which you will find a sign: 'Kein Kleingeld - Keine Information,' 'No change, No information,' a nice comical touch. Have been using this airport regularly over the past 10 years and have always had smooth and pleasant experiences.

Stuttgart Airport by Eduardo Räuchle

21 January 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Stuttgart has come a long way since the early 2000s when security check was slow and staff were rude and intimidating. Nowadays, with the new terminal building, the airport is a very pleasant one to travel through. Being a hub of Germanwings, terminal 2 -- which is really a dozen of check in desks for Germanwings only, accessible through a connecting corridor of terminals 1 and 4 -- allows for very comfortable check in without queueing for more than 5 minutes. Other check in counters also seem to have reasonable queues. Security check is now handled professionally and civilly (with an occasional smile from the staff), without much waiting. Signage could be a little bit more prominent, as the white on black signs can be hard to spot against a mainly grey background (I prefer the signs from the Spanish airport administration). Also, the toilets could use more frequent visits from the cleaning staff and a better ventilation system, but are by far not the worst facilities I have come across. Shops offer the standard range of what one could expect in such an airport and one can kill some time browsing. Bars that serve International, German and Swabian staples can be found on the airside of the terminals, but the prices are about double of what one would pay in the city centre, so I have not tried their offer. Transport to and from the airport with the S-Bahn (commuter rail) is good and reasonably priced, with train frequencies thinning out somewhat in the evening. Also, in the evening, you can spot one or the other shady figure on the train. Taxis are generally available outside the arrivals area, but are a pricey option. Parking is said to be not cheap, however, this is second hand information I have. Upon arrival, luggage is returned through the carousels fairly quickly. However, there is no indication as to where one's luggage is to arrive immediately when entering the airport. This is very annoying in terminal 1, as there is a carousel right when entering the building after being dropped off by the buses, and another two carousels down a corridor with doors that only open one way. Upon my first arrival with Germanwings at Stuttgart, many passengers and I went down bespoke corridor, only to find that our luggage was not being delivered through those carousels and eventually someone in the group concluded that it must have been in the other hall down the corridor. This had a group of 30 tired and annoyed passengers walking down a corridor the wrong way and tailgating through a door we shouldn't have gone through in order to retrieve our suitcases. To pick up on what someone mentioned in a previous post: smoking has been completely prohibited as by the non smoking law passed 3Q07 within the airport and one will now find clusters of smokers just outside the doors, landside. There are no indoors smoking areas and the smoking ban seems to be enforced, as I saw nobody smoking inside the building.

Stuttgart Airport by H Asche

21 September 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

STR is a pretty neat airport, one of these nice German regional airports that have so much less hazzle then e.g. Frankfurt has. STR still does offer some attractive connections and make it a real alternative for intra-European flights. But beware: Although they promise a minimum connecting time of 30 minutes, this is absolutely not manageable. The problem is, that in some instances you can't transfer airside but have to land yourself. This is definately valid for those flights arriving from non-Schengen airports. You have to go through immigration control and customs, go out to the public area, go one level up and proceed through the normal security control. Depending on the time of day this can be VERY lengthy. And from here it still might be a pretty long way to your departure gate. In the end, this is even more hazzle then transferring in Frankfurt. Plus a missed connecting flight.

Stuttgart Airport by S Kappler

31 July 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I found the airport to be refreshingly clean and everyone was most helpful and polite. I particularly was pleased by the availability of luggage carts. Also liked the rapid disbursement of luggage. Both going and coming, my opinion of the airport was positive.

Stuttgart Airport by Steven Denn

20 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I know that German airports are notorious for exposing you to cigarette smoke, but the waiting area for domestic LH flights downstairs in Terminal 1 is really intense. As I came down the stairs there were about twenty people smoking right at the bottom, and more people smoking at the bar along the back wall. It was nearly impossible to find a seat far away enough to escape the smoke. It made the no smoking signs right over the seating area seem comical.

Stuttgart Airport by Ryan O'Connor

3 August 2006

Since the opening of the new terminal STR has become a world-class airport. I had to spend almost half a night at Stuttgart airport, waiting for my connection flight and I can really say I've experienced a lot worse airports around the world. It's all very quiet in the wee hours, the police with their German shepherds is monitoring the airport (but not bothering you), and there are seats around that can even become makeshift beds for a couple of hours. A smaller drawback of the airport is that all the stores and restaurants are rather pricey. Though the quality of the food in the restaurants is (typical German) pretty good, it lacks a bit of variety. Just the usual fare, from Pretzels to Schnitzels. And the only major drawback are the many bus rides to the planes that you will have to take if you're a frequent traveler to/from Stuttgart. Taking a bus to the aircraft might not be such a big problem for passengers of the proliferating low cost carriers that operate out of Stuttgart, such as HLX.COM, but for the rest of us it's a hassle that we would rather avoid, right? And don't expect too many international, oversees destinations out of Stuttgart. There's daily connections to the US via Delta, but apart from that the majority of the flight are Europe bound.

Stuttgart Airport by Tolga Akdag

20 January 2006

It is a model mid-size airport. It is spacious, well planned and clean. Connection to city center is really easy and cheap with S-Bahn (env. 3Euro) The airport has all needed facility. The security check is also impressive and tight comparing Frankfurt or Munich. The only drawback was the small Duty Free shops, but opening of bigger duty free shops in the new terminal close the case. There is also a Hotel close to the airport (5 min. walk to airport) which offers good service and a perfect open buffet breakfast, but it is a little pricey.

Stuttgart Airport by C Hesse

3 January 2006

Used STR on work travel several times. Overall good airport with appealing architecture and services on site. Nice Delta serivce to ATL. Only drawback is lack of more gangways, currently only 8 I believe which makes a bus ride often a necessity. Overall nice friendly easy to use airport.

Stuttgart Airport by Marcel Frueh

12 October 2005

That's what an airport should look like! The new terminal 4 is just awesome. You have all the conveniences of a big airport, but you can still find everything very easily! The subway (S-Bahn) and bus connections to the city and the suburbs are really superb. Thanks a lot STR!

Stuttgart Airport by Mark Evans

23 August 2005

Another good German regional airport that puts the main hubs of FRA and TXL to shame, and the new terminals are very impressive buildings indeed. S-Bahn Lines S2/S3 give easy connections to the city centre for a fare of around EUR3. The Red Baron landside restaurant is good, and there is an attractive aviation display area on the fifth floor that also provides a pleasant diversion. Just one quibble: a lack of signage had me scratching my head about where I was meant to go, and a few more TV monitors airside would be welcome.

Stuttgart Airport by T Freyer

11 March 2005

After finishing the construction of new terminal 4 the airport has become very nice. There is no crowds and plenty of room. In the departure and arrival halls you have all convenience you will expect from a modern airport. Cheapest way to get into the city and to reach the airport is the "S-Bahn", which takes about 30 minutes from the city and is about 3 EUR.

Stuttgart Airport by A Rol

17 September 2004

Earlier this year STR has opened a new terminal. It now has a total of 4 terminals. The airport therefore will now be able to handle more passengers than before and won't look as crowded anymore. And that was about time since constantly new airlines are flying to and from STR (currently the number is I think 90 airlines). The gate area is now really nice and -almost- up to international standards. You still have to use the bus for too many departures to get from the gate to the aircraft. Not enough gates have 'fingers'. The parking situation is still not great (parking near the airport is simply pretty expensive).




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