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JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT customer review :  27 May 2013 by Colin Gorman    (UK)

Rating : 9/10





This is my preferred airport in SoCal for arriving at/departing from which I do on a regular basis. Big enough to offer connections anywhere in the US for flights to Europe yet small enough offer a quick, friendly and efficient service to/from your gate. Drop off facilities outside the terminals needs to be improved but apart from that no real complaints.

JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT customer review :  16 May 2012 by J Desta    (USA)

Rating : 8/10





The Airport is one of the easiest to get in and out of. The only problem the airport has is in planning and building a convenient location for taxi transportation. This problem did prevail when the airport was built. There was no taxi designated location. The one the taxis are situated now was an improvised one out of necessity. Once again with the addition of terminal C which is far away from the present taxi stand is too far for seniors and others. Something has to be done to improve this.

John Wayne Airport customer review : 9 June 2009 by S Koenig

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

SNA-ATL-FOR on Delta. We were staying in Ontario, but flew out of SNA rather than ONT due to flight schedule and prices. It's a relatively small, easy to use airport, at least compared to LAX. Rental car return facilities are in the basement of the parking structure immediately across the street from the main terminal, so after returning your car you just need to walk to an elevator, go up a few floors and cross the main airport roadway at the arrivals level to the terminal. No need to take the shuttle bus of the individual rental company (like at LAX) or a consolidated rental car shuttle (like at ONT). Line through security was short. There seemed to be a dearth of rest rooms in the departure area, and options for food were located in the food court area at the far end of the terminal from where we were leaving, so we got in a fair amount of walking.

John Wayne Airport by T Brougher

26 November 2008   Customer Rating :   4 Star Rating

SNA to DEN with Frontier. I did not find any problems, it's a very small, yet user friendly airport. Not impressed, and the smallest airport I've ever been to in the US but it's nice.

John Wayne Airport by Ronald DePass

10 February 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

This is my home airport too. But much as I love it, a few warnings are in order. You won't find many discounted flights in or out, because there is such limited access for airlines. Noise abatement means that flights do not take off until 7am, even if the carrier shows a 6:45am departure on their web site. So many flights leave then that you'd better allow a lot of time for getting through the line to check luggage and then circle through security at that hour. Parking is extremely convenient if you use the lot across the street, and costs $17/day. Bathrooms are clean, and food service, though limited to a few places, is acceptable. Baggage arrival can vary tremendously. I've arrived at 9:30pm and waited for 40 minutes for my bags to hit the carousel, with only one more flight arriving at the same time, and UA unable to answer us as to what was happening. This wasn't a single occurrence -I'd estimate it happens 20% of the time. Also, your plane won't be allowed to land after something like 10:30pm for the same noise abatement issue mentioned above ... folks in Newport Beach don't want jet noise over the mansions. So if you have a late flight in, and there is a weather delay out east, you could be diverted to LAX. This happened to us November 2004. A gorgeous day at DFW, and a rain storm here. We approached SNA, tried to land, and the pilot pulled the plane up and said there was too much rain on the runway. We went to LAX, sat for 45 minutes, and tried again ... same result. This time we stayed at LAX and that began the saga of AA not handling our diversion well ... another story. Moral is: try not to be on the last flight into SNA, if you can avoid it. All things considered, though, my personal favorite. If I haven't checked luggage, I'm in my car within about 8 minutes from the time I exit the plane's door, and on the freeway in another 5 minutes. It's worth the ticket price premium!

John Wayne Airport by Tom Birkland

21 March 2005

It's small and easy to get around, bags come off planes fast, and it's a lot more manageable than LAX. Of course, it's also more convenient if you have business in Orange County. Not many food choices, however. Security moves reasonably briskly, and there's almost no traffic at the airport in the early morning.

John Wayne Airport by Ed Hart

6 March 2005

Orange County/John Wayne/Santa Ana/Costa Mesa airport is a well-thought out O&D airport. It is my home airport, and I have come to love it. They struggle with rush hour security, but otherwise, there is not much to complain about. Clean, pleasant and nice!




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