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Riga Airport
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24 reviews




RIGA AIRPORT customer review :  19 August 2014 by Johan Vanderhoeven    (Belgium)

Rating : 0/10





Mixed feelings. We went to Riga for a short city trip. Arrival at Riga airport was no problem, luggage handling went very quick so we were satisfied with the service. Unfortunately, the departure one week later, was a horrible experience. After our in time arrival at the airport, the electronic check-in devices did not work properly. The staff helped some passengers and refused to help some others, in a completely arbitrary manner. We were sent back to the enormous waiting row for normal check-in. Time became short, but the staff assured us there would be no problem to catch our flight in due time. For the control of documents before entering security checkpoint, only 1 (one) lane was open for the big crowd. And the rows became longer and longer. We asked information to staff members, who seemed to be totally uninformed job students note able to deal with the problems. 10 minutes after the start of the boarding of our flight, we (and a lot of other travelers) decided to switch through the priority lane: first we were allowed, then a staff member tried to send us back in a rude and impolite manner, which we refused to do (one older women in front of us already started crying). The lady who already refused to help us before, even had the courage to laugh us in the face while passing by. The checking of documents went very inefficiently, also in the priority lane. We managed to get through 10 minutes before departure time, made a run at the gate and were lucky enough to catch our flight to Brussels just in time. I understand that in a small airport, handling a big crowd of departing passengers is a challenge, but I'm convinced that here, a more better handling would not only have been adequate, but also possible with a more efficient organisation and a more professional attitude of some staff members. Worst experience ever in an international airport.

RIGA AIRPORT customer review :  22 April 2014 by H Oberbeckmann    (Germany)

Rating : 10/10





The airport is not too big so that it has short ways from check-in to boarding. Check-In is possible at self service kiosks to avoid waiting times. The Restaurant and Cafe in the public area is cheap and offers a wide choice of good foods. No long waiting lines at the security checks. There are different shops and restaurants/cafes in the security area with a wide choice. The Duty free shops have a great choice of goods and good prices.

RIGA AIRPORT customer review :  28 January 2014 by Y Ren    (Australia)

Rating : 7/10





RIX is a small efficient airport. Check in was slow because staff was not familiar with the transit 72 hours visa policy at Beijing airport. She was apologetic for the delay. Security was easy, staff are professional and friendly. Finnair use airport lounge, it was surprising good, good design, comfortable and some hot food as well. Boarding was quick but immigration staff are not so friendly at the gate, I don't understand why they are there anyway considering we out of EU from Helsinki. It was a not bad airport except immigration staff.

RIGA AIRPORT customer review :  6 May 2013 by J Dredge    (Australia)

Rating : 9/10





Surprisingly modern, although compact airport. Flew CDG-RIX-TLL return. Good duty free, easy enough check in and cap on the max price a taxi can charge you (10Lats from the airport to anywhere in the city). Jetways on most gates. Food mostly located groundside, although there is a great little pizza place buried out of the way in Concourse A. Also great for entertainment is a free "Tab Bar" loaded with Android tablets which anyone can use, as well as charging ports for your airport. Overall a very pleasant surprise.

RIGA AIRPORT customer review :  11 January 2012 by J Moffat    (Latvia)

Rating : 9/10





On departure AirBaltic desks do have huge queues but they move quite quickly and are getting better as people use machine check-ins more. Modern duty frees have opened and several food outlets airside. Most flights have jetties. On arrival there are three options for getting to the city - taxi (about EUR 15); AirBaltic minibus which stops at all the major hotels (EUR 5 per person); ordinary bus (about EUR 1 per person). Modern, clean, and efficient airport with free wifi throughout.

RIGA AIRPORT customer review :  11 November 2011 by Tim Cheese    (Latvia)

Rating : 8/10





Riga International requires a new terminal as it has become very busy over the last 2-3 years. Apart from the long queues during the busiest hours, generally it is very good. Catering ok (however quite expensive), organization and signs are good, facilities well maintained and clean. Electronic check-in and baggage drop zones have been introduced, however Check-in desks are still overcrowded.

Riga Airport customer review :  12 September 2010 by N Barons   (UK)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






Riga is the busiest airport in the Baltic states. Close to the city centre. Good connections to other regional airports in the neighbouring countries. More flights then any other airport in the Baltics. Fairly efficient. Check-in desks and security checks can get crowded and slow. An excellent Latvian food chain Lido restaurant is available before security checks only. Latvian goods in general are cheaper in town. Business lounge is owned by Air Baltic and available to business class passengers only, i.e. there is no access to those travelling economy and paying an access fee to gain entry as for example Servisair Lounges.

Riga Airport customer review :  25 July 2010 by J Quinto

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Riga airport wasn't designed for so many passengers, so it can be overflowing with people and a definite lack of adequate seating, especially during busy times. A larger terminal is needed! Riga Airport is close to the city and Bus #22 takes you there for just 0.70Lats (paying the driver) or 0.50Lats (using pre-paid cards available from newstands). There is also an Airport Express run by Air Baltic that costs 3.00Lats.

Riga Airport by Tony Maddern

11 April 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

It is clean, pleasant and shops and food outlets (Lido and Fridays) are reasonably priced. Staff were friendly and helpful. This seemed to be the general case with Latvian people. Be warned that the food outlets are before security, not airside. The duty free shops are airside. Compared to other airports in Europe, Riga airport is a small airport. To get to Riga centre, you need to take bus 22. It takes about 20 - 30 mins and tickets cost 40lv. (about £0.50) Tickets are sold on the bus by a conductor.

Riga Airport by Paul Jacobsen

6 September 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

The airport is a modern and comfortable building with generous seating . Although arriving with a morning flight and departing with an evening one, security check and passport control went quite fast. The easiest way to reach the city centre is to take Bus no. 22, which connects the airport to Riga's cathedral (near Reval Hotel Latvija) and costs 0,30 LVL one-way. I think there is a bus every 30min, but allow at least 40-60 min to reach the city, as Riga's streets seem to be chronically congested.

Riga Airport by Brian Watling

9 August 2007   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

I have been travelling though Riga airport for the past 3 years and feel that the airport has now made a very wrong decision in its opening of the new 3rd rate terminal (Terminal C)to handle the so called cheap flight operators such has Ryanair. On Saturday evening, myself and my wife, travelled to London, on ticket which nearly cost the same as Air Baltic tickets, the check in staff who dealt with us never smiled, and did not give us our Priority Boarding Cards, I had to ask at the office, for the cards. I also found out that I could not get my NOVA points, in the terminal and I was able to get them at the office when I picked up my boarding cards which should of been given to me at check in. The food in Lido was the worse I had eaten in Latvia, and the family members to had given us a lift to the aiport remarked that it was not the normal standard of Lido meals, maybe we should of stopped at the main Lido in Riga rather than head for the airport to eat. Lido is a well known name in Latvia, and I before have always had a very good meal at the airport, but not this time. The tax free shop was staffed by two staff who were more interested in reading, or talking to each other or to colleagues, for prices were dearer than in down town Riga and in fact somelines had a mark up of nearly 50%, compared to Rimini, Maxima, or Rigas Balsam shop, also the shop did not carry any tobacco items.

Riga Airport by Marybeth Richards

15 July 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Decent enough airport, although check in desks (I flew with KLM) aren't clearly marked. It's not a shopping centre masquerading as an airport (rather like LHR) but does offer enough services to keep pax happy. Generous seating at the gates a big plus. Does what it says on the tin - which is nice.

Riga Airport by Steven Curfs

25 March 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

Check-in facilities could be indicated more clearly and open earlier. Security check area way to small if the recent growth of the Baltics continues... Otherwise, pleasant new airport with plenty of seating and some shopping facilities. Two points of concern: monitors indicating departure time/gate of flights AND announcements which are not always made in english.

Riga Airport by Nico de Goeij

18 March 2006

Not the biggest airport, but OK. Check-in desk are operational quite late. It is difficult to find the flight departure monitors with relevant information. I only found one small TV screen in the entire departure hall.

Riga Airport by J Kennedy

29 January 2006

A lovely surprise - compact, friendly, modern, and even has a lovely restaurant serving the local fare at reasonable prices upstairs landside. Coupled with the bargain basement bus fare (although the services have to become more frequent - the bus was so full, and everybody from the same flight), and the nice few shops, this is one airport I look forward to visiting again.

Riga Airport by Karri Ojanen

17 January 2006

HEL-RIX-HEL last weekend, and it was my first time to the Riga airport in 6 years. Since 2000, the airport has expanded and improved dramatically. It's still a relatively small airport, but the shops there are decent now, the waiting areas much more spacious and modern than before and service more efficient. I'm glad to see things are going well for RIX and I'd happy to travel through RIX soon again.

Riga Airport by Peter Corcoran

13 December 2005

Last night I had plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings of Riga International Airport as my Ryanair flight was late. It was lovely with nice Christmas decorations and plenty of TV monitors to get the news.

Riga Airport by Victor Sprengel

21 November 2005

RIX has improved a lot. The only thing that I hate is flying out at about 7 am when there are about 5 flights at the time - so long queues to the check-in desks and also to the passport control.

Riga Airport by Augur Pearce

3 August 2005

All praise to the Riga public transport system for including the airport on a normal bus route. 20 santimi (or 25 for a limited-stop service) in to the city centre must surely be one of the best deals for reaching any airport anywhere. 

Riga Airport by Anita San

4 February 2005

I have witnessed the changes of Riga airport during last ten years. Airport has been renovated and extended remarkably in the recent years. It's interiors are nice, colors pleasant. Chairs in waiting areas are comfortable. It feels good just to be there. Service is professional and prompt. Airport has become up to date and customer friendly place. I am looking forward to be there again next time.

Riga Airport by Marc Wendorf

9 May 2004

My experience at Riga airport was less the perfect. I found the terminal building to be dirty and not well maintained. Additionally the restaurant "Lido," mentioned in a previous post, had staff that was rude and meals that were very expensive for Latvia. Additionally, Air Baltic's discontinuation of meal service was a let down. Their 737 service was cramped with no IFE. I hope things improve at RIX soon.

Riga Airport by Vlad Gavrilov

7 May 2004

Riga International Airport (RIX) is relatively small, but one of the most comfortable airports I have ever been to. The airport has 10 gates (most of them are jetways), it is rarely crowded; however, it is becoming increasingly popular with average passenger growth of about 20% per year. However, according to their website the airport is continuously developing especially now, when Latvia joined EU. Arrivals are quick and easy. I was able to receive my luggage, go through immigration, customs within 20 or so minutes. Clearly marked signs, abundance of monitors, internet kiosks make traveling easier and more enjoyable. While frequently lacking smiles the airport stuff is friendly and helpful and they speak good English and/or German. This small airport has very nice cafés and bars, including an excellent restaurant on the mezzanine level, called “Lido.” “Lido” features very hearty Latvian food, so be sure to visit it (it may be well worth it now, when RIX based Air Baltic discontinued their in-flight meal service). The airport also has post office, banks, money machines, car rentals, etc. Finally, the airport museum located nearby is a nice addition to RIX composed of the Russian-made civil and military aircraft makes spending time at the airport even more enjoyable.

Riga Airport by Mike Johnson

28 March 2004

In my opinion, the comments about Riga by M Devor on 22 December 2003, miss the mark quite a bit. Riga now has a new airport and it works quite well. There are many very nice hotels in Riga besides the Radisson (although the Radisson is quite nice).

Riga Airport by M Devor

22 December 2003

Riga(Latvia) is a fine airport. When I was there, they didn't have any jetways or we didn't use any, so that is a negative, especially in the winter. Airport is rather small but easy to use and convenient. They have one lounge for all airlines which isn't bad. Staff are friendly and speak excellent English. They need more shops landside and airside. I would like to see the Green/Red customs system installed there as the customs officer was checking everyone. Sadly, too many flights to Riga have been cut and it is now more difficult to travel there. We flew the old Crossair to/from Riga and those were 2 of my best flights. They could use an airport hotel but the SAS Radisson is a great hotel. The SAS Radisson Riga has a complimentary shuttle bus to/from the airport and in my opinion, it is the nicest hotel in all of Riga.



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