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NUREMBURG AIRPORT customer review :  31 October 2014 by U V Fritsch    (Germany)

Rating : 9/10





Very traveller oriented and conveniently laid out airport. Short check-in times and quick check-out possible. Glad it is my home airport, even if long term destinations need changing at another larger airports like Frankfurt or Munich. Highly recommended!

NUREMBURG AIRPORT customer review :  27 June 2012 by E Mabley    (USA)

Rating : 8/10





Nurnberg airport is very small, but surgically clean and very German in its excellent efficiency. There is excellent linkage to rail and ground transport. The terminal is small and can therefore become overcrowded during peak travel times. The food/drink/retail options are not much to speak of in terms of number or quality, so this is not an airport to linger at before departure or after arrival.

NUREMBURG AIRPORT review :  17 July 2010 by B Walberer   (USA)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






NUE is a small airport with excellent public transportation links to the city center and German railway network. It has clear signage and sufficient shops with newspapers and food/drinks. Some of the gate areas, however, can get quite crowded during peak times. Overall a very pleasant airport.

NUREMBURG AIRPORT review : 24 May 2010 : by Rainer Burger

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Small and efficient airport. All gates can be reached very fast since the airport is quite small. Sometimes very packed during holiday seasons. Outside that dates boarding, especially when you have only carry on luggage and have checked in online is very fast. The security is OK but seems to be a little erratic (sometimes I get checked very intensively and the metal detector beeps even when I take off the belt, a few weeks later it doesn't even blink). The seating at the gates is sufficient, comfortable and clean. For shopping just the basic shops are there, food and beverage could be better and less expensive. The luggage arrives typically very fast and the airport has a good connection with public transport to the city.

NUREMBURG AIRPORT review : 27 March 2009 : by Thomas Hesse

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

This airport is really overloaded with the passengers passing through it. Outbound we had to wait over 30min to go through the passport control because there were too few control counters. Inbound had to wait over 1h to pass through the metal detectors and the carry-on baggage because there were only one detector for two scanners and only one male and one female who checked the passengers. Due to this fact there were some times, one of them stands there and did not do anything. The carry-on baggage had passed the scanner and laid at the end without anyone who watched it. The controllers were stressed and rude.

NUREMBURG AIRPORT review : 30 April 2008 : by F Long

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

Excellent small airport, travel through there on a regular basis and have only ever once been delayed by a queue through security. Every other time, have been able to get through within a minute or two. Can leave work an hour before my flight and make it with ease. Impressively efficient. Catering facilities could be better, but suffice.

Nuremburg Airport review by Robert Langer

20 December 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

A nice and easy to handle airport in the south of Germany - not many international scheduled carriers, but with klm, air france and lufthansa easy access to all major alliances. The underground brings you to the scenic city centre within 15min and costs just around 1,50 € oneway.

Nuremburg Airport review by T Fettahoglu
21 October 2005

Nürnberg is a smaller airport which means that everything is within walking distance and you find your way around very quickly. The regular timetables may not be too good (Frankfurt and Munich are only some 200km away, but about any charter airline with flights for holiday makers will fly to/from Nürnberg. Some shops will be closed in the evening or on weekends, but they have lots of travel agencies if you want to book a last-minute holiday.

Nuremburg Airport review by Tony Maddern
9 October 2005

Nurnberg airport is a very nice glassy looking airport, however I was pretty disappointed when we left from it on Sunday night. Although there were plenty of passengers, most shops were closed and the money exchange wasn't even open. Overall, it is an easy airport to find where you are going. Connections to the city are by a 15 minute taxi ride or on the underground which takes about the same amount of time, but much cheaper. if you don't know your way around Nurnburg - take the taxi.

Nuremburg Airport review by Peter Mittig
4 July 2005

One of the best mid-size airports I've been. Pleasant interior-architecture, short distances, friendly staff, great restaurant with nice view on the apron. Only restriction is the small offer of direct flights to many european destinations. Otherwise - a well managed and operated airport !

Nuremburg Airport review by Stefan Müller

31 January 2005

The Airport at Nürnberg is a very efficient clean& good airport( It us a small airport, and if you are there on a Sunday morning you will wonder is this really an airport (everything closed & hardly any one). The lounge facilities if you are travelling business class is also very good.

Nuremburg Airport review by Patrik Frank

25 February 2003

This is just like any small int'l airport should be. Only negative comment: The visitor's lookout only lets you see about a third of the parking-positions.





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