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Macau Airport
4.2 out of 10  4.2 out of 10
22 reviews




Macau International Airport customer review :  24 April 2014 by Lars Bosteen    (Philippines)

Rating : 8/10





A decent little airport overall. Facilities are mostly adequate, it is quite spacious, the air conditioning is fine, the smoking rooms tolerable, and the toilets clean. It could do with more restaurants as the main one has little variety on the menu (although the food is good). Getting to and from the airport is not a problem.

Macau International Airport customer review :  12 February 2014 by K Hayes    (Taiwan)

Rating : 5/10





A nice little airport. In summer it would have been fine but on this night (I was only there for visa requirements from Taiwan) it was a freezing 9 degrees outside and the terminal offered little respite. The cleaning machines were strangely comforting and while the airport doesn't have too many overnight dwellers it could do with a snack/coffee bar that is open all night. Everything else was fine, it could just use either a lounge (I had heard of one but I think this was just airside) or some double layer entry points (to limit heat loss) or some heating just for the few months that Macau may need it. Perhaps the airport could work with some of the nearby hotels/casinos to accommodate transit passengers - that would make for a more memorable night than just freezing on an airport seat! As with its neighbour HK, it could also use some form of budget accommodation but that's Macau generally not a fault of the airport.

Macau International Airport customer review :  3 January 2014 by Philip Williams    (Thailand)

Rating : 10/10





A quiet little airport by international standards. Unlimited, free wi-fi that actually worked. No queues whatsoever at either immigration or security (and all staff were polite and pleasant). Plenty of chairs in the departure lounge. A large free charging station to recharge your laptop and phones, etc. Just enough duty free shops to keep any shopper happy. A reasonably priced fast-food restaurant with waitress service. To be honest, what was not to like?

Macau International Airport customer review :  3 September 2013 by H Mau    (Macau)

Rating : 2/10





Airport was renovated inside. Airport food was overpriced and tasted awful. Airport shopping very unfortunately priced, normally duty-free shops should sell stuff cheaper than normal city price but they just jack up the price for last-minute shoppers. Taxi queue from the airport is often ridiculous, I had to wait for an hour to get one. Because the drivers know that taxis are scarce, they try to jack up the price, too. I would use Hong Kong airport and take the ferry because Macau Airport has so much to improve on.

Macau International Airport customer review :  17 May 2013 by I Milono    (Indonesia)

Rating : 7/10





Macau airport (MFM) is clearly overshadowed by Hong Kong Airport (HKG). HKG is modern, spacious, has full-fledged amenities and flights to virtually everywhere, MFM is small, aged, boring and has strictly limited flights. It's a pretty straightforward airport, you arrive in the airport, check-in, pass immigration, proceed to the waiting room and get onto the plane. There are a few duty-free shops, but everything is pricey with nothing much to offer. Nothing to complain about though, staff are courteous and facilities, while basic, work properly. Less traffic also means less crowded - for transit flight is highly unlikely to happen in this airport, so it's devoid of flood of transit-passengers common in bigger airports - and all procedures are smooth and efficient.

Macau International Airport customer review : 15 September 2010 by C Kung

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Small airport and easy to go through immigration and customs. Only problem is the cabs outside dont want to go to the neighbouring Cota ferry terminal. They want passengers to go all the way to the Macau HK ferry terminal in the city which triples the time and cab fare.

Macau International Airport customer review : 9 January 2009 by D Moran

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Macau international airport is satisfactory for what you need. Very limited options for food and drink, many of which involve a hefty price tag for the region. However, due to it's size it's quite nice as the staff are generally friendly and no huge crowds. Getting to/from the airport is relatively easy too, as taxi's are inexpensive and provide a simple and direct route to hotels or the ferry terminal for Hong Kong. My only suggestion would be to bring your own food.

MACAU AIRPORT review : 6 January 2009 : by H Wong

Customer Rating : 2/5

2 Star Rating

The connection between HK-Macau Ferry station is very poor, only bus route no AP1 which is a mini-bus with very limited baggage rack. The baggage rack is located near the boarding of the bus but exit is at the end of the bus that may disturb to other passenger for boarding. Only fast food restaurant in 2/F with very limited choice. So be prepared to eat something before you go to the airport. No convenience store available and do not expect you can simply to buy drinking water. Toilets are not very clean but still acceptable.

MACAU AIRPORT review : 8 July 2008 : by Adrian Seo

Customer Rating : 1/5

1 Star Rating

First of all, if you haven't a printed copy of your boarding pass the people in the express link won't let you in so you'll have to pass through two checks at least. Get in the ferry station and straight to the bus line, its 3.5 MOP from there to the airport in line AP1. Once you're getting in the airport the bus will stop in the Maritime Station that you might believe it's the airport but it's not so skip that stop and wait two more till you see the departures sign. The airport has almost no services. There is a currency exchange office though they take RMB & HKD also MOP (the official coin of MACAU) everywhere. There is only one buffet, no other restaurant, and there aren't many dishes to choose from and it's also expensive compared to any other airports. There are 10 minutes free internet with CMT (only MAC address check) but almost no power outlet and none close to a place where you can sit. Once you get through to boarding gate it won't get better. There is only one place to buy drinks that belongs to the same company that owns the buffet. There are a lot of duty free shops with no drinks.

Macau International Airport review by Michael Young

13 May 2008   Customer Rating : 1 Star Rating

Macau International Airport is quite impressive. Extremely clean and orderly set-up of the airport very easy to find your way. Unfortunately the down-side on Macau International airport is the restaurant which staff doesn't speak english at all. I've been travelling a lot almost year round on many airport only in Macau I encountered this kind of customer service.

Macau International Airport review by G Braye

1 April 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

There is an ExpressLink service to bypass Macau immigration formalities if travelling directly to Hong Kong or the Chinese Mainland but this stops at 18:30. Naturally I arrived after this cut off time. Was faced with a long line for immigration but then custom checks were next to non-existent. Was not faced with touts for taxis & was driven straight to the border in only a few minutes and for HKD$70. On the return I checked into my flight, then took a two minute taxi ride to the Venetian Casino & Hotel with fantastic shopping & food choices. Returned to the airport with no hassles, which was clean & convenient for my travels. All up a nice place to travel through.

Macau International Airport review by Chris Matthews

14 March 2008   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

Quite impressed with Macau Airport. We were on holiday so weren't worried about some of the facilities. The food served in the departure hall restaurant was good value and reasonable quality. The only downside was arriving back and having a huge queue at Immigration and only 2 desks open for nearly 200 people. Waited for a bus into the centre but in the end took a taxi which was only MOP70.

Macau International Airport review by S Butt

28 August 2007   Customer Rating : 2 Star Rating

Functional is probably the best description for this airport. The only reason I use it is for short business trips of up to 4 hrs rather than going to Hong Kong and back which is tiresome even if you are flying business class. Given all the investment in Macau they have really got to do something and quick to serve the travelling public better. There are signs that improvements are on the way but it could all be too little too late. The Immigration clearance is tortuous, heaven knows what will happen if this airport really does go international and the passenger throughput increases substantially.

Macau International Airport review by Dennis O'Brien

12 January 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I have used it three times in the last 6 months, each time flying to and from BKK. I am based in Shenzhen, the Chinese border city with Hong Kong and on paper it seems reasonable to use Macao. In fact it is a long and tortuous trip to get there regardless of which route you try and I am surprised at the idea that anyone from here or from Hong Kong itself would do it unless forced to. Except when things are very busy it will usually be just as cheap and much less hassle to fly from Hong Kong. The ferry from HK arrives at the ferry port which is not beside, or properly linked to, the airport. It does have an airside shuttle bus to the airport but that departs at very long intervals and so is usually not going to match your needs and I have not succeeded in using it yet. On Jan 8th, when I last arrived from BKK, I also noticed that it had been suspended. The AP1 bus service is a joke as it still goes round in circles to get to the airport. It starts at the Chinese border but in fact does not stop at the ferry terminal which is the only other important point for it to stop where a lot of passengers for the airport might be expected. Immigration is indeed quick because the airport is so quiet but in general that is about the only plus point here. The facilities are few - only one rather poor food outlet in departures and nothing at all seemingly in the check in area. In fact there seems to be almost nothing available in the range between pot noodles and LV handbags in the whole place. Toilets are tiny even for an airport of its size. At the departure gate for my flight (Gate 2) people had to walk backwards on the escalator because the space at the bottom was too small to hold everyone coming down while boarding cards were being checked. The main business of the airport at the moment seems to be for Taiwanese passengers transiting from the Mainland. If regular direct flights ever start I don't see any way that this airport can survive.

Macau International Airport review by Xuess Wee

23 May 2005

A very compact airport with only 8 boarding gates serving a handful of airlines. It is fast becoming a budget airline hub with both Thai Air Asia and Singapore's Tiger Airways arriving. It is surprisingly clean, modern, very bright and comfortable, fusing (or borrowing) some designing concepts from the airports at both Hong Kong and Shanghai Pudong. For a small airport, it certainly has a quite a number of DFS and branded good shops inside the departure waiting area. There is only 1 food outlet though and the toilets can get pretty packed if there are many flights. Clearing customs is efficient and effortless. I agree with the previous comment about the AP-1. Shuttle bis, it is NOT. Not only does some of the drivers do not understand English, it is frustrating to go a merry go round Macau when all you want is to get into the city (or to the airport) quickly. Take the taxi - it only costs about 50 patacas to reach Centro, Macau (where Senado Square is) from the airport on Taipa Island.

Macau International Airport review by Harry Tsui

1 April 2005

Macau airport is surprisingly bright, efficient and very convenient. I travelled from Macau to Singapore using the brand new Tiger Airways. It was the first day that the airline flies this route. There were full of reporters and TV cameramen on site for the event. However, the airport handled it beautifully without undue delay to passengers. One word of advise, try not to use the public transportation AP-1. It is really not the regular airporter. I travelled from the Macau- Zhuhai border to the airport on AP-1, ($3.30 Macau dollars) and it took a good 40 minutes. In fact, the bus travelled almost the whole part of Macau and the outlying island before reaching the airport. It was absolutely frustrating especially when you see the airport from the distance but the bus just repeately refuse to get there until finishing the rounds. But then if you have time and want to see Macau, take this AP-1. The design of the terminal is tall, bright and pleasant. The departure is on the second floor while the arrival is on the ground floor. There is a Chinese restaurant on the far left of the departure hall. If you travel from Hong Kong, you can use the direct link without the need to go through the Macau immigration. The cost is HK$51. However, it is really not recommended unless you are in a hurry. Try to find time to have a stop over in Macau and enjoy the food there. The food at Hotel Lisboa's Gallery Restaurant is very good, so do other places. But please do not take the advise from any taxi driver. They got paid by taking you to some restaurants or places where they will wipe you off. I was almost like "robbed" at day light by having the HK$1000 soup some years ago. Last week, the taxi driver tried the same trick again!

Macau International Airport review by Arthur Romeijn

26 March 2005

Macau is about an hour from Hong Kong by ferry. A lot of Chinese use it to escape the hassle of Hong Kong immigrations. It is a small, clean airport with friendly and efficient immigrations, and Macau is a nice stopover for 1 or 2 days. Then take the ferry to Hong Kong, as lots of Chinese do. They even have a special gate to connect to te Hong Kong ferry right away. On clear days, you can see Hong Kong when approaching Macao.

Macau International Airport review by Dino Couto

21 October 2004

MFM has proven itself as a vibrant airport over these few years since it opened in the 1990s. To depart MFM, it's easier than a wink of the eye as all formalities could be completed in less than 10 minutes and reaching to the departure gate is easy too, as it's just a few minutes walk away. Arriving at MFM is even easier as the queues are relatively non-existence. Airport staff are courteous and the ambience is good, generally very clean everywhere.

Macau International Airport review by  Cheng Jun

6 October 2004

Beautiful, spacious and very clean infrastructure with easy and efficient circulation. When transfering we can be at the gate for our next flight less than 10 minutes after disembark and arriving to Macau you will be surely out of the airport in 20 to 30 minutes, which is only 15 minutes from everywhere. Compared with Hong Kong if you arrive in Macau you will be at your hotel relaxing in less time than what you need in Hong Kong just to clear the emmigration formalities. I fully recommend it. Besides, Macau is modern, developed, with sound economy, where everything is available, convenient and less expensive , lots of entertainment and cultural touristic spots.

Macau International Airport review by  Gene Corrigan

17 September 2004

This is a small but extremely clean airport. Macau is not a particularly large city but it can boast about a population of a half-a-million. The airport handles the passenger load efficiently but as L Levente notes, it's not the place to get western fare. Instead, take bus #AP1 right into the heart of the city of Macau or even into the center of Taipa (the island where the airport is located) to get some better grub. The bus will take you into Taipa in about 15 minutes and into Macau in 30 and only cost about 45 cents (US). All-in-all, this is a fairly new and good airport. It began service about 5 years ago and hasn't been used all that much as many Macau residents still fly out of Hong Kong.

Macau International Airport review by  Lazlo Levente

12 July 2004

Macau Airport is anything but 24-hour, once I arrived after 2 am from Bangkok and the whole place was deserted and about to be closed. If you leave Macau you will find the staff terror paranoid - I had a roll of film in my pocket which triggered the alarm - a whole bunch of security people jumped on me. Another time I carried a bottle of mineral water, which they confiscated, saying it could be petrol. The restaurant on the second floor doesn't really sell western food and overall, it's one of the most boring places to be. They have a good bus service to the city however

Macau International Airport review by  M Wong

3 February 2004

This 24-hour airport offers passenger and cargo airlines, travel organizations, and the air freight industry an efficient alternative hub serving Southern China, Pacific Rim countries and beyond. With Macao well positioned as a preferred entry point to the China market, Macau International Airport is an attractive alternative for the region´s increasing airfreight traffic. Macau International Airport provides a convenient connection to the China border, allowing easy access to numerous provinces in southern China. Whether on business or vacation, transit passengers can take advantage of the relaxed and pleasant environment of the transit lounges in the main terminal building.





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