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CHICAGO MIDWAY AIRPORT customer review :  23 April 2013 by S Miller    (USA)

Rating : 6/10





This airport is not large enough to handle the amount of passengers that go through it. It has insufficient seating due to the small nature of the terminal. Flights overlap and many passengers have trouble finding seats. Other than the lack of seating the airport is normal. The restrooms are very clean and can accommodate many so queues do not form.

CHICAGO MIDWAY AIRPORT customer review :  6 March 2013 by Lee Ho Seok    (USA)

Rating : 7/10





Recently flown in and out of MDW as well as transited through this airport. Would not be the best airport in the world, but certainly better than ORD as well as many other U.S. airports. Cannot say much about check-in times as check-in at the counter mostly avoided due to web check-in, but the security checkpoint sometimes could form quite a bit of queue. However, the lines are processed relatively fast, so no need to be totally terrified at the scene. Airside seems to be better than landside. The concourses are actually quite spacious with lots of eateries and other shops. The concourses and the restrooms fairly clean and well maintained. No free wifi, but at least power outlets are abundant. Ground transportation also fair. The orange line connects MDW with downtown so at least a reliable option is there for those wanting to visit downtown. However, no direct links from the interstate to MDW. Better option than ORD especially when transiting.

CHICAGO MIDWAY AIRPORT customer review :  6 August 2012 by Allan Rudy-Froese    (USA)

Rating : 9/10





I like that the gates where I as at (concourse A) there were no loud TVs or music playing. Travelling is loud enough. We don't need FOX or CNN filling our acoustic space. The free w-fi is as it should be.

CHICAGO MIDWAY AIRPORT customer review :  15 April 2010 by A Galanis   (USA)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






Very easy to transport yourself from gate to gate. Luggage area plenty of space and good display boards to find your luggage carousel. I appreciate airports that have glass pains where you can see the airline activity from any gate, and Midway creates a nice travel atmosphere. could use more shops and eaterys.

CHICAGO MIDWAY AIRPORT customer review :  25 January 2010 by J Chou   (USA)

Customer Rating :  2/5

2 Star Rating   






I went through and connected at Midway during the holiday season, and it was very stressing. The terminals seem cramped, and were extremely crowded. The food choices were overpriced, and with little variety, but there seemed to be some nice sit down bistros, etc, for people with long layovers. The terminal was easy to navigate, but hard to find the amenities. We wasted 10 minutes in our little layover just to find a pay phone. As I finally took a break at the restroom, I found them there. With very little time, we rushed to our connecting flight, which was a disaster! In our packed flight, our gate had barely any seats. Now, our gate waiting area had very little space, so, fine. I understand. But wait! They put in big business type seats, to waste space. People were everywhere, and people were sitting on the floor and standing.

Chicago Midway Airport by David Guenthner

7 August 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

With the new concourses, it's a good domestic connecting option. Gate areas seemed clean and I could find a chair near my boarding queue. The B concourse (Southwest/ATA) is very long but there is a moving walkway down most of it. I thought the concessions were quite good, but there was not enough seating in the food court area.

Chicago Midway Airport by Tim Easterday

29 December 2004

What a nice little airport! I was flying ATL-MDW-SEA and had a couple of hours in between flights each way. Midway was very clean and easy to navigate through. Decent selection of shops too. Flights were right on time and there wasn't much taxi time at all. We were always 1st or 2nd in line for takeoff. I will gladly fly through Midway again.

Chicago Midway Airport by Monica Winterburn

20 August 2004

My daughter and I flew from Midway to Charlotte North Carolina in April 2003 and what a fantastic airport. We were very happy with the airport staff. The whole airport impressed us. Also in April 2003 we flew to Las Vegas from Midway : what a jolly crowd of passengers. We did have a delay but because all the passengers were in such a holiday mood it made the wait all that more bearable.

Chicago Midway Airport by Jean Bauer

28 April 2004

I just returned to Midway on Sunday. We decided to use the parking available there at the airport because it is very reasonable. Security however is nowhere to be found. The bus drivers do not make sure all the passengers from the parking lot is off before the departing to go home passengers come aboard. The result of this, is my wallet was stolen. Welcome Home! When security was notified by me they really did not want to hear my story so I thought you might. I will never use the parking at the airport again.

Chicago Midway Airport by J Bruneel

20 February 2004

I have to agree with the the previous two comments. I was not expecting much from Chicago's "second airport" but wow what a great airport. Many shops and cafes. I flew in at an early hour and most everything was open. Given a choice, I would much rather fly through Midway than O'hara. Just a well done airport.

Chicago Midway Airport by Ivan Weiss

10 June 2003

As a weekly flyer in and out of Chicago, I am used to using O'hare. I went through Midway for the first time and its one of the nicest, if not small, airports in the US. Extremely easy to navigate, eating and shopping areas are pleasant and the whole airport is very modern. It is also a snap to get to the city center on the Orange Line "El" train.

Chicago Midway Airport by Erez Har-Tal

3 April 2003

Just returned from a trip MDW-PHX-MDW. Wow what a change from old Midway. Chicago Midway new terminal does not even resemble the old crowded Midway airport. A lot of room around the check-in counters and in the departure hall. A large corridor that connects the departure hall with the gates area. This corridor serves as a security check-point waiting line. Very large and roomy, and can accomodate easily everyone. Departed during the peak hours of 7-9 am. Large food court and decent shoping option. The new gates area is roomy with plenty of seating space. If you are unlucky to use the old gates though (Southwest still uses some of the old gates) the same old very dense area, with very tired look and feel. But these are phased out gradually. When returned docked at a remote gate and had to walk quite a bit to connect to the new terminal arrival hall. Once in the arrival hall, luggage carousels are quite big, and not too crowded. There are security personnel that make sure before you leave that you picked the baggage that belongs to you, and not someone's else. Good connection to the loop via train, only $1.50. Midway is a decent less crowded alternative to O'Hare. Wish more major carriers will start serving it more often.




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