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Almeria Airport customer review :  11 July 2011 by Stuart Ward    (UK)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






Interesting to see the airport since last year. Inbound passport has moved further indoors so no queuing on the road but still slow processing. There's an escalator to passports now which had a log jam at the top when we arrived so some guy had to rush out and switch it off otherwise there would be a pile of passengers at the top! Baggage arrived about 20mins after flight landed. Outbound speedy check in and security. Roof terrace still not open, nothing has changed since last October.

Almeria Airport customer review : 25 October 2010 by Stuart Ward

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Arrival okay, queue to go through passport was a bit long. Luggage arrived on the belt as we got though. Limited baggage handlers so for a full charter flight might be longer. About 25 mins from landing to getting in the taxi. Going out the departure hall has been rebuilt, much better and quicker. Security still tight, big queue to get through. The departure lounge has been rebuilt and access to the rooftop terrace removed. The lounge is much better than the original. As work is going on don't know if there are plans to restore access to the roof. Small snack bar with coffee and rolls at reasonable prices but duty free for local stuff is the same price as supermarkets and imported stuff is more expensive than UK supermarket prices. Wouldn't want to arrive or depart when there are more than 2 charter/scheduled UK flights though. Then it would get overloaded very quickly.

Almeria Airport review by Susan Davis

19 July 2007   Customer Rating : 3 Star Rating

I found the airport to be more than adequate. We were there in July and it was busy but check in was OK as was security. The waiting area is small and there are not enough catering facilities but the roof top terrace was brilliant, it was a pleasure to wait for the plane for once and you can have a cigarette in peace! The toilets were clean and tidy, wastebins emptied frequently so all in all not a bad airport - have certainly spent time in much worse

Almeria Airport review by S William

26 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Almeria was unfortunately not built to handle the amount of traffic using it. There is only one runway, which means deays in departure if there are several arrivals. The terminal facilities are sufficient in the low season, but when the charters are at full peak, it is woefully inadequate. The limited number of check-in desks means that when several flights are being loaded, often only one or perhaps two desks are available for each. There is a real bottleneck at the one and only security entrance. Information is poor, even when it is obvious that flights are late, the original time is left showing on the monitors. The departure lounge is small and with only one cafe which offers a very limited selection of food and drink. There is however a large open roof seating area, with lift and stair access, with excellent views of the apron and runway, with a cafe which opens when the airport is busy. The only bus link is crowded with non-airport passengers, as already described by an earlier contributor, and doesn't end at the combined bus/rail station, but some 400 metres away in town. A taxi to the centre is only 8 - 10 Euros.

Almeria Airport review by Dan Thorneycroft

26 August 2006

Reading some of the other reports of Almeria airport, I have to say that I must have been lucky on the twenty or so times I have used the airport, because I have not had any problems to complain about. The only serious problem which needs to be highlighted is the pilfering of baggage which happens. In view of the serious security problems at British airports, someone in a foreign airport who can steal items from baggage could just as easily be putting something in! Almeria to Stansted appears to be the main problem, and whilst the pilfering could be taking place at Stansted, this is unlikely due to the limited amount of time the bags are available to the people doing the pilfering. The bags are out of sight at Almeria for up to 1.5 hours before the flight.

Almeria Airport review by Mohd Kastor

1 June 2006

A small airport with limited, but more than enough facilities. The immigration control area is very small with only one counter; resulted in a long queue extending to the outside of the arrival's entrance door. In the departure hall, try to get anything you want (food, newspaper, souvenir etc.) before passing through security. Once airside, there are only one small duty free shop and one very small cafe; boring, poorly stocked and expensive!

Almeria Airport review by Nick Scales

8 April 2005

Flew to Almeria last December on GB Airways  flight.. great flight and a small efficient airport - but baggage claim and immigration woefully small for a full Airbus A320 of passengers... we had to queue outside for immigration control.. on a wet morning. Then had some confusion finding my hire car as Hertz office is a van in the car park - only manned when they have a pre booking arriving.. and also be aware of there being no filling station near the airport when you return the car!

Almeria Airport review by Mark Evans

22 March 2005

Almeria is now gaining a higher profile, having joined the Ryanair and easyJet networks. The single- building terminal now faces capacity limitations at peak periods, and passengers are squeezed tight in the departure area when all five gates are required. The local Surbus route 20 connects LEI with the city centre, some 8 km away. The fare is a very cheap EUR 0.80, and the service runs on a 40-minute headway on Mon-Sat. There is no provision for luggage, and airport passengers have to mix it with the locals, which can make for a crowded bus with limited seating accommodation.




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