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Kaohsiung International Airport customer review :  10 July 2013 by Steven Cao    (China)

Rating : 9/10





Very nice regional airport, convenient access to the city via metro, clean and well organized, not many shops and restaurants but only 30 minutes away from city and all flights are short-haul, who need to spend couple of hours at airport for shoppping? Staff are all friendly and helpful.

Kaohsiung International Airport customer review :  26 November 2012 by Jeremy Chan    (Hong Kong)

Rating : 1/10





Awful airport, no facilities at all, no stores, and the airport is small and old. Very dirty and messy, horrible ground services. My flight delayed was delayed 4 hours, and I didn't want to spend that at this airport.

Kaohsiung International Airport customer : 28 July 2010 by B Blanchard

Customer Rating : 5/5

5 Star Rating

I have used this airport a lot over the past two years and find it amazingly efficient and the staff friendly, from check-in to immigration and security. It's hardly ever busy, and normally you can get from the plane to the MRT station within about 15 minutes, even when arriving on a packed A330 from HKG. Sure the shopping and food options are not great, but KHH is so close to downtown on the wonderful new MRT that this is not really an issue. All KHH needs now are more international flights!

Kaohsiung International Airport customer : 14 August 2008 by Kevin Wu

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Kaohsiung International airport are one of the best airport to entry Taiwan. Now with all the transportation by subway which can easy get from Kaohsiung down town to Kaohsiung airport in 30mins.

KAOHSIUNG AIRPORT review : 21 May 2008 : by Henry Cheng

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

Kaohsiung International Airport is great but small. There are some shops and restaurants. The biggest point is that the airport is clean, quiet, and efficient, the directions are clear as well. Besides, this international airport are really near downtown Kaohsiung. The subway system is partially done recently, you can take the KMRT to any place in downtown.

Kaohsiung Airport by Emil Jacobs

9 October 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

I've been flying in and out of KHH for some time now and I think the airport is quite nice. Not a big one and not a whole lot of flights, but compare to TPE airport which is about 1 hr away from downtown Taipei (depending on traffic), it is much more convenient as it is about 10-15 mins away from downtown and if you are visiting the Tainan Science park, it is about 50-60 mins away. The airport only has flights to/from Asia so those who are traveling inter-con's will need to transfer at Bangkok, Singapore, HongKong, which serves to/from KHH.

Kaohsiung Airport by Rene Diriwachter

4 October 2004   Customer Rating : n/a

Kaohsiung International is nice and clean. It's right in the city and 15 minutes away from downtown Kaoshiung It's quite small compare to Taipei CKS but it has all the essentials of an international airport and a subway system should be finish in two years which takes you straight to the train station which you can continue your travel plan.

Kaohsiung Airport by Vincent Goh

20 January 2003

I normally used CKS as the gateway to Taiwan. I find the comments by Jan Willem Meijer very comforting. The last time I had the pleasure of getting off in Kaoshiung was some years back and then the airport has not been refurbished. Facilities and services were basic but I heard it has improved tremendously. Building a subway to the city centre is a great achievement by the local government, it should be applauded! I hoped to use Kaohsiung Intl airport in the near future.

Kaohsiung Airport by I Wong

12 December 2002

Generally Kaoshiung Int. Airport is a user-friendly airport. Although it is not a huge airport, but it covers all the necessary facilities an international airport should provide. The new International terminal is beautiful and in my point of view, it is more efficient compared to CKS in Taipei. This is a nice airport to transit. Their official website also provides informative stuff to visitors and this should add credit to them.

Kaohsiung Airport by Jan Willem Meijer

12 October 2002

Kaohsiung International Airport is a great small airport! Clean, efficient with friendly staff. Shops are limited, as can be expected at a small airport. Link to the city is now still by bus, which can be slow because of the subway construction that is going on. Once the subway opens, Kaohsiung will be a great way to enter Taiwan!




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