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Inverness Airport
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INVERNESS AIRPORT customer review :  2 September 2014 by Marie Blight    (UK)

Rating : 10/10





Great airport. In and out in no time both on arrival and departure. Staff were excellent and very helpful in the airport. My only negative comment would be for the suitcase handlers. Please take more care unloading from arriving airports. We sat outside today for lunch and watched suitcases being unloaded from a trolley and then thrown along the conveyor belt for passenger collection - this is really not necessary and should be addressed. These are after all peoples possessions being thrown around.

INVERNESS AIRPORT customer review :  6 May 2014 by B I Hodge    (UK)

Rating : 5/10





Travelled through Inverness early one morning. Security arch alarm sounded and I realised that I had coins in my pocket. Ordered to go back and I placed coins on tray and passed through the arch again with no alarm. Aggressive person then orders me to stand and raise arms and am frisked, then ordered to turn around and raise arms again and frisked once more. I move to proceed and am ordered to wait while a security wand is used front and back. I move to proceed and again am told "shoes off". I remove shoes which are then x rayed and returned. An unnecessary and unpleasant attitude on the part of someone who did not for one second mirror the checks being made by other security staff in a pleasant and cordial manner. And all this after I had passed through the arch the second without triggering the alarm.

INVERNESS AIRPORT customer review :  5 June 2011 by C Steele   (UK)

Customer Rating :  1/5

1 Star Rating   






I experienced the most aggressive and confrontational security check ever. The female staff were unpleasant, rude and discourteous beyond a level ever experienced at any major international airport. The body search was more invasive that I believe to have been necessary. It was a foul end to an otherwise pleasant few days back home. Airside prices for refreshments are extortionate: 2.30 for a small bottle of tropicana juice that costs 1.10 in a supermarket.

INVERNESS AIRPORT review : 2 February 2009 by James Cameron

Customer Rating : 3/5

3 Star Rating

Inverness Airport Security is so extreme the result is long queues before security. The Operators there seem to have got it into there heads that the faintest bleep from there machine must mean a potential threat and a couple of coins in ones pocket result in full body search. Their remoteness from the real world and their inability to use judgement at their job results frustration all round and as they do not seem to possess any sense of humour they portray themselves as 'jobsworths' of the worst kind. Other staff not connected with Security are able to display the tact and friendliness that the Highlands are known for - but not this lot!

INVERNESS AIRPORT review : 22 July 2008 : by Martine Brangan

Customer Rating : n/a

0 Star Rating

Landside is bright and breezy - airside a delightfully nostalgic wood paneling, carpeted feel. Catering is ample as is parking, shopping and the linear configuration of the terminal building makes it a delight to watch planes come and go while waiting. In fact the only thing problematic about Shannon is the lask of decent full service airlines on Western European routes - these days its all Ryanair and Easyjet - Wizz and fizz. It has the oldest dutyfree area in the world - What innovation.

Inverness Airport review by Billy Shearer

27 April 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

To update the comment on Inverness Airport - the bus service to/from the city is now twice an hour, although still sporadic on Sundays. A really nice little airport, with a nice cafe/bar serving hot meals. The airport has a bright, airy feel.

Inverness Airport review by Michael Mackin

8 September 2006   Customer Rating : n/a

I use this airport regularly and agree with the comments above. I would also add that getting to and from the airport is sometimes only by taxi cab which is 12 each way as the bus service (2.50) is only once an hour from Inverness during the week and sporadic on sundays. It also seems to skip a service mid afternoon when the schools finish! However it is very pleasant and the staff are friendly.

Inverness Airport review by John Hoggsworth

12 October 2005

On many visits to Inverness airport, I have always found the staff very efficient and friendly. The only complaint that I would have would be the waiting time on getting through to the departure lounge. On many of occasions I have had to wait until just 15 minutes before my flight until I am even allowed to enter through security which isn't very helpful when you want to get seated and comfortable before any flight. In all I am pleased with the Inverness Airport & welcome other travellers to take advantage of this Highlands airport with very modern facilities.




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