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INDIANOPOLIS AIRPORT customer review :  28 March 2010 by Mark Lee   (USA)

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating   






I've departed and arrived at IND several times, but only once at the new terminal. It's quite an improvement over the old terminal. As a departing passenger, you'll walk in to your airlines check-in area, where check-in and baggage drop is very easy. Then you enter Civic Plaza, which is a a food court/shopping area which is open to the public. As you enter Civic Plaza, the domestic terminal, Terminal A, is on your right and Terminal B, the international terminal is on your left. I generally fly early in the morning and security is a breeze at that time. After you get into your terminal, you can go between the 2 terminals freely without having to go back through security. There's plenty of seating at the gates. There is plenty of shopping and eating on the airside. The food is also very affordable as the airport had to agree to keep the food at street prices with just an extra 1% tax on it. Overall, a great place to start and/or end a trip.

INDIANOPOLIS AIRPORT customer review :  25 January 2010 by J Chou   (USA)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






Modern, new terminal and a pleasurable experience. it is extremely easy to navigate, compared to other airports around the country. It is very wide, airy, and open. Check in is easy, and the terminal has many amenities. It feels like a nice food court, or outlet store, with many shops and restaurants to stop at. The art inside the terminal and concourses are a nice touch. Security is fairly quick and easy. Both of the concourses are identical in design. They are fairly short, so no long walks like in Denver. Inside the terminal, there are family restrooms, and clear signs. Kids can watch their favorite TV show, and there is adequate gate seating.

INDIANAPOLIS AIRPORT review : 17 August 2009 : by John Philipps

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

The new IND terminal is excellent. Built along the architectural lines of HKG airport, it is spacious and well-designed. Dining opportunities abound both inside and outside the secure areas, and the moving walkways are well-spaced and speedy. The lavatories are clean and open, and baggage claim well-lit and possesses sufficient signage. The only downside to this facility is the purpose-built security area, which is designed well but still staffed by the TSA, which means that the humiliation and incompetence zone includes slow-moving lines, constant barking from the agents, and inconsistent application of nebulous security rules.

INDIANAPOLIS AIRPORT review : 16 June 2009 : by Mark Georgescu

Customer Rating : 4/5

4 Star Rating

The new terminal of the Indianapolis airport is now open and is very nice. There are two concourses (A and B) with 25 gates each. The terminal is very bright and open thanks to all the glass. There's a large circular shopping area pre-security that has plenty of room and seating. There is a decent variety and number of shops/restaurants after security for an airport of this size including some with sit down service. The security areas are very spacious and have 7 lanes each. They did have only 2 guards checking boarding passes however in the security section that we went through. My only complaint was there was always a line 5-6 people deep for the mens restroom near our gate. Not sure if they're all like that or not but it seems like poor planning given that it wasn't really all that busy in the airport the day we flew out.

Indianapolis Airport by Nick Triviais

26 February 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

I fly through IND a few times a year and find it fairly simple, due mainly to its small size. The queues through security seem to get longer, and look worse than they are, mainly because it was built before security was the priority it became since 9/11 - the queues often stretch back into the shopping and food court area. Hopefully the new terminal will have much improved facilities. The first time I used the airport I made the mistake of going through into the departure area too early - haven't done it again, as the facilities there are limited to say the least. All in all, nothing great, nothing too bad - not somewhere you'd want to spend too much time, but does offer a relatively stress-free travelling experience.

Indianapolis Airport by Joe Emling

1 September 2004

The best thing about IND is the availability of low fares. IND is nobody's hub, but there are nonstops to lots of destinations. Service from ATA, Southwest, Frontier, and now Independence Air keep the fares really low unless you're flying to someone's fortress hub, like Minneapolis. And thanks to Northwest, IND now has nonstops to Boston, Raleigh/Durham, Hartford, and a bunch of others. The airport itself isn't too bad. There's a decent food court and a few shops - plenty for the departing passenger to pass the time, but much less than hub-airports offer. The two areas in greatest need of improvement are the restrooms, which tend to be well-worn and sometimes dirty; and the security lines, which can really back up at peak travelling times. IND is building a new midfield terminal which won't be ready for a few years yet; but when it's open, it should make IND one of the nicest airports in the US.

Indianapolis Airport by Milind Balaji

9 January 2004

Indianapolis airport is not particularly exciting, but is extremely functional, small and easy to navigate around. The checks are conducted in an efficient, timely manner and there is generally no problem whatsoever. The problem I have faced is in the departure lounge, there seems to be a lack of seating as is the case in many American airports, especially during busy hours.

Indianapolis Airport by Alan Chick

4 December 2003

A very nondescript airport, fairly quiet, limited eating and shopping facilities. Some areas are a little dingy.




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