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Hannover Airport
9.6 out of 10  9.6 out of 10
14 reviews




HANNOVER AIRPORT customer review :  30 July 2014 by M Hoene    (Germany)

Rating : 10/10





Nice, small airport. Strongly recommended, if you do not like big, crowded airports. Clean, short queuing times and friendly staff.

HANNOVER AIRPORT customer review :  10 July 2012 by T Hoeh    (Germany)

Rating : 9/10





Mid-size airport, easy to navigate with everything at short distance. A mere 2 minutes from the plane to the baggage carousel (terminal A), a short 10 minute wait for baggage to arrive. 2 minutes walk to the public transport station with 2 trains per hour going to Hannover central station and onwards. On departure from HAJ: check-in kiosks with 3 minute wait for LH-baggage drop, friendly security check - very nice experience.

Hannover Airport customer review :  15 October 2011 by S Tamini    (Spain)

Rating : 8/10




12 km from the city center of Hannover, you can get there by local train in 15 minutes. Lufthansa offers fast check-in in Terminal A. Shopping is basic (duty free after security point), some shops at the public Airport Plaza, good food options. If you're fan of aviation than visit "Welt der Luftfahrt" on the top of the building between Terminal A & B - exhibition and observation deck and even A320 flight simulator. Very efficient service both security and baggage. A great airport from which to depart and to arrive.

Hannover Airport customer review :  5 July 2011 by F Buelt    (Germany)

Customer Rating :  4/5

4 Star Rating   






It is built very logically, there are 3 main terminals A,B,C, Terminal A mainly being a hub for Lufthansa and KLM/Air France and B and C a hub for small airlines (Air Berlin,Tui Fly, etc...) There is a short term parking lot right in front of the airport, where you can park up to 30 mins, walking distance 1mi! Between Terminal A and B there is a shopping plaza with a small supermarket and a newspaper shop, sunglass shop and some other stores. When you enter the airport, the terminals are arranged like a circle, where you can "walk"in. Very special about Hannover airport that every 3 gates share one screening point, so you cannot go from gate 1 to gate 7, but you can go from gate 3 to 6. There is a nice Lufthansa lounge. The time for the airplane to get from the runway to the gate is about 5min, if you leave the aircraft you go a few stairs down to a passport control (about 2 min), then you grab you baggage which is sometimes already there (5min) then you just leave the airport one level under the departure floor, you can take an elevator up to the departure level or just leave the airport and go to a parking lot, the railway station or to a car rental service.

Hannover Airport by E von Ruschkowski

4 March 2010   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

Great advantage is that it has more capacity than currently being used, so the airport is hardly ever crowded. Improvements should be made with the restrooms in terminals A and B. Information for non-German speaking passengers, especially in regards to the suburban train connections, needs to be improved, too (but that's a task for Deutsche Bahn). Beyond security, food offer is dim. However, since the airport mainly serves destinations within two hours flight time, I have no problem with that. Recently, new additions (grocery store, retail stores) have been made that have improved shopping (before going through security). Of course, it cannot compete with international hubs, but for an airport of its size, just great. Especially connections with Hannover city center - easy to reach. Lounges are small, but nice with views of apron.

Hannover Airport by Carolina Mendoza

16 December 2007   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

Middle-sized, 24 h operated airport which leaves nothing to be desired. Short ways from the car up to the gate, good signage and adequate shopping opportunities. The lounges - Karl Jatho airport lounge and Lufthansa lounges - offer all a good view of the apron. The city train (S-Bahn) takes you fast to Hannover, Hameln and even Paderborn. Also as an excursion destination Hannover airport is suited very well. Family events often take place and also on Sunday local residents can go shopping at the Plaza. Hannover airport is clean, stress-free and offers a large number of nonstop services throughout Europe and to hubs like Frankfurt, Munich and Paris.

Hannover Airport by K Jungblut

28 October 2007   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

I arrived with Lufthansa at Terminal A and was surprised how fast the baggage was on the belt - not more than five minutes after the Airbus A321 was docked at the airbridge. Hannover Airport is now smoking free, smoking is only allowed outside the terminal. What I like most of this airport: the ways are quite short and well displayed. You can take a taxi to the city (20 Euro, 20 minutes) or the S- Bahn (Metro) which departs from level -1 at Terminal C, just follow the green "S" (2,00 Euro, 15 minutes to Hannover Hauptbahnhof). Really nice modern trains which depart every 30 minutes. I left Hannover on TUIfly from Terminal C, the newest of the four terminals which has a quite good Fast Food Restaurant "Cindy's Diner". A new highlight at the airport is the Shopping Plaza, opened in September 2007, located at departure level between Terminal A and B. You find a really good mix of shops (clothes, Hannover souvenirs, Virgin store, glasses and jewellery, a well-equipped supermarket (Edeka), an aviators' shop, Leonardo glass store and an excellent health and beauty retailers (dm- drogeriemarkt). The Plaza opens from Monday to Sunday till 9 pm. From the Shopping Plaza you can take an elevator to the observation deck. I can recommend as well the Mövenpick restaurant with delicious food, a good buffet, kindly staff and nice view of the apron. If you wish to watch some more planes go to the Raffael Bar between Terminals B and C. Hannover Airport is an absolutely clean, well connected, customer friendly and an efficient airport which I can really recommend.

Hannover Airport by Y Zolotkowski

20 June 2007   Customer Rating : 5 Star Rating

Hannover Airport is a very user-friendly middle-sized airport. It offers a nice mixture of "classic" and low-cost carriers. Some terminals are being renovated at the moment, so it should be even more nicer afterwards. It's easy to arrive and to depart, very good transport to and from airport.

Hannover Airport by Paul Jacobsen

6 June 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

HAJ is a nice and clean airport, that might appear too large when discovering it for the first time. Travelling to downtown Hannover is painless, using the S-Bahn commuter train: line S5 runs every half an hour and the journey takes 20mins. Flying with TUIfly I departed from Terminal C. It is a better idea to stay landside as long as possible. Once you get through security, there is only one bar and one duty-free shop available. But at least there are enough seating facilities. A last tip: if you depart from gates C12 to C15, wait for your flight at gates C16A or C17A: it is a much quieter waiting area and you will even find lavatories.

Hannover Airport by Richard Stevens

10 April 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

Hannover Airport is a customer friendly airport, very well connected via road and train network and close to the capital of Lowe Saxony, Hannover - only 12 km from downtown. Ways are quite short - e.g. from the car park in front of Terminal A to the gangway of the aircraft not more than 50 meters. It has 4 terminals (A,B,C,D). Lufthansa uses terminal A and has a large and open gate area, including a Senator and Business Lounge with excellent views of the apron and the southern runway. Terminal B is manly used by British and Russian airlines whereas Terminal C is operated by the local airline TUIfly and other charter and low cost airlines. Terminal D is not connected to the other three and is used by additional flights, e.g. Royal Air Force. At this moment, the airport is being expanded - the program "Hannover Airport Plus" will add a new shopping mall, service area, rent a car station, large parking garage and enlarge the observation deck with an exposition of aviation. There are more than 15 restaurants, bistros, bars and bakeries. All in all, Hannover is a nice airport to fly from and has a good and friendly service attitude of its employees.

Hannover Airport by Holger Thiele

29 January 2006

3 Terminals (A&B built in in early 1970s, C opened in 1999) are located next to eachother and are connected by passages. Walking distances are pretty short at this airport. 20 air bridges; bus transfers in use for regional flights using remote stands. Train station to downtown Hannover is located beneath terminal C. Different procedures for security controls and holding pax are in use depending on the terminal. Modern terminal C: Check in your baggage, receive boarding pass and baggage slips, make sure to use the correct immigration/security check point (usually the pax hold area is divided into Schengen/non-Schengen flights, but actual use of pax hold area is flexible), after security screening show your baggage slips to the screener (only then your baggage will be loaded onto the aircraft), join the pax hold area serving multiple gates. Older Terminals A & B: Baggage (to be checked in with the airline) has to be screened before check-in. Most gates have their own (rather small) pax hold area - only gates 4 thru 6 used by Lufthansa use a common pax hold area. All bars and restaurants are run by the same company; only the bakery shop in terminal B is independent. Go to terminal C for some decent Fast Food. Also the two "Supermarkets" (more like "convenience stores") sell food and drinks. Parking is ample. Parking structures 1 & 2 (serving terminals A&B) become more expensive after a few days than the other structures; 15 EUR discount is given for all stays from 7 days onwards (discount cards usually are provided next to the paying machines). The viewing terrace is located between Terminals A and B on top of the connecting building. There is a modest entry fee (1 EUR for adults) good for same-day re-entry; no security checks. Views are limited to the southern runway plus gates 4 thru 9, but most other traffic will be in view while taxiiing. The remote aircraft stands and the northern runway are viewable at a distance only.

Hannover Airport by Alex Mackie

9 October 2005

An unusual 'system' in my view. At Hannover, you first clear your luggage with security before checking in. This is done in the middle of the terminal. You are then not supposed to leave this 'secure' area until you have checked your bags in. However, this simply doesn't work, and people are able to leave (eg to the toilets) with their hold luggage labelled as 'security checked' and then check in. Another novelty (to me anyway) is that you don't go airside until you actually enter the holding lounge for your gate. So each gate has it's own secondary security check & immigration desk. Worth not going airside until the last possible minute in my view. Other than that a pleasant enough location, with a good observation deck. The lack of a 'clear air' policy (same throughout Germany) means smoke gets everywhere!

Hannover Airport  by Wilhelm Henke

29 December 2004

Hannover airport is a middle-sized airport in Northern Germany. It offers the facilities you can expect from an international airport. Ways are quite short. In general it´s not overcrowded ( this can change during international fairs) and well connected to the centre of Hannover by train. The airport-management should improve the restrooms.




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