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GRAZ AIRPORT review : 10 December 2008 : by Rob Boyce

Customer Rating :  5/5

5 Star Rating

Graz is an excellent small airport, which has expanded in the last few years and now sees scheduled flights to as far as Luxor as well as German and Austrian destinations, plus the UK with Ryanair. They have the best answer yet seen to long security queues: they immediately open another scanner: when the queues build up again, yet another - sometyhing some of the bigger airports would do well to emulate. A good restaurant is available, although once passing through security snacks and drinks are all that is available. They also prove that Priority Boarding can work with buses being used, with Priority Boarding passengers be directed to one bus which goes to the aircraft first. Only when those people have boarded do any other buses leave for the plane. The train service has improved greatly over the last couple of years (although still sparse on Sundays) with at least an hourly service into Graz. Staff always seem to be very friendly as well, based on around a dozen trips through there in the last two years.

Graz Airport by John Oram

16 February 2005   Customer Rating : n/a

GRZ is a small but efficient and welcoming airport served, from the UK, by RYR. Arrival was quick and departure pleasant, made more so by an excellent meal in the upstairs, landside, restaurant. Nice views from there, and, further upstairs - and unusually these days - is a waving area. One thing lets the facility down a little. There is a nearby station but train times are incidental - no real connections - and we thought the station was badly signposted; ditto coming back where you just had to guess where the walking route was.




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