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Dortmund Airport
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Dortmund Airport customer review :  16 August 2014 by Eelco van den Heuvel    (The Netherlands)

Rating : 8/10





Small and easy to reach and navigate. Lots of parking space, which is reasonably priced. Food and drink opportunities mediocre, especially airside. Paying one euro for the shuttlebus to the parking lots is ridiculous. Time consuming when everybody has to purchase a ticket on a full bus. Paying for Internet (€3/hour) is a rip-off, since most airports offer free wifi. But all in all a good airport.

Dortmund Airport customer review :  8 July 2013 by H Oberbeckmann    (Germany)

Rating : 8/10





Small airport with short ways. Sometimes there can be queues. but there's everything you need, restaurants, cafe, enough check-in desks, visitors terrace for free and several travel agencies. The airport shuttles from the next train stations could be cheaper or free.

Dortmund Airport by Karl Riedl

25 March 2008   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Small and nice airport located close to Dortmund. However if like short ways and fast service this airport will convince you.

Dortmund Airport by P Adams

5 May 2007   Customer Rating : 4 Star Rating

Great airport, I hope too many other travellers don't discover it for a while. Have used DTM a few times in the last year and it's quick and easy to use for both arrivals and departures. Security is very quick with lots of staff on hand, and although airside facilities are a little limited, it's not an issue as you don't need to spend much time there. Arriving is a breeze, I'm always off the plane and leaving with my luggage within 10-15 mins. If only other airports were as efficient and pleasant to use.

Dortmund Airport by Rolf Heelas

26 March 2007   Customer Rating : n/a

As mentioned below a functional regional airport. appears very new. compared to UK airports underused. Fairly quick passport control and luggage already out on the belt meaning out of the airport in less than 15 minutes after getting off the plane. Flying out, found the viewing deck (found by chance) was good apart from the lack of aircraft flying to view! Airside there is not much, and what is there is hidden, if you turn left after security go to the end of hall and turn left there is a bar/cafe area and duty free place. If your turn right at security for easyjet flights there is a tiny dutyfree shop and further along past passport checks a tiny stand selling coffee and drinks. All in all a good functional airport.

Dortmund Airport by M Talbot

9 January 2007

Nice small to medium sized airport serving low cost airlines. Travelled through Dortmund airport while on route from England to Poland over Christmas and New Year. Arrived with Easyjet and had to check in for a Wizzair flight. 2 Hours difference between arrivals and departure times. Arrived, cleared passport control, picked up luggage, checked in for next flight, cleared security and was at departure gate all inside of 40 minutes! Fantastic. Return through Dortmund was just as pleasant. Facilities are good enough for short stays and there is a nice quiet cafe on the arrivals floor. Not bad at all.

Dortmund Airport by C Hesse

3 January 2006

Decent airport serving as one of Easyjet's German hubs as mentioned before. In addition, services to most major hubs and cities on offer. Strong in Polish flights with several cities direct on offer. Terminal facilities adequate, terminal modern and appropriate for current passenger figures. Future may require terminal expansion.

Dortmund Airport by Mark Evans

20 September 2004

DTM is now gaining a higher profile as easyJet's northern German hub. DTM can be compared directly with easyJet's UK counterpart - Luton (LTN). Both can be described as "engineers' airports". There is an absence of architectural flourishes and each is strictly functional. DTM in fact does a good job at present, although pressure points may build up as traffic levels increase e.g. at the airside bar area. The Dortmund Flughaven website omits any mention of public transport connections to the city. There are two options. A dedicated express bus service to the Hauptbahnhof costs EUR5 one-way and takes some 20-25 minutes. It is generally an hourly service, although there is a two-hour gap between 15.30 and 17.30 on the return Hauptbahnhof-Flughaven timetable. An alternative way is to take the free shuttle bus to the nearby Holzwickede DB station, from where there is a circuitous twice-hourly service to Hauptbahnof. The one-way fare is EUR 1.80. End-to-end journey time is around 25-30 minutes.




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